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  1. Here's a try.... Me likes, me likes... How about with a background ?
  2. I don't like them. My only experience with one to date was when I attended (as a relative noob) my first event. Took my young boys to the event where there was some printouts being circulated of caches. Then we search around in the woods in a driving rain, meet the cache requirements, photograph the results etc. Only to come back home and find that it was a MOC and I cannot view it or log it. This was dissapointing to myself and the boys. Almost a year later, I learned about the loophole which let me log the find, but by then it was pretty anti-climatic.
  3. BUmp! I saw that one, but I'm sorry, it's a bit above my talent level I can get the circle with the text and the dogs and ammo can/GPSr but unfortunately I can't get all of that so that it's legible at avatar size. It is going to be very hard to get all those items into 75 pixels. Even the words alone in a circle are not really readable at 75 size. I have made an image of just the text to show what it looks like. If you like this text this way, let me know, and maybe scale back the amount of items requested inside and it may be possible. Hope this helps - D.H. :edit: Actually if you don't mind an oval shape, there might be better ability to read this text and place something inside of it... Let me know...
  4. How about this ? I don't currently have an image host for a bigger version. - Will post one when my site is back online.
  5. Send me an e-mail with an address I can attach a file to, and I'll send you some files. I can make the JPG as many pixels big as you wish - pleasse specify. I can also send the adobe AI or an EPS vector file for you if you wish. Just say what formats you like in your email. - D.H.
  6. ooo pretty thanks - personally I like this a bit better.....
  7. Being named "Dino Hunters" I had to do something for this one. Here's a try.... And large sized ? Let me know what you think.....
  8. This is a fact-specific question that ultimately is between you and your reviewer. Other things to consider include whether it is the same container in a similar hiding place. When I work with geocachers on these issues, I ask them to put themselves in the shoes of a finder of the cache at its original location. If it was a new listing, would that prior finder say "been there, done that" when they visited the new cache? Or would they say "wow, this is cool, too... a bit different than the old cache." Thanks Keystone - I'll keep those things in mind as I survey the area. (of course I gotta build a new cache container first) (or locate the old one)
  9. HI back - you planning for the next one yet ? Planning on being there in 2009 ? I am.
  10. Perfect - AND lightning fast - exactly what I needed to know. I think it will work OK within 161m, but lets add for the sake of completeness that in this case, I find a really good spot outside of this limit. It is still nearby the same trail (which circles a lake) and along the shores of the same lake. There are no other caches at this lake, so essentially it would be the same cache. It would take finders to the same lake and trail. What are the odds that a reviewer would approve new cordinates for the same cache in this circumstance ?\ And thanks again for the answer. D.H.
  11. Hi. One of my caches recently got muggled. I'd like to move it a bit to maybe get it out of the very high muggle area. My question is... Is there a maximum I can move it and edit the coordinates on my own, or can I at all. Must I get a reviewer to make even the slightest changes to my coordinates ? If so what is this distance ? I can't seem to find this anywhere, and if I read it once before, I forget the answer. - Feel free to markwell. Thanks D.H.
  12. Do you like this one ? I made the third star red to draw attention.
  13. Well since I still had the original file, I made some edits - how does this strike you ? Technically the reason my images look the way they do (crisp and somewhat cartoon styled) is that I do not use photoshop or any other bitmap (matrix of pixels) editor to make the images. I build them as vector graphics, and then export them to JPG (another bitmap format) at the size I need. I could export the same crispness at 800 pixels wide as easily as 75. Do a google for InkScape for an open source free vector graphics editor. That's along the idea of the type of software I use for graphic creation.
  14. There is a foreign coin exchange cache near me. It is meant to trade coins from other countries. I enjoyed the cache.
  15. Seems to me to be a handy way for Groundspeak to snag everyone for another premium account. Marketing move. Nope. Membership on one site gets you membership on the other. I stand corrected - perhaps this fact should be advertised a little more, since there was at least one person under this impression. Good to hear.
  16. Seems to me to be a handy way for Groundspeak to snag everyone for another premium account. Marketing move.
  17. Should I post or not ? Basically this topic is outside my normal area of concern, so I was torn between posting and simply pressing the "back" icon. There did however seem to me to be a particularly glaring absence of one single question, and any answers to it on this topic. Having satisfied my own curiosity with some pointed googling, I will only post the question, and not any answers that I may have concluded. Are there any meaningful statistics or studies showing that in fact this behaviour of "cruising for anonymous sex" in parks is in fact exhibited in equal per capita numbers by straight and gay people ? If the answer to this above question is "Yes - and hetero people do it as much as gay" then we can basically remove the word gay from any discussion on public sexual behaviour in parks. If on the other hand the answer is "Yes - and it is more commonly done by gay people" then this discussion is on topic.
  18. email me with an address that I can send an attachment to. I can email you an AI or EPS or SVG file in vector format if you wish. Way better for printing on cards than a 75 pixel JPG.
  19. Like this maybe ? ... Cool!! Almost exactly the type and color of snowflake I was thinking of too. Could you please tweek a couple of things, can you change the font to comic san to match the look of the leatherman logo and increase the size of the leatherman logo to roughly match the diameter of the snowflake. Or would that look off, I dont know if you allready tweeked around with that option. Dino Hunter thanks! To quote Wayne "Im not worthy, Im not worthy" Maybe this ...
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