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  1. Here, and I've been thinking the point of any cache is the cache--signing the log. <Slaps Head> Silly me!
  2. I know that. My point is, mosquito repellent is not enough in this area. In areas not plagued by heartworm, mosquito repellent may suffice (depends on the local environment, which a local vet should be familiar with).
  3. Thanks, I did not know that. It may be moot; I just ran the PQ again. This time it yielded ~350 caches--500 fewer. (Due to the hour--I'm guessing--it came back in about 5 min. of submitting... ) Previewing it looks good so far. One thing I noticed that may have been the problem (don't know)--I told the query AND T<=1.5, but I forgot/neglected to check the previous box for D>1. I'm not sure how this would've included more Ts, but that's all I can figure I messed up. This time, I screen-clipped the query form--just in case... Thanks.
  4. What does your veterinarian recommend? I say your veterinarian because s/he is in a better position to know what works best for your dog in your area. Around here, it's not just the skeeters, but the heartworm they carry.
  5. It's gone, but I did triple check before submitting, as T is the most important variable. No other caches/PQs/ggz... This was the first PQ in a "virgin" 64s. The pre-loaded ggz file was deleted directly from the 64s, so the file never went to the recycle bin (I checked) or are you saying there's a recycle bin in the unit? I looked (after first reading the above) but I couldn't find one. I'm going to try running the PQ again, but check the results sooner.
  6. Bears all over the place are opening car/truck doors. Must be the "new car smell" they're after...
  7. That would be a mischaracterization. The above wording suggests a "new improved" version of the same gadget, which is not what I've been proposing/discussing at all. Ironically, "new improved" versions of the same gadget probably occur quite often, e.g. when a gadget fails for some reason, and CO maintenance to restore it results in improving the original concept, design, fabrication, or combination thereof. I'm not expecting anyone to return (or bring others), and I'm not sure that's a good argument. One could revisit--or bring someone else to visit--any type of cache, and the experience not be what was expected for a variety of reasons (e.g. cache moved, missing, NM, container changed, muggles, etc.)
  8. Thought I had everything working alright (see Garmin 64s not showing Pocket Query Geocaches ) until... when I went out cachin' I started going through what the PQ had yielded. There are a LOT of caches that I filtered out (i.e. I filtered out any caches with T>1.5) that are in the query--caches with Ts of 2-4.5. Not ALL caches with Ts that high, but quite a few. Jes' spitballin' here, but could it be that there were so few caches with the parameters I specified, that the PQ generator filled in with other caches? The parameters I specified were: 1000 caches (I got ~850) within 15 miles; with T<=1.5; size>Small; that were Regular, Multi-, Puzzle, that is enabled; placed anytime; no attributes chosen. I haven't gone through the whole 850, but there are 20 out of the first 30 that shouldn't be there. Thoughts?
  9. I looked through some older threads on this topic (2004-2007)--didn't see this particular recipe (though I could have missed it). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rg4LEiLdeJg Ingredients: Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Vanilla Extract Witch Hazel I can attest that the stuff works for at least a couple hours (the claim is up to 6 hrs.) and doesn't smell all that bad. We've been carrying a small (pump) spray bottle in our TOTT. Also the stuff is so easy & inexpensive to make that multiple applications (if necessary) aren't a big deal. NOTE: DOES NOT REQUIRE HAZMAT SYMBOLS/WARNINGS
  10. Pardon my noobïveté, but aren't there repellents for bears & boars (presume that's what you meant by "hogs")? Or do they not work that way/on ammo cans? (Don't know--not a hunter).
  11. I don't, and that's the crux of the matter. As I read (and re-read) through the responses in this thread, I can't help but think that while this is not (IMO--IANAL) a Title III (ADA) issue, I don't think it would be the end of the world to allow a little reasonable accommodation, especially since I'd be trying to work within the guidelines to the best of my ability. And I would remind that they are guidelines--not laws--which does imply some judicious flexibility.
  12. Uh-oh... you may have started something... SWAG: Soggy Worthless And Grody
  13. I wasn't aware that we all did. When all capitalized, it implies an acronym (take your pick which one). When not capitalized, there are still meanings that fit with geocaching. Merriam-Webster has an interesting (short) article on its etymology in this sense, as does Snopes.
  14. Hey... Whatever floats your Boaty McBoatface!
  15. A goggle image search for HDPE birdhouse will bring up this one and others.
  16. Two words: Golden Rule. How would you like to be treated/dealt with were your situations reversed?
  17. Thanks. So this is SOP every time a new PQ is loaded/added?
  18. OK, I moved the (2) PQ files into the Garmin/GPX folder (not the Garmin/GPX/Current folder) Then I removed the (3) pre-loaded cache files from the Garmin/GGZ folder. Now when I power up the unit, it locks up trying to load waypoints, track, and routes. The progress bar just sits there. I've obviously done something wrong.
  19. OK, I'll try it, & get back. TIA How is the unit going to know to look there and not at the pre-loaded caches? Do the pre-loaded caches in Garmin/GGZ need to be deleted or moved?
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