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  1. Howdy,

    Retired, Married, Disabled (cane).  Need exercise, but hate loathe mall walking.  Discovered GC accidentally a few weeks ago, so giving it a try.  Have to see how it works out for me before committing to Premium Member & a GPS unit (though I've done some preliminary research, and think I've picked one out :unsure:).  Right now I'm brute-forcing it and sticking with T<=1.5 so I don't wind up critter food. :rolleyes: 

    Wouldn't mind finding a GC buddy/partner. I'm a designer by vocation, so I have some ideas (and some skills) for some challenging/interesting caches, but need to partner up with someone with other skills I lack/am weak in.  Again, I guess we'll have to see.  B)

    (Is there a way to change/choose fonts in this version?  I'm not seeing one...)

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