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  1. Can I create a new Cache location using google earth?


    Using coordinates such as:

    Latitude: 33°59'59.18"N

    Longitude: 117°47'47.24"W


    How do I go about entering this location?

    I am new to this site/activity, any help would be appreciated!



    Something to consider:







    2.1. Listing Guidelines that Apply to All Geocaches


    1. Technical Requirements

    1. Listings must contain accurate GPS coordinates. You must visit the geocache site and obtain the coordinates with a GPS device. GPS usage is an essential element of geocaching. Although it is possible to find a cache without a GPS, providing accurate GPS coordinates is an integral part of the activity and must be demonstrated for all cache submissions. For geocaches that include multiple waypoints, please see the additional guidelines specific to those cache types.



  2. 1) Would anyone happen to know of any forums dedicated to Garmin/Oregon?


    2) I have several issues related to my new Garmin Oregon 450T? It might be the memory card or the maps, but for sure there are issues I have contacted Garmin Tech support, with no resolution (I'm usually pretty good with these things and their suggestions were things I already did.) The .PDF manual does not seem to match the unit, some in critical ways. I'm thinking of returning the unit and go from there, but I have $230.00 invested in the memory card and the map. I won't make a list of my problems, as I don't think they are appropriate here, hence part 1. The money I have invested in my setup isn't chump change, I would have to eat the $230 for my map and memory card. I'm actually getting error messages only a few miles away claiming that "Map Not Supported at This Location" or similar.


    I know I'm new, but I've gone through all material I can find with no luck. Thanks and read 1) for the main vein.


    - WR



  3. Turn it off when you're not using it :lol:

    HA! Was gonna say that -- 'til I scrolled down. :grin:


    But, it's true. For the life of me, I cannot understand why somebody has to have the unit on all day, as I have seen a lot of people do.



    You might want to have a track of your whole day of caching, or people who are into stats might want to know the total distance traveled, stopped time, moving time, etc.


    Others might not want to wait for the unit to boot up and get a sat lock every time they want to check it.


    Also, when hiking I keep my tracks and send them to a cartographer who produces trail maps for our area, so I need to have it on all day.


    I love my 60CSX partly because I can keep it on all day (and evening) without changing batteries.


    What he said...

  4. From the Garmin Knowledge base:


    Question: Why can't MapSource receive tracks, waypoints and routes from the Oregon 550 series and Dakota series devices?



    MapSource can't receive tracks, waypoints, and routes from the Oregon 500 series and the Dakota series devices as MapSource only reads and writes to the Current.gpx file.


    The Oregon 500 series and the Dakota series devices use a different method to manage the tracks, waypoints, and routes with Garmin software. These devices create new GPX files for each saved tracks, waypoints and routes and are located in the (Drive Letter)\Garmin\GPX folder. The Current.gpx file on the Oregon 500 series and the Dakota series devices only records the current track data and is located in the (Drive Letter)\Garmin\GPX\Current folder.


    Note: The GPX file with date suffix for example Waypoints_10-Aug-09.gpx indicates the date that the waypoint was created using the device. The GPX file with a number suffix for example Waypoints1.gpx indicates that the data was created in BaseCamp.


    BaseCamp software is the application to receive tracks, waypoints and routes from the Oregon 550 series and Dakota series devices.


    Note: MapSource can be used to manage tracks, waypoints and routes from the Oregon 500 series and Dakota series devices by using the following workaround. This will be required to create routes when using map products that do not contain Digital Elevation Model (DEM) as BaseCamp will only recognize Garmin map products that contain DEM.


    1. Open BaseCamp

    2. Import data from the device

    3. Save data as .GDB file

    4. Open the saved .GDB file in MapSource


    Note: As MapSource saves data to the Current.gpx, any tracks, waypoints, and routes may get duplicated between MapSource and BaseCamp application.

    Last modified on: 12/04/2009


    Thanks for your help. Any idea why my Dakota doesn't show waypoints that basecamp says is on it. My understanding is that this should work. I also have a new problem, i installed the new version 2.41 and now can't open any saved tracks, the dakota just freezes. I would like to revert back to ver. 2.40 but can't find the actual download, just web update, (i need web downdate. lol). Sorry about so many questions, i would just like things to work as they should!


