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  1. I just stumbled accross this and thought that folks in this thread might appreciate the info. A FREEWARE avatar resizing software is available at this link. I installed - looks simple and easy. Perhaps may be of assistance for anyone having trouble resizing files. You simply pick you original file, select the max height and width and save the new file. http://www.j-q-l.freeserve.co.uk/avatarsizer.htm
  2. GCJEP0 specifies that it must be logged at midnight. You don't need darkness to accomplish the find, but.... Closest one that I have found yet to a night cache.
  3. I'd probably buy in if the system could simply issue TB serial numbers for tracking at no additional cost per TB over the membership. User would be responsible for creating their own tags in this case.
  4. Very Cool! I spent 10 years in the Yukon, and these caches are in places that I have visited. Great to bring back memories. Would also love to get back there someday and log some of these.
  5. Perhaps I'm missing something... Is there a way to hold an invite only event, and NOT post it on GC ? How else could the attendees log the event ?
  6. Just an FYI... This puzzle is an easy one to solve without a Bible since there are numerous searchable web based Bibles. 1: I like this cache idea. 2: I'd like it if it was another book too. 3: I am not offended by the cache. 4: I would not be offended by a cache using any other book used as a religious reference. I too find the (you should be ashamed) comment a little bit rude, but no more so than I would find being told I should be ashamed of not knowing Newtons 3rd law of motion. This topic to me is like when people complain about what is being shown on TV, while they sit there with the remote control in their hand and refuse to push the on/off button. I am scratching my head trying to think of any theme that could not in some way be linked to a religion. So much of earths culture is intermixed with religion that it would be difficult to find a theme without a fairly short logical link to a religion. (other than a porn themed cache maybe) All this thinking however has given me one possible idea for a puzzle cache. Maybe two !
  7. In that case you might be interested in this cache.... GCJXZQ I seem to remember this as being near enough to truck accessible parking, and ironicaly near a hotel. :-)
  8. GCJEDM This cache can be access from highway 2 North from Calgary to Edmonton. Rig parking OK, but the cache is a rather small container, so the TB would have to be a small one. If a cache along #2 near the middle would be good, I could look for a decent location around Red Deer here and perhaps place one. Somewhere on the south end where there are truck stops in both directions.
  9. The airport is approx.... N51°06.820' W114°01.251' Using these coords in a search should net you some caches. Hope this helps.
  10. Dino Hunters

    N56 46.x22

    That's pretty far north. Out west here, you might need to find someone heading from Edmonton to Fort McMurray, or NorthWest up the Alaska Highway. I have no plans to be that far north in a while - sorry.
  11. I wanted to post a better version of this one then I did before..... and just in case - couple of avatars for fun... Just a hand... A hand with a shadow.... A box of hands...
  12. add.... Only one of the two TB drops got doubled however. I can't get to the TB page to delete the duplicate log yet. I'll try later.
  13. I just logged 3 finds from this afternoon. The first one timed out on submission, so I re-entered the log and re-submitted. Ditto with the second one. Third one went ok. Then when I go back to "My Cache" page, I see duplicate logs for each of the caches and entries for dropping travel bugs. Did I do the right thing by simply deleting these logs ? Is anyone else having this trouble ? Just wanting to confirm procedure in this case - thanks.....
  14. I think I may have snagged my suit jacket going after a cache on the way home from church on the weekend...... Note to self - "change to bush clothes before caching."
  15. It's all about discovering new cool locations and places to see for me. I do not really care if the hike is long or short, as long as I am lead to a place I might not have otherwise discovered. I prefer the cache itself to be of the standard to large variety with something to trade or do for the kids, and not be so difficult to find as to create a great deal of DNF. Just well enough hidden to avoid muggles is well enough for me. I do not care for micros, puzzles, decrypting etc. since if I wanted brain teasers I could get plenty of that from other sources. (I have a couple of good books) These are my preferences, but I respect the idea that there are all kinds of players who enjoy greatly some of these aspects, and great for them. One nice aspect about this whole caching thing is the flexibility to play your own game within the framework of a larger game.
  16. For Neon Couple. I started this a while ago, and thought I'd go ahead and finish/post it even if you've already got one reply. I hope this is OK with all. and avatar sized...
  17. Check out the log by Android on GCGVR5. Apperently we have a hairy cache near us. Ans still I have not encountered police while caching, even though I did GCJEP0 at midnight Monday night.
  18. EPS: in this case, the original file is not a collection of dots in an X and Y grid. It is a collection of data basically describing the curves and objects that make up the picture. I convert it to the collection of dots (pixels) when I make the .jpg file you see on the forum web page. or the short answer.... the EPS file is the one your stamp company is going to want you to bring. E-mail me, and I can send you all the types of and background colours files you need. - DH
  19. Well - here's a try. Changed the hair, and while I was at it, I turned the lizard into a leopard gecko.
  20. I recently went on a hunt and used an old handlebar mount mirror, and simply attached my Meridian to the mirror with a couple of elastic bands. Not perfect, but the idea has a future with some mods I think.
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