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  1. I have two Geocaching Across the Atlantic coins. One in what I call antique silver, the other in antique gold. I also know that I have a shiny silver William of Orange. Will look to see if I have others. Email me at MCSofSC@aol.com if you are interested. Thanks!
  2. Looking in the mailbox Saturday morning for my daily dose of postcards and what did I spy?? A bubble mailer. Quick brain check... did I order any coins? .. oh heck! what will the husband say when he learns I've been spending money on coins again?... I don't THINK I ordered any coins. I quickly grabbed the bubble mailer and stuffed it in my purse. : ) Sitting in the back corner of a local restaurant, I tore open the package to find a Captain Hook Mystery Coin! Oh my goodness! What did I do to deserve this??? : ) I thank Captain Hook from the bottom of my heart for his coin. It came just in time to help me celebrate my 1000th find! I also have a band of pirate travelers who have been to the South Carolina Coast with me.. they will eventually have their own Geo Event and great send off. This coin just suits all of us to a tee. Thank you, thank you.. thank you. PS.. I will post some sort of picture shortly.
  3. Name of coin: O Galo de Barcelos Name of Vendor: Nuno Veríssimo aka Webxxi Date Ordered: __October 20, 1010 Paid for on Presale Shipment Due Date: Early December 2010 Ordered by: 1.Chickahominy - Not Yet Received - In December, Nuno posted that they would be ready in January. No word since then. I am requesting a refund on 2/1/11 2. Next person reporting a delay or receipt adds their name, and numbers it followed by "Not yet received" or "Received" 3.Next person follows the same process followed by "Not yet received" or "Received"
  4. Dear Mike ~ You will be missed by many.
  5. I'm definitely interested in one or more. Adorable coin! Meooow!
  6. My wedding anniversary is 11/11 ! I would love to add this one to my collection. It is a beautiful coin.
  7. Please give us an update on when we can expect this coin to ship. Thank you!
  8. Please print out the "mission" page from your geocoin's page to include with your coin. I always place my coin in a ziplock bag (snack size) along with the mission and the coin in it's flip. Lately, I have been handwriting a note to place inside the flip. The note states that the coin is owned and is meant to travel. I also write the tracking code on the note and tell finders to log their find. This may seem like I'm being obsessive compulsive, but coins go missing quickly and I'm trying to do as much as I can to ensure safe travels for my investment.
  9. Is it at all possible that you are substituting zeros for the letter "o".. or vice versa? Perhaps one way the code belongs to the other coins.
  10. I'm having a geo event on 1/22 GC2K29A. The event is "cache based", meaning everyone is to bring a cache to place on the door prize table. Hopefully, this will get more people to place caches for all of us to find. As an after thought, I'd like to find an ammo can coin and a magnetic key holder coin to add to the prize table. Any other "cache" coins are welcome too. I am willing to trade for the coins if you have them. My list isn't up to date so negotiations are in order. Only US coiners, please. I don't think time constraints will allow for an overseas trade. I can trade a Journey, a Pink Yime (second minting), Celtic Heart... to name a few. Thanks!
  11. http://protectsensitiveecosystems.blogspot.com/ Someone recently made me aware of these people stealing caches... and the coins in them. I just recently had an ammo can in the woods go missing. It had to be someone with the coords to it.
  12. Yesterday, I dropped Mauison's coin in a cache in Myrtle Beach, SC. It has been discovered once since resting there. There are a lot of cachers in town for New Year's, so it should be on the move shortly!
  13. I received this email on December 1, 2010. I appreciate the communication, but would still like to know when I can expect shipment of the coins I paid for on October 27, 2010. It is not good business to keep your pre-sale customers hanging like this. [GEO] Webxxi contacting Chickahominy from Geocaching.com From: Geocaching <noreply@geocaching.com> To: MCSofSC Date: Wed, Dec 1, 2010 12:59 pm Hi, The geocoin Galo de Barcelos is in production. i'll give more details soon. Thank you, Nuno
  14. I received Mauison's coin the other day and dropped it in one of my caches. I was having a total brain freeze and didn't write down the tracking number as I thought it was my coin. Came home, read the forums and had a "doh!" moment. So, I disabled my cache and crossed my fingers that no one would go by the cache and grab the coin. Today, I set out on a caching adventure (mind you, I have been caring for a husband who just had total hip replacement surgery and a bedridden mother in law for 2 weeks now... plus the internet has been out and it's raining). I go by, grab Mauison's coin and head out for my first cache. A beautiful woodland setting way out in the country. Not where I would leave the coin, as it would sit there for a long time. I tripped over a vine, fell on my finger and broke it, I'm afraid. After a stop for a cup of Iced Tea and some a new router so I can connect to Geocaching.com, it began to rain. So, I'm home for now. I will drop Mauison's coin over the weekend in a cache along Myrtle Beach. There should be lots of cachers there this weekend from all over the world... great place to start a race!
  15. : ) Yayyy! I'm so excited! This is the first 'official' race I've participated in. Thanks to everyone for making it happen.
  16. Yayy! I am so excited! I received the list and will add my coin to my watchlist. Good to know the coins have not been mailed, as I was fretting that I'd missed it somehow. Thank you for the fun!
  17. My recipient has three different mailing addresses.... hmmm. I wonder where I should mail the mission? I'm sure she would like candy with her mission.. so I'll include lots of chocolate!
  18. My Pink Yimes arrived the other day. Love them! I don't purchase many coins these days.. only buying those that I absolutely have to have. I made a great decision here. Yimes coins are always special. Thank you and the elves who packaged them. I hope they are okay after the candy fueled packing marathon. No golden ticket here. Can't wait to see where they show up!
  19. Adding this reply from Eartha in case others have not read through the posts. Eartha, are you sure you don't mind doing this?
  20. No word on this coin at all. This is soon to be going to the vendors feedback section with not so positive feedback.
  21. What a generous thing to do! Thank you, Gary! I read the event page and wish I were close enough to attend. Moving travelers is one of my favorite things about geocaching. Your event will go a long way towards educating cachers on what to do with trackables. Thanks, again!
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