    Check here for the previous versions:



  5. Hi all!


    The family and I will be leaving the Salt Lake City area for Cannon Beach Oregon on the weekend of June 12th. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any nice caches throughout the Colombia River Gorge around The Dalles and Hood River/Multinomah Falls area.


    Thanks in advance!




    What about the ORIGINAL STASH TRIBUTE PLAQUE © (a tribute to and at the location of the first GeoCache) near Portland? GCGV0P

  6. I am a Premium Member and would like to take advantage of having PQs. I understand how to submit them but after they are available for download on the website how do I get them to my GPSr? Do I need to use a different application, or can I skip that all together, and just get it on my GPSr? Thanks!


    I thought the only way to "get them" was to have them emailed to you. I wasn't aware they were ever "available for download".


    My understanding was that once they were emailed to you, you could unzip them and just drag and drop them into the //garmin/gpx folder on either the unit or SD card.


    Of course you can use other applications (GSAK etc...) to massage the data then put it on the unit.

  7. I"m taking a trip to Austin in June. Divisional semi annual meeting. Half of our division is in Austin and the other half is up in Seattle. The Austin guys came up here in December and we're going down there in June. I wish they would have done it the other way around, but whatever.


    Anyway, I could use some suggestion as to caches worth seeing while I'm there. I already planned to check out the "Texas Virtual Movie Cache". Any suggestion would be appreciated.



  8. I have a Oregon 400T because I like having the logs and hints all at hand. When I use GSAK, I only get the waypoints to export. Is there a way to have the logs and hints to export also? B)


    When you are in GSAK, do you see all the logs and hints etc..?


    How are you getting the data to your GPSr? Are you using the "Export - GPX/LOC" or the "GPS - Send Waypoint"? Both methods have dialogs that you need to configure correctly.


    If you are doing "Export - GPS/LOC" make sure click in the "GPX file" radio button at the top (not the "LOC file" radio button).


    If you are doing "GPS - Send Waypoints" make sure you click the "Waypoint Type - Geocache" radio button middle right side (not the "Waypoint Type - Waypoint" radio button).

  9. I recently bought a refurbished Garmin Oregon 300 from MegaGPS.com. I noticed it came with a CD only with the GPS pdf manual on it. Here is my question how do I remove found geocaches on it? I am able to download the caches from the website using the garmin communicator plugin. How in the world do I clear off the found geocaches?






    Take a look here:



  10. Another option is to have several micro SD cards loaded with alternate cache information. Swap the SD card to see different caches. It's not really very convenient, but it does work.


    I have a related question and thought I'd toss it out here:


    Hypothetically, if you are in Florida and you loaded 4000 caches... 2000 from Florida and 2000 from Alaska.


    If you are in Florida, would the Oregon show the 2000 closest caches (the 2000 from Florida)?


    Then say you fly to Alaska, reboot the Oregon, would the unit now show the 2000 closest caches (the 2000 from Alaska)?


    Just wondering.

  11. Hello - we are going to Alaska this June / July.


    Would this mapset be sufficient for our travels, without getting Garmin Topo Alaska or similar?


    We'll be spending part of it (hopefully) travelling around by RV from Anchorage. We probably intend going no further North than Fairbanks and more than likely we'll be keeping to the South-Central area.


    I assume we'll be spoilt for choice with regards caches!








    The NWTrails map set only includes the trails. It is a transparent mapset, meaning it will display over an existing map. Below I've linked to images of the NWTrails maps overlaid on top of the Base Map, TopoUSA, and City Navigator North America for near Anchorage.


    Here's the NWTrails over a Base Map:



    Here's the NWTrail over TopoUSA:



    Here's the NWTrails over City Nav North America:




    There are some Caches around Anchorage:




    I looked on www.gpsfiledepot.com for free Topo maps of Alaska and there weren't any. I personally wouldn't go with out Topos.


    Hope you enjoy your trip.

  12. There is no functionality for a "timed release" so that a cache can be published automatically at a desired time. This is an often requested feature by both cache owners and volunteer cache reviewers. There are, however, significant programming hurdles to consider before such a feature could be implemented. Please refer to past discussions in the Geocaching.com Web Site section of the Forums.


    Meanwhile, we publish caches at all hours of the day and night. I just pressed the "publish" button on my final batch of the day.


    Thanks for the reply...

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