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  1. Got an ETrex Legend, and just got me a laptop. Seen where you could view the GPS screen on the laptop monitor, but have no clue what software, if any, that I need to do this. I've got the serial cable to hook the GPS to the laptop, so what do I need and what next? Thanks, Nick T
  2. This is the second time I've had someone visit my cache and mention a moisture problem. Down here we've been experencing 90deg weather with 60% humidities, and I'm betting that the plastic container is "sweating" and causing the water problems. Any idea on a solution? I've got too much in my cache to fit in an ammo can, and it still might sweat. Nick T
  3. Man, she's justifying the $150+ that you paid for your GPSr. No matter what we do we'll always still be behind, or ahead in their eyes. Someone posting as Nick T, 'cause he wouldn't ever say that.
  4. Is there anywhere that you can get different waypoint icons that can be uploaded to a Garmin unit? The people in my orginization (above my pay scale) have been trying to work with Garmin about getting some made that would be specific to our work but this was several months ago and I guess that they killed the issue. Thanks, Nick T
  5. This gives a pretty good discription of what the geocaching mode does. This is who I buy my GPS products from but I'm not advertising for them, it's just a good read for the question ya asked. http://gpsworldsupply.com/gps_world_supply...m=010-000032-30 Nick T
  6. I'm currently using MS Roads and Rec and EasyGPS and neither of them seem to except my tracklogs. Anyone know of a freeware that I can download and get my tracklogs onto my hard drive? I have no problems with my waypoints on easyGPS and really ain't got the funding for ExpertGPS. All I need is one that'll except my track logs. Thanks, Nick T
  7. Smoking seems to keep the skeeters outa my face some, but as a cure-all for skeeter bites it ain't. There's a new product that's call a "thermocell", a self contained unit that heats up these little inserts them blows the chemical fumes out with a little fan. Alot of the guys I hunt with swear by them. The only time I used one it didn't seem to help me but the area was so thick in skeeters that I don't think anything woulda worked. For light to moderate skeeter problems it could be the trick. Nick T
  8. My Legend gets abused and other than messing up the screen one time it's never faultered. My suggestion is to first try a new batch of batteries, if that ain't the problem then give Garmin support a call and see if they can help ya figure what's going on. There a super group and go beyond the call to help you out. My Legend ran last week 12 hrs a day for 5 days on a large fire in S. GA. This isn't abnormal use from me, more of the norm. The only time it shut down was to refresh the batteries at lunch and after getting back to the staging area after the shift. It's bumped around while riding on the dash of a brush engine, and if I'm out of the truck it's on my web gear getting handled just as any other peice of my equipment. If it can survive my tests, it's got to be good. Nick T
  9. I've got several uses for this at work. Thanks for posting it up. This looks like it could used with the non-techies I work with. For what I need this will beat the crap outa Arcview, loads faster. Nick T
  10. I'm getting into benchmarks a bit more when the kid isn't going with me. I'll be taking along my el'cheapo Walmart detector so if I happen across one that's been covered up by years of falling leaves I can maybe still find it. I figure even the cheapest ones can find a 6" metal disc under a little debris. Nick T
  11. We set our clocks forward an hour this weekend. This'll give us more time after work to get a few done. Can't wait 'til mid summer when it stays good light up to 2000. Nick T
  12. Either trade even or trade up and you should be fine. I carry a variety of small items that range from $.50 to $5.00 with me so I can do just that. Nick T
  13. Or...... Call Garmin Tech support. There's 3 buttons that you can hold down all at the same time for a few seconds and it'll completely reset the unit. I had to do this once when my screen went out before I sent it back to them for repair. I can't remember which 3 buttons it was though. The Garmin tech. folks are super nice and will stay on the phone as long as it takes to get your problem corrected. Note: don't be too worried about me having to send mine in for repair. Mine gets used and abused more than most. I have nothing to say about my Legend and the Garmin Co. but praises for their products. (Edit - Added note) Nick T
  14. Looking to get a laptop by mid-summer and the ability of GSAK to view the the caches offline would be a huge benefit. I'll download it tonight and play with it a bit. Thanks for the tip. Nick T
  15. Thanks for the tip. Had a run-in with the railroad police back when I was a kid, and the visit was for something that I didn't even do. I do remember that they were kinda (er,ummm) "serious" about their job. We've got some very isolated crossings around here that I think I can get by with looking around. Livin in a pretty rual area has its' advantages. Nick T
  16. Sad thing is that all 119 of'em are within a 6 mile radius of my home and I never knew most of'em were there. Went out this evening and found 2 of'em with my kid, but it's kinda hard to miss a watertower, hehehehehe. Now onto the beatin the bushes. Nick T
