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  1. Ambrosia - See you there !!! Although I am coming from Lacombe, Alberta, Canada. I am planning to hit some caches along the road too. Lunch breaks, stretch the legs breaks, and overnight stops - all in the works. Look me up at the Woodlands Club, Alberta, Canadian Conference campsite. Ask for Gerald.
  2. I am one who usually says - "whatever gets the job done". My PC is still a P2-300 with win 98 and it still does all my needs, so I'm cool with it. My Magellan Plat was purchased with more than caching in mind. Over the July 1 weekend a friend and I hiked a previously unexplored (by us) trail over 25km back in to the mountains, and having some of the things like on-screen mapping, e-compass etc. sure helped us when we had to bushwack through areas where creeks had overflowed, trails were crisscrossed, or washed away etc. I also use it on my sailboat, so since it is a multi-purpose tool, it made sense for me to buy one with a lot of features so it could be more flexible depending on application.
  3. One thing that I have not yet read in the forums anywhere is a comment on the idea of approvers taking regional facts into consideration when approving or not approving cache listings. Note: I am not wading into this particular cache specifically, but making a point about distinct differences in various parts of the world. Given the following... Yukon Territory - Canada 186,660 Square Miles 650 Miles tall by 580 Miles wide. Approx population when I was living there = 30,000 people. Folks in this part of the world will drive further for breakfast than would constitute a major road trip in England. Some of us Canadians see mileage in a different light than perhaps some folks in other parts of the world. There are plenty of places in Canada where there is no-one living within 150 miles. I just thought I'd point out this regional difference in the event that GC.com approvers would like to keep this in mind re: all wilderness Canadian caches.
  4. Note to The Big Kid. That latitude along Highway 2 should put you just north of Antler Hill, North of Innisfail. There is of course a pullout just at the top of that hill, you could walk the ditch a bit from there I'm sure. I have alread logged this cache, but could pop down there on the bike for a pic if needed as well. KC, let me know later if someone who has not already logged this cache cannot help you.
  5. I have one near the number [5] on your map. Here's the link...Dog friendly trail for sure. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...15-98f966039dda If you do a coor search, you'll find ... further down the trail... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b3-df526fa354a0 and in the neighborhood... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...59-54348667d400 and more.... Feel free to e-mail me with questions about Alberta, and if you need internet access in RedDeer during the day hours I can hook you up. oh ya - and here's a really nice one I found in Canmore. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...39-327f8bf92957 Of course anything around that area is going to have good scenery.
  6. I recently got some buckets (4 litre) from my school cafateria. They are snap lids, but are REALLY tight. They buy things like butter and sour creem in them. The cooking staff gave them to me for free, and they had stacks and stacks. Painted dark colours - they hide well too. If interested any comercial kitchen, like cafs or resteraunts would be a good place to ask for these.
  7. Just to add a note of hope to your quest..... I and a MD buddy went on a quest to find a fellows lost wedding band at a large ski area here in Alberta. Lake Louise in fact. (ie: hundreds of acres) It was a custom ring that matched his wifes, and of course he was very attached to it. He rememberd three approx locations where he had wiped out, and removed his ski gloves to remove snow etc. Since it was summer when we went searching, things looked different (much) at those locations, but I can say there is a happy ending ! I did locate his ring in the last of the three places to check. He wept with joy at the sight of his ring, and I can say it was the coolest feeling to hand it back to him there on the slopes. And like geocaching the adventure required a lot of hiking, climbing, riding two chair lifts in summer, and other fun things. Too bad he did not mark a waypoint when he wiped out
  8. Try this link - then click on your state. http://www.losttreasure.com/clubs/ It will pull up a list of MD clubs, of which I'm sure a member would be happy to form a search party.
  9. Interesting post.... I was just thinking as the new season of the Race starts that a geocache find would make an excellent detour event for the TV show. They could hand out GPSr units to the teams and the instruction manuals. Teams would have to succcesfully find the cache, hit an internet cafe to log the find, and then move to the next checkpoint. Should make for entertaining TV as teams argue over how to enter a waypoint into a GPSr.
  10. I'll take a stab at a tropical background if you like. Please post a photo of a typical scene (could be a real place near where you live) and maybe I can "cartoonize" a version of it to place the wombat and hat in front of. I was worried that the rock may be too big of an Aussie cliche, but it does scream Australia to us North Americans. (which a tropical scene may not as much). Here's a stab using elements from a picture in your gallery. and small...
  11. Diltons cache would be the hardest to find. (see below) Garfield would hide a food cache in his refridgerator, same with Jughead. or Dilton (from Archie comics) would hide one full of gizmos and gadgets 2km in the air on a hover-pod. Dad needed another use for the GPSr, so he caches. Age 12.
  12. maybe - here's another shot at mad.... help !! I can't stop myself...... Angelic Snoogans Crying Snoogans
  13. I would suggest that Illustrator would be better than photoshop for your needs MH. Placing text along a curve is what you want to do for the coin-like text. I use Micrografx (really old version) for making all the pics that I have posted into this thread. Once I have created the image, I only use photoshop to convert to a .jpg for me. I will be away for a few days now, but perhaps I can assist more when I return.
  14. Blue Snoogans Really happy Snoogans Licking lips Snoogans Mad Snoogans Dizzy Snoogans Devlish Snoogans
  15. Just FYI to all the folks reading this thread. The images I post are hosted on my personal space. They may or may not exist there at any given time in the future. Please dowload these images and provide your own hosting for sig purposes and or avatars. My provider may eventually ask me about all the traffic. Thanks.
  16. Just FYI Snoogans and others. The images I post are hosted on my personal space. They may or may not exist there at any given time in the future. Please dowload these images and provide your own hosting for sig purposes and or avatars. My provider may eventually ask me about all the traffic. Thanks.
  17. Try rec.backcountry and check out the wars between mountain bikers and hikers ! "You tear up the turf!" "No you do." etc. forever and ever. I almost started a war when I asked how to attach a hipbelt to a pack. One fellow pointed out what a piece of junk my pack is, and then the defenders of my brand name jumped in......... Ironic that they can both be done in places that caching is not allowed.
  18. No I have not seen your paper logs, just going by your good description much earlier in this thread. Glad you like it.
  19. BlueGrassGyrl: I sent you an e-mail, but cannot attach a file through gc.com please reply to my mail with an email address so I can attach a file.
  20. I can do better than that. I can remove the shadow and get you a file with the original vectors. Ask the shop which vector formats they can handle. EPS is pretty common. - I can e-mail you the file or something along those lines.
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