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  1. Thanks Travis for a fun filled day. I cached for 16 hours, found 61 caches and had my 400th find. I look forward to Pt. Townsend.
  2. Congrats to everyone that had milestones during the BCMII. Also, to anyone else that reached a milestone during the past weekend.
  3. After 16 hours of caching at the BCMII, I reached #400 on the last cache (Bremerton Twin Guns) right before dinner! Thanks Yumitori and Leonata for a great day and celebrating the milestone with me. Now the quest for 500 begins. (3 down, 97 to go)
  4. Hi all! I'll be heading to Bremerton tomorrow after I get off work. I've not made any plans to ride with someone on Saturday; something I would like to do. I can be a good navigator. I used to live in Kitsap and know my way around well. If anyone is interested, feel free to email me (I'll have access to my email until I leave for work tomorrow morning) and then I will be at the pre gathering tomorrow night.
  5. A quick question, anyone know of the easiest way to download all of the cache pages onto my Pocket PC. I know I could run a pocket querie, but think that would pull in a lot of caches not on the list. Just wondering if there was an easier way to do this. Thanks for any help!
  6. Thanks for the quick responses! I did receive the email from Brat&Testy and emailed them back. Thanks! If anyone needs help with 47.(17 through 20).xxxx I can help out with that. JavaDuck
  7. Hi! I see that recently there have been a few other cachers looking for help with Where's in a Name?. I'm also looking for help on this one. My username, JavaDuck, translates to 53 22.383 which, if I looke at the map correctly places me around Edmonton. I would greatly appreciate any help I could get on this. Thanks! JavaDuck
  8. I'm in Federal Way and only about 1 1/2 miles from the Best Western. I agree with Team Misguided about taking the bus up to Seattle or if you are renting a car, I would say just drive. It is only about 30-35 minutes to downtown. You can spend a good day or more just finding caches in the Federal Way area. We have many great caches in the area.
  9. hubba hubba! Are you sure minors are allowed? Uggh! Those typos!!
  10. In my area, a few people collect signature items. I have a small collection on my desk myself. I leave small plastic green ducks with "JavaDuck was here!" written on the bottom. I have no problem with another cacher grabbing one of my ducks without trading. People in my area that want a signature item to remain in the cache just leave a note with the item stating their request.
  11. The buffet sounds good for Saturday, I was just thinking for on Friday. Another idea, would be a potluck gathering like the one before the Gig Harbor cache machine. That was nice. I'm looking forward to caching in the area since I lived there for 6 years (before I was into caching).
  12. This sounds like fun, and after I check my calendar, I may join in. Like some others, I would love to car pool with someone if I can go.
  13. I used to live in Silverdale, and from what i remember the Round Table Pizza is rather small. Other possibilities would be the Silver City Brew Pub (pretty sure minors would be allowed there, think they have a dining area and a bare area). There is also an Azteca, Tony Romas, Red Robin, Red Lobster, Olive Garden etc, in Silverdale. I can't think of many other places that could hold a large crowd though.
  14. I had the same thing happen to me last weekend at a cache. My GPS said I was within 10 feet of the cache and then all of a sudden 12 miles then a little bit later .12 miles. I thought the same thing, that my GPS was on the fritz. I also showed an elevation of 5000 feet, I was only about 200 feet above sea level. Later that day, my GPS worked perectly and has worked good since then. Stange, huh?
  15. Congrats to Pepper and everyone else that reached milestones this weekend!
  16. I want to say congrat to Nancois (formerly NLS) who reached find #400 yesterday at Puzzler's Paradise. It took us two trips and a total of 8 hours to complete this puzzle/multi cache. And I reached #300 at the same time!
  17. Some nice clever puzzles listed. It gives me some ideas. Here is a link to my puzzle cache that had local cachers working on trying to solve the puzzle for a couple of weeks. One family caching team solved it first and were FTF. After that, a big group of cachers did a group hunt. The cache is a multi, with each step having a different puzzle. Temple of Quack
  18. Congrats to all the cachers who recently reached milestones! Special congrats to Ruck and Phil and Cathy, cachers I have had the pleasure of meeting at geocaching events. And if all goes as plan, I should be finding #300 this weekend.
  19. I had someone use spraypaint that was on a bench near one of my caches and his key to sign my log book. I thought that was creative. Yesterday, for the first time I found a micro and realized I had left my pen in the car. It was on a dock, and after trying to use a broken shell etc, I finally took a blade of grass and used my finger nail to sign the log book.
  20. JavaDuck

    Geoluau II

    Lovely Gorst is near Bremerton. Been through it many times just never stopped and I lived in Silverdale for awhile too.
  21. Congrats to LinduLu for reaching 500 today at my Temple of Quack!
  22. The Mission Impossible Cache was an amazing adventure. It took me 3 trips to complete the whole thing, it was incredibly detailed and amazing. Seth! had great hides throught the whole thing. I look forward to his next one!
  23. Congrats to Pepper and Lucie and Rickie! We were in Gig Harbor yesterday as well. #3 of us going for milestones. It was a day of freezing rain, cold cold weather, rain, but still a wonderful fun day!! Edited: Rewrote the post so it made more sense, I hate when I have typos and bad grammar.
  24. Congrats LucieandRickie! It appears that Gig Harbor was full of milestones today!
  25. Today, OhJoy, NLS and TyenFlies (and his two kids headed to Gig Harbor for a day of caching. What a day, 3 of us had milestones! Congats! To NLS, a great caching friend, who shared a milestone with me today at Pale Face and the Blue Bison. NLS reached 300, and I reached 200! Also thanks to TyenFlies for reaching 100 finds later in the day at QFC Thanks for a great day of caching! I enjoyed swapping stories, hearing about great caches. I'm glad I escaped the duct tape (at least for now)!!!
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