  17. If your still loading your caches and benchmarks by hand, your really missing out! Just loaded 119 benchmarks to my Legend in about 3 minutes, timed from the point I opened the local page to loaded in my GPS. Don't be scared to give it a try if your not a computer wizz. First, download easygps, then create a new file on your desktop, I labeled mine "caches". Then go to your local page and and check the caches you want in your unit, then hit the download button. Your puter will ask ya what ya want to do with the download, just save it to your new folder. Then hook up your GPS to your puter, open the new folder , and click on the file ya want to upload. It'll open in easygps. then hit the button to upload to your unit and your done. See it's really that simple! Nick T
  18. Thanks for the reply. I think that I'm gonna concentrate on benchmarks when not geocaching with my kid. Seems a bit more difficult and I'm not in it for the swag anyhow. The fun is in the hunt. Now that I've got 2 of the 3 easy ones under my belt with one more easy one to visit that hasn't been logged then it's off to the RR tracks to see if I can locate the really tough ones. Funny to know that there's around 190 of these things within a 6 mile radius of my home and not even knowing it 'til now. That's a really cool bit of history laying out in the middle of nowhere just waiting for someone to find. But anyhow, Thanks again. Nick T
  19. Did a search of the benchmarks local to me and one that was found has pictures of the benchmark and it's location that makes it where I could find it by just walking up to it without any help. I know that I don't have any want to find this'en now but there's plenty of others in the area that'll make it easy to chose another. What I'm asking is that is it common to pretty much "claim" a benchmark by posting the info and images like this. I ain't griping, just don't want to make a mistake when logging one. There's plenty to go around. Nick T
  20. I'm a woodland firefighter for the State of GA. The primary purpose of my buying a GPS was for measuring fire sizes, taking locations for fire information like relaying hazard locations on fire lines, guiding in additional forces, and air drops. I got tired of waiting for the higher ups to turn loose the money and buy us units so I bought a Legend. Then about 4 months later they bought each chief a GPS V. Still kinda glad I bought my own seeing how we handle 3 counties and I wouldn't be able to find the chief whenever I needed his GPS. I also use my Legend for finding my way back to my waterfowl hunting hot spots, one turn in sawgrass looks like every other turn in sawgrass in the dark. Geocaching is a new game to me and something that I can take my 3 year old out to do with me. I spend plenty of time outdoors, and this helps me get my kid out there and enjoy the fresh air. Nick T
  21. Easiest way to keep that eye screw in place would be to run it down to the local welding shop and get the nut tacked to the bolt. It'd take only a few seconds to do and would keep the dishonest person honest. Plus, ya might want to add a little silicone around where the bolt goes through the box to keep things water tight. Nick T
  22. Watchout! Sorry, I couldn't resist! Hope this doesn't up me warning points. Nick T
  23. Jawja! Next to Bammer and Ten-see. Nick T
  24. To give ya an idea on the memory size differences between the Legend and the Vista, these are the counties in GA, AL, and FL that I have loaded in mine. These used just about all of the 8 megs of memory......... Barbour County-Alabama, Henry County-Alabama, Lee County-Georgia Terrell County-Georgia, Pike County/Upson County-Georgia, Schley County-Georgia, Taylor County-Georgia, Upson County-Georgia, Brooks County-Georgia, Nassau County-Florida, Atkinson County-Georgia, Baker County-Georgia, Baldwin County-Georgia, Ben Hill County-Georgia, Berrien County-Georgia, Bibb County-Georgia, Bleckley County-Georgia, Bryan County-Georgia, Butts County-Georgia, Calhoun County-Georgia, Camden County-Georgia, Chatham County-Georgia, Chattahoochee County-Georgia, Clay County-Georgia, Clinch County-Georgia, Coffee County-Georgia, Colquitt County-Georgia, Cook County-Georgia, Coweta County-Georgia, Crawford County-Georgia Crisp County-Georgia, Decatur County-Georgia, Dodge County-Georgia Dooly County-Georgia, Dougherty County-Georgia, Early County-Georgia, Echols County-Georgia, Emanuel County-Georgia, Evans County-Georgia, Fayette County-Georgia, Glascock County-Georgia, Glynn County-Georgia, Grady County-Georgia, Greene County-Georgia, Hancock County-Georgia, Harris County-Georgia, Heard County-Georgia, Henry County-Georgia, Houston County-Georgia, Irwin County-Georgia, Jasper County-Georgia, Jeff Davis County-Georgia, Jefferson County-Georgia, Johnson County-Georgia, Jones County-Georgia, Lamar County-Georgia, Lanier County-Georgia, Laurens County-Georgia, Liberty County-Georgia, Lowndes County-Georgia, Macon County-Georgia, Marion County-Georgia, McIntosh County-Georgia Meriwether County-Georgia, Miller County-Georgia, Mitchell County-Georgia, Monroe County-Georgia, Montgomery County-Georgia, Morgan County-Georgia, Muscogee County-Georgia, Peach County-Georgia, Pulaski County-Georgia, Putnam County-Georgia, Quitman County-Georgia, Randolph County-Georgia, Seminole County-Georgia, Spalding County-Georgia, Stewart County-Georgia, Sumter County-Georgia, Talbot County-Georgia, Tattnall County-Georgia, Telfair County-Georgia, Thomas County-Georgia, Tift County-Georgia, Toombs County-Georgia, Treutlen County-Georgia, Troup County-Georgia, Turner County-Georgia, Twiggs County-Georgia, Washington County-Georgia Webster County-Georgia, Wheeler County-Georgia, Wilcox County-Georgia, Wilkinson County-Georgia, Worth County-Georgia With the added memory of the Vista I think I could load the whole state of GA with the FL and AL counties I need and still have some room to spair. That is the only capability that would make me upgrade to the Vista from my Legend. These are all off the Roads and Rec. disc, the Topo or Metro Guide might eat up more memory per county. Nick T
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