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  1. What a great selection. I wish we were still seeing more virtuals. They used to be better than a AAA travel guide for vacation trips! I'll take the urban virtual of yesterday anytime over the urban micros that are being approved today and always surrounded by traffic and onlookers.
  2. I would like to be able to place an adult cache as long as it's labeled that way. It would be nice to enjoy cache contents long after the hider's cleverly themed items are gone. Although our family friendly concept provides great quality time for parents and their kids, not every cacher fits in the family caching category. The content of good caches always seems to get replaced by little used toys of lesser value. It's very obvious that kids are not about to drive to caches without adult supervision. They are also not likely to search for a cache that takes miles of difficult terain to reach it. So what's wrong with a pocket knife or other items that a hiker would really find useful? (See, I didn't even mention a cache with a bachelor party theme).
  3. I for one, greatly appreciate what Jeremy has done for this site. I doubt there's anyone here who doesn't really enjoy this sport and where would it be without this site? Can you even begin to imagine the dedication that it has taken? In these few short years, there have been a lot of issues and debates but the sport has continued to grow very well. The Jeep promotion is an exciting new twist, and if it generates some revenue for geocaching.com, more power to them. I did notice some wording in the Jeep description that is truely a step in the right direction and a return to geocaching's routes. I like the fact that they didn't say anything about high traffic areas, street corners and all those places that we feel funny looking for caches. All the Jeep caches are promoted as hides in the wilderness! I'm looking forward to it!
  4. This is TripLeader in KY. Would you believe a few of my friends here were even talking about Dr Who at a geocaching (GEOCKY, as in Geocaching Central KY) park clean-up yesterday? The word has spread and guys like him are not appreciated. Dr Who's caching count has now droped by another false find. I deleted him from my Allen's Town Cache in NJ since he did not reply to my e-mail asking him a question about this virtual cache. (OK, maybe it's difficulty should be a 1 1/2 instead of a 1). I was more than fair about this. He had over two weeks since his post, then I e-mailed him and explained exactly how he could go about e-mailing me back (just in case he was not that great with a PC). I think it's time now to delete his ID!
  5. Dr Who has posted to my Allen's Town virtual cache. I checked my e-mails and the geocaching.com notification of his posting a find is still in my deleted folder. There is no e-mail from him verifying the find. Just to be sure, I've e-mailed him not only asking to verify the find, but telling him how to do it. If I don't hear back shortly I'll be deleting the find. -TripLeader
  6. This is one of a series that I put in a park. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=22590
  7. Can anyone suggest a way to discourage critters from vandalising caches? I've had teeth marks on tupperware containers before... and they were never used for home-made cookies. Today, I replaced a micro-cache. I was amazed at the number of chewy marks on that very appetizing film canister! I'm trying to think of some type of weather-proof deterent and I'd appreciate your comments. (Pepper, anyone) ?
  8. I now try to carry extra pencils, film canisters and baggies for those times when I find a damaged cache. It's nice to be able to help someone out instead of making them come back to fix a problem. Two cachers have come to my rescue recently after caches were attacked by critters!
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