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  1. No caching should not be banned in the park.


    I just have two comments.


    First - it is a misconception that caches cannot be hid and found without creating a social trail. This is simply untrue. I myself have found a cleverly hid cache within a national park. Hidden right under my nose, but difficult to find. No social trail being created.


    Second - cachers are no less friendly to the parks than many other groups of users. The only other option is to simply ban people period. Cachers are no harder on the land than are, sightseers, climbers, photographers, canoeists, kayakers, hikers, backpackers, skiers, snowshoers, etc.


    The only thing that I see as a valid point is that hiders could take extra precautions when hiding to ensure that hunters do not have to create a trail to find it in areas that are obviously more sensitive.

  2. reasons.


    1: I found it's a good way to get my kids a little more active. If they think they are playing with technology rather than "hiking" they are more inclined to get outdoors.


    2: It's something the whole family can do together. Not a lot of specific athletic requirements (unless heading for a 4+ terain) etc. Besides buying a GPSr there is not a lot of additional gear required if you already have shoes and a jacket. (this of course is discussable, but I had to add nothing else to my gear collection)


    3: Seeing new locations while being a tourist. Geocaching is a great way to be a tourist. You rely on locals to get you to the REAL cool places, not the ones that the travel information booth knows about. This to me is a far more interesting way to visit new areas.


    4: Practice for navigational skills. Geocaching can teach folks many valuable navigational skills which can be applied to other activities such as hiking,fishing,hunting,search & rescue....... etc.


    5: It's fun.

  3. Thoughts yet?


    Okay, okay.... its a bump.



    I like your new one.


    After shrinking it to 75 pixels, I have a couple of comments.


    1: If you could enlarge the space shuttle it would likely show up better at that small size.


    2: The small cloud to the lower left of the "M" ends up looking a bit like an underscore character when shrunk, so the letters look like




    You might want to darken or remove that cloud.


    Hope that was the kind of constructive comments you are looking for.



  4. Any help would be gratefully received.... I can not get any inspiration for 'Harrogate Hunters'


    Harrogate is in the Middle of North Yorkshire, The North Yorkshire Dales are close, with dry stone walls, sheep etc.


    Any help would be better than what I have got !

    HH - this was an attempt to "illustrate" yet alter one of the photos in your gallery. Feel free to...


    a: enjoy it

    b: not use it

    c: be offended and ask me to remove it from GC.com





  5. I like your cat/hound one, but here's an alternate try.....



    Oh my gosh Dino Hunters

    I can't believe how awsome that is. My love of Basset Hounds is second only to my love of airplanes (hence my name skycop)

    Can I have your permission to use this on my new business cards?

    Thank you so much....I had this very idea in my head but was never able to get it on paper.

    Bob :unsure:

    Sky Cop.


    Sorry for the delays....


    I think this guys head looks more like a real hound.




    Here is just the dog and plane a bit bigger.....



  6. If contacted by another member asking if you would make your micro inactive so they could place a traditional trade friendly cache very near by in a wooded area, would you do it?

    Or would you be offended?

    Yup - I'd be at least open for dicussion of the cache location. Alternatives like co-ownership come to mind. Maybe the hider was eyeing up the woods, but was afraid to ask for church permission ?


    The phrasing of the original opening letter would be very important to opening the conversation however. It would be very easy to give the wrong impression of your opinions and ideas, so tread lightly.

  7. I feel sad. I htought i copuld get some open opinions, and all people can offer is cited sarcasim and one sided opinions. I started this thread just to get some feedback, and ideas, but evidently this is too sore a subject for people to handle, with subjectivity. I will let it go. Thanks for the feedback.

    My feedback is to not hold a MO event, and my idea for you is to include everyone who wishes to attend.


    I'm still waiting for my schedule, and an event near enough to my location to mesh. I'd love to meet some more cachers.

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