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  1. Thank you Tyler for your sentiments and making the pic viewable.
  2. http://s658.photobucket.com/albums/uu304/T...ndyofSandBC.jpg GPSC (Greater Palm Springs Cachers) mourns the loss of one of our snow bird cachers Sandy of S nBC. She will be greatly missed.
  3. A fellow geocacher [ Mainge] is having trouble downloading his nuvi 5000. It will work for a few caches and then freeze up. We have tried to use the poi loader to delete the query with no luck. An suggestion?
  4. Thank you Ranger Fox, post #19 worked on our 64 bit stupid vista. Now to build a short, small cart. Wish us luck. Team lite_rod.
  5. I just finished making this one for an event. Will it fly?
  6. Team lite_rod

    Nuvi 5oo

    Does anyone know which nuvi 500 series has the Wherigo feature? The newer models don't seem to have it on their feature list. Thanks in advance.
  7. This is what I had to do to pre-boot mode for the Nuvi 680: 1 Press on left corner 2 Press power button 3 Wait for the Pre-Boot Mode to come on 4 Let off the power button,and push back down 5 Let off the left hand corner, and push back down 6 let off the letf hand corner again 7 let off the power button Thanks for the quick response and assistance.
  8. Would like to know if someone knows how to do a Pre-Boot Mode on a 680 nuvi. Would like to get rid of all the favorites waypoints. Thanks in advance.
  9. Wow, we would like to CONGRATULATE the KWVERS. I know we are farther North, but part of our team lives in San Diego. So we feel that we are half way there.
  10. Thank you Keystone, and yes it was for a Wherigo cache.
  11. Need help making a link on web page. Reviewer wants to see a link on web page to approve a cahe.
  12. FYI...... 2009 King of the Hammers, Pirate 4x4.com
  13. Hey just an easy 4X4 outing in the Dale Mining Dis. March 14. Trash in Cache out II GC1HKXD Come and camp out Friday, March 13th and 14th.
  14. Hey just a heads up...there will be an easy 4 x 4 event at the Dale Mining District east of 29 Palms. Event is called Trash in Cache Out II. GC1HKXD. Camping Friday, March 14th and Saturday March 15th if you like. Event is actually March 15th at 8 a.m. then a fun day of caching. Returning to the camping area for more food and fun. Hope to see you there.
  15. Thanks, It works well on my 350 and the 680 Nuvi. It is nice to see the surrounding area.
  16. Beta test. All is working well on the 350 nuvi
  17. The macro works smoothly on the 350 and the 680. Thanks once again. Yes, I can volunteer my 350 for a beta test.
  18. I'm now getting all the pics, but the macro is bogged down with missing file (transparent.bmp not found).
  19. Well I thought I had it whipped. No pics in the file. Probably a glitch on my end. P.S. just read the post above. will try a smaller querie
  20. Problem solved. I had to go back into the cartridge and rework some items. That is why it did not generate a GWZ file in the browse. Thanks for your help. Really, really appreciate it.
  21. Wow, you guys are amazing. This Macro just gets better and better. Only problem I had with the Spoiler Sync was that it wanted to be on line(duh) thats where it gets the pic. Thanks for all your work and those that helped along the way.
  22. When I try to upload a cartridge GWZ files does not show on the browse on Wherigo. com Tried to change .zip To .gwz and got a Error Wrong local header signature: Ox41430a02 Hope this make sense. Thanks in advance
  23. Can't generate the GWZ file. How do I retrieve it? Is it in the builder?
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