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    Elements offered on the current map:


    Basic Features:

    • Map layer selection (streets, aerial, hybrid, sources, etc.) very important
    • Search field nice to have
    • Ability to share direct link to current map view not important
    • Cache details pop-up with these features:
      • Cache name with link very important
      • GC Code very important
      • Owner name with link very important
      • Hidden date very important
      • Difficulty and Terrain ratings very important
      • Cache size very important
      • Favorite points important
      • Bookmark it not important
      • Send to GPS not important
      • Log Visit not important

    Premium Features:

    • My Finds and My Hides filters very important
    • Cache type filters very important
    • Save results as Pocket Query important
    • View existing Pocket Queries on the map very important

    Existing Community Requests:

    • Indication of corrected coordinates/solved puzzles very very very important! Currently using external tools for this - but I need this all the time for trip planning, in order to see which solved mysteries would be along the track / in the intended area. I would love to see uncorrected/corrected ones with different icons or colors, and to be able to filter them (show only corrected / show all).
    • Ability to select/download caches from map by drawing a polygon on it very important when preparing trips to other regions or countries. I hate the current procedure of starting off with some center point and radius, checking the map, adjusting, checking, adjusting... until I finally get the area I need.
    • Display DNFs nice to have


    And please fix the bug that sometimes (too often!) the cache icons are not responding to clicks anymore...

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