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  1. I would contact garmin support directly. (info here http://www.garmin.com/support/)


    I have had nothing but good experiences with them, and I think you will find most people will say they will probably replace your unit for free or at the very least give you a quote to get it fixed.


    The downside is you will have to ship it off to garmin and be without a unit for a week or two but it would be way worth it, if they are going to just replace it.


    Good Luck!


  2. well the short answer is most use a barometric altimeter to track recent changes in ambient air pressure and give you the elevation readings.. The barometric altimeter will accurately report elevations ranging from -2000 to 30,000 feet.


    This is why you cannot get an accurate elevation reading in a plane (because the cockpit is normalized.)


    so who wins?

  3. Download the webupdater and run it again, if it is already on 2.7 it will tell you and will not allow you to install it again.


    You are right there are two different numbers people have been talking about. Firmware 2.70 (or 2.71 beta)

    and GPS Software Version 2.50


    For the sake of sanity don't worry about the gps software version at this point.



  4. It does show the d's and you should be able to pick up the same WAAS sats as you do on your quest.


    My first thought would be to make sure that you are running both Firmware 2.70 and gps software version 2.50.. You can find more info about this update here http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=132173


    However it is fairly straight forward, using the webupdater go through it once and update to Firmware version 2.70 (if your not already). Then run the webupdater again and it will allow you to update the gps software version.


    Once you have done this reboot your gps and go out to a clear spot and see what you get...


    If you still don't get any WAAS birds, I personally would do a master reset. Hold ENTR and PAGE while powering up to master reset the unit. Then make sure that WAAS is once again enabled and try again.


    Good Luck.



  5. I did sell my 60cs for a 60csx... However I did it right as the new x series were announced... So I feel like I was treated fairly on both ends I sold my 60cs for a pretty good deal through the garage sale... And got a good deal on my 60csx through lake powell marine....


    Hmmm I wonder how my 60cs is doing... I should track down who I sold it to, and make sure everything is going well.



  6. You will have to have seperate POI files for each type of cache you have if you want them to have different icons.


    So you will need a:


    traditional.gpx, and traditional.bmp

    multi.gpx, and multi.bmp

    virtual.gpx, and virtual.bmp


    having all of these files in the same directory is enough for the POI loader to know that you want to load all the files..



  7. Any idea how that would work with GSAK? I use GSAK to give my waypoints sensible names rather than just the geocaching six-digit code. GSAK knows from the .GPX file what sort of cache it is, but I'm still not clear how I would get it to use the custom icons.


    You would use GSAK to name and save all your Geocaches to one big .gpx file with whatever name you want. Let's say you name your file "Geocaches.gpx you then have to have a .bmp file with the same name in the same directory. So you would need a Geocaches.gpx, and a Geocaches.bmp .


    This will make it so all of the geocaches stored in this one .gpx will all get the custom icon of Geocaches.bmp .


    You can download this file as an example.


    AlphaGraphics POI


    it uses a .csv file named AlphaGraphics.csv, and then a AlphaGraphics.bmp custom icon file. Of course you don't really want all the AlphaGraphics (print shops) but the next time you use POI loader to load your file it will just overwrite whatever is there.


    Good Luck..


  8. It is doing that because of the lock on road feature. I don't know for sure if "lock on road" applies to traintracks or not.


    While it is showing you on the traintracks does it usually keep you spot on? Or do you find spots where the traintracks on the map go one way, and the gps has you going another.


    This is usually caused by the maps just being off, either they were right at one time and they moved the road, or they were just plain off. I imagine that they don't just move train tracks as often so it might not be a problem.




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