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  1. Ok....I really hate to ask for anything but I am graphic impaired.


    Can anyone help me out with an avatar? As my handle implies, the wife and I are into our pack of hounds (a coonhound named Lager is my avatar right now, our foxhound named Amber, a lab mix named Molly, and our departed bluetick hound named Vinnie) as well as brewing beer. I am a homebrewer and we are really into the craft brewing scene here in MI (as well as historical brewing....check out the profile).






    This image comes to mind....



  2. DH, you do great work.  Is there anything you can do with mine?  I like my basic avatar, but I created it in powerpoint and it shows.  The dog on the right is supposed to be a Basset Hound, but doesn't look anything like one. 


    Anyway... just curious if you can make it look a little better.




    PS. I'd also like something I can make into a stamp and/or use on a coin/signature item.


    Here's a bit of an edit....



  3. My sons was like this


    1) Research/ Hypothesis


    How does weather impact GPS accuracy.

    Hypothesis - cloud covering will decrease accuracy.


    2) Design/Experiment


    Found a known location.

    Recorded weather and distance from location 2 times daily for set period.


    3) Results/Analysis


    Data was analyzed and summarized.


    4) Conclusion/Check Hypothesis


    Hypothesis was incorrect. Data showed more accurate results on cloudy days than on clear.


    (However my son and I realized that in the bigger scheme of things his experiment was on a limited set of data, and likely the results would change if a larger dataset were to be sampled.)


    Since he had followed these priciples however, his grade was good.

  4. My son did a GPS exeriment for his science fair, almost two years ago now I think.


    He was 11. One of the things he did to illustrate triangulation nicely was took a globe (we used a playground ball from walmart with the world map on it) and glued three balsa sticks to the globe in the center of three overlapping circles which had been drawn on the ball with marker.


    On top of each of these sticks he glued a model of a GPS satellite for illustrative purposes. Then glued a small model of a man in the center point where all three circles met with each other.


    He explained how since the GPSR knew how far it was from the satellite it would have to be located somewher on the circle below the sat. Since the GPS knows about three sats minimum, it can calculate the point on earth where the person is.


    I hope I explained this well.....


    Once the science fair was ove, him and hs brother removed the sats from the ball, and now have a ball to play with as well :-)

  5. A starting off place maybe ?


    I can't seem to post to the NM forum (no ID I guess).



    Much more than a starting point, Dino Hunters, that's fantastic. Have you been to New Mexico? You captured the spirit of our little state. I've put it on our website for consideration. Please come join and participate, it's free and there are some prizes for the winner.. NMGeocaching

    No I have not been to New Mexico. I visited a number of tourist web sites to get an idea of what NM is about. Sounds a bit like where I live in Alberta, Canada. Open spaces, mountains, wilderness, and a connection with the native culture in our history.

    Only there is not much sand, cactus, roadrunners, or snakes up here :-)


    Thanks for your kind comments.


    P.S. - elements such as the flag, or adobe house can be re-used in smaller graphics if you wish to carry a theme so to speak. Bullets, dividers, etc. could be devised along these lines. Also I believe the graphic as it stands fades to the current background colour on your site, so to the right hand side, it should match.



  6. The talent here amazes me! As one with no design ability and complete lack of good taste, I hope this isn't too much off topic...


    Would any of you be willing to design a logo for NMGeocaching.com, a website for caching in New Mexico? There are a few small prizes for the best design plus credit on the main page and a link to your work if you wish.


    The site is NMGeocaching

    And the forum discussion is Logo contest




    A starting off place maybe ?


    I can't seem to post to the NM forum (no ID I guess).



  7. oh oh oh I'm glad I saw this post :D This icon business has been driving me nuts for some time now. All I want is a very simple black outline fox lookin thing. The fewest details possible to make it look foxlike.


    This was the original image: foxicon7ln.jpg


    This is what I butchered it to: foxicon44qo.jpg


    But, that is some idea of what im trying to accomplish. I want pretty much a tail and a head to make a circle or something like a tribal drawing, but I suck at drawing heads and pretty much anything else lol. Thanks for any help :D

    Do You Like this little guy ?



  8. Ok. Ill try to describe this the best way I can.


    I want it to be circular.


    The word "The" bending across the top.


    The word "PHANTOM" across the centner in all caps. I want the letters in Phantom to be red and look like they are dripping blood. The letter "O" should be replaced with just the head of a hooded figure that you cant make out the face on.


    The words "Was Here" bending across the bottom.

    It's been a while since I submitted to this thread. Popped in, and thought I'd take a stab at this request. I'm not sure if you can see enough at avatar size ?









  9. signed the Park Canada petition with the following comment....


    Geocachers cause no more damage to the environment than any other park users, likely less since many of us are very careful about such things. Hence I request a removal of any existing bans, and/or a halt to future bans.

  10. This is only a half serious reply..


    Make one of these....Also NO WHITE WATER !!!


    Here's the text that goes with this pic....


    Here is an illustration I threw together for an idea to build a fun lake toy for the kids. I read an article and saw plans in an old "do-it-yoursel" type of magazine, but do not have the magazine anymore. I posted this page when there was discussion in the Rec.Boat.Builders NNTP news group re: a single inner tube boat. I don't think any handyman would have trouble making a toy like this without having specific plans and measurements. I suggest you get a couple of tire tubes, blow them up, measure them and go from there.



  11. Thankyou for your input Dino Hunters.


    I must add that you used some examples that are really not applicable.


    Kayaking...of course it doesnt affect the land unless of course one is kayaking in the forest.


    Snowshoeing if done on top of the snow has now ill effect to the land unless you are snowshoing in a Tuffa mound when there is no snow.


    Skiers again cause no damage do the land if they are in fact skiing on snow and not through and apline meadow when there is no snow on the ground.


    I agree that cachers are no harder on the land than the above but must disagree with hikers,climbers etc.


    Again thankyou for your comments.


    All points of view are accepted here.


    Dagg please try to control yourself . Kids do not need to see that.


    thankyou and Bye

    "Kayaking...of course it doesnt affect the land unless of course one is kayaking in the forest...."


    Only true if the kayakers can teleport themselves to and from the river or lake, and sleep onboard.


    "Snowshoeing if done on top of the snow has now ill effect to the land..."


    Some claim that the packing of the snow causes it to loose it's insulative qualities, and winter kill can occure to the plants under the packed snow. I'm not saying I agree, but if you take things so far where do you stop ? Skis and snowshoes may cause damage to small shrubs sticking up through the snow etc. etc. They could also trigger an avalanche causing even more environmental damage. You see where taking things too far can lead ?


    "I agree that cachers are no harder on the land than the above but must disagree with hikers,climbers etc."


    Obviuosly you've never followed the social trails left by climbers to the most interesting routes. Or seen the hardware left pounded into rock etc. You said yourself that each footprint causes damage, and I doubt the plant can tell if it's a climber's, hiker's, photographer's, or cacher's foot.

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