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  1. Howdy, Retired, Married, Disabled (cane). Need exercise, but hate loathe mall walking. Discovered GC accidentally a few weeks ago, so giving it a try. Have to see how it works out for me before committing to Premium Member & a GPS unit (though I've done some preliminary research, and think I've picked one out ). Right now I'm brute-forcing it and sticking with T<=1.5 so I don't wind up critter food. Wouldn't mind finding a GC buddy/partner. I'm a designer by vocation, so I have some ideas (and some skills) for some challenging/interesting caches, but need to partner up with someone with other skills I lack/am weak in. Again, I guess we'll have to see. (Is there a way to change/choose fonts in this version? I'm not seeing one...)
  2. Some of the best gadget & puzzle caches I've seen (on YouTube) are coming out of Europe. There are so many. Off the top of my noggin', one builder that's particularly impressed me of late is BERX.CZ BRILLIANT!!!
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