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  1. For all of those cachers that loved the Temple of Quack, there is now the Temple of Cluck for your enjoyment! Have fun with this one! You can view important information about the Cluck Temple at http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...01-d1374687deab Have fun!! JavaDuck
  2. Woo hoo, 2 years and just under a month ago, I found my first cache. On Sunday I found my 500th at Pocket Park Pool Parlor. A great series that bounced me around Burien and White Center. It was definitely worthy of #500. I visited all 11 waypoints, some more than once. Looking forward to the next 500 now!
  3. I'm almost to find #500. If the weather holds up and I find sometime this weekend, I should be pass the half way mark to 1000. Currently, trying to whittle down a list of possilbe caches for the big milestone.
  4. What make and model is your GPSr? It is very rare that you can receive waypoints yet not send them. The only other time a user reported this problem it was traced to a faulty cable. Can you send waypoints using other software, EasyGPS for example? We might be able to get a bit more information on what the issue is by turning on debug. Go to Tools=>Options=>Advanced and tick the "Debug Mode" box. Also when you send waypoints to your GPSr there is another box that says "Turn on debug mode" - tick that one as well. I turned on the debug mode. I can send waypoints to my GPS using EasyGPS. When I choose send waypoints under the GPS heading, I'm not even getting the Send Waypoints to the GPS dialogue box. The program just freezes and I get a not responding in the title bar at the top of the screen. So, I'm totally stumped at what it could be. Edited to include that I'm using a Magellan SportTrek Map
  5. I am still having problems sending waypoints to my GPS. I can receive waypoints from my GPS into GSAK, but anytime I try to send them, GSAK freezes up. I can't even get to the send to GPS dialogue box. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting the computer. Any ideas on what the problem could be? Thanks! Steve
  6. Hi! I'm having problems sending waypoints to my GPS. I can receive waypoints from my GPS, but every time I try to send waypoints, GSAK freezes up and I get the "not responding message". Any ideas on what I can do to fix this? Thanks!
  7. I'm looking forward to it! I get to have fun and do some research for some new evil (hahahah) puzzle ideas!
  8. Sadly, I have to forgo meeting Ellyidan this year. I'm home with the nasty flu bug! Looks like I missed out on a lot of excitement last night though!
  9. Wow! The puzzle hunt sounds fun! Makes my mind whirl with ways that geocaching could be integrated into it! I found a few web pages on it, talk about tough puzzles!
  10. I would love to do Bloated Head on Sunday, but as of now, I have heard of no one else that would like to do it. Though, I have done some crazy things solo caching, going into a swamp in the middle of the night, does not seem like a very smart choice. Even though knowing treats would be left there for me. I'm still game if a few others would like to join me. Though I would have to refigure out where we entered the swamp last year.
  11. Is it worth it to travel to log just one cache. Not always, but for this cache, especially if you're doing it in the dark with a bunch of other crazies (uhhmm, I mean cachers), yes it is. It is one experience you will never forget. I debated last year if I wanted to go and am glad I did! It was a blast. Sadly, I have to skip on this year, have family coming into town. I'll be thinking about all of you while Ellyidan and Peg slowly move in and.....
  12. It's easy, just use a calculator and divide 50.16 and 37.40 by 60. Round your answer to 3 decimal places and then add it to 11 and 17. So it would be 50.16/60 = .816 and 37.40/60 = .62333333 So, rounding would give us .623 Then. 11 + .816= 11.816 and 17 + .623 = 17.623 I quickly did it and came up with 47 11.816 and 122 17.623 I don't know of any software that automically converts, I just quickly do it myself.
  13. I still would be game for Sunday night, if others were interested. I have to work Monday (with excited 5 year olds). I'll be at Shopper's Halloween bash, if anyone wants to discuss details (or on here).
  14. Lucky the Leprachaun---The little guy that tries to keep kids from stealing his Lucky Charms cereal. My costume came complete with homemade elf shoes. Alas, everyone will have to wait another year for that costume. This one will bring back some memories for a few of you.
  15. I was thinking this would be a Sunday night trip, so we would end up finding the cache techinically on the 31st so a Halloween find. I have to work Monday as well, but being a teacher, it is already going to be a crazy day, so why not add a few hours of sleep to them mix. Regarding boots, last year I had rubber boots that were just up to my calves, and had no problem. My preference would be for Sunday night, so I can make it a Halloween find again. Call me crazy, for wanting to go foraging into a swamp late late at night, but hey I'm geocacher!
  16. I've never seen a mint green army guy?! But that does give me an idea for future Halloweens. My friends have made me retire (at least for a few years, my award winning Lucky the Leprachuan costume).
  17. I was part of the (enter your own adjective) group that searched for The Bloated Festering Head of My First Victim cache last Halloween night (early morning). I know there was some talk off a return visit. Halloween is a Monday this year, so it would be a late night for those unlucky people that have to work that day (me, being one of them). However, I would be up to venturing into Ellylidan and Peg's abode again if some other brave souls were too. Anyone game?
  18. I plan on attending! I have most of my costume already, just have to pick up those last few finishing touches. I'll just give one hint: mint green! I was also thinking about spending the afternoon, caching in the area since there are a lot of caches I have yet to find in the Port Orchard area. If anyone is interested in joining me, let me know!
  19. Hi all! I'm seeing if anyone in the Federal Way/Tacoma (south Puget sound area) is going to the PT cache machine. I can't go up Friday night, but can leave anytime Saturday morning (no matter how early it may be) and am looking to come back Saturday night. I can help pay for gas, and offer my geo experience (if it is in full capacity, sometimes it lapses, especially on 1 star caches). If so, send me an email or post here. Thanks, Steve
  20. Anyone planning on heading up to Pt Townsend, early early early Saturday morning. I'm in Federal Way. I'm looking to carpool with someone, can help with gas. Up to leaving at any time. Just a few miles from I-5.
  21. Congrats to OhJoy and Nancois, two of my caching friends, for their recent milestones. OhJoy for reaching 1900 and Nancois for reaching 500!!
  22. JavaDuck

    Geoluau II

    Thanks for a great day! It was nice seeing some cachers I had not seen in awhile and some new faces. I enjoyed the GPS contest (I improved the most, 2nd to last in the first session and then first in the afternoon session). Woo hoo, I look forward to Luau III
  23. I plan on attending, even though I have found most of the caches on the island. There are a few I've yet to find, but hey I love a reason to attend a geocaching party.
  24. Congrats as well! Welcome to a fun (and yes addicting hobby). Before you know it, you will be driving around and recognizing spots because of caches hidden there!
  25. Depending on the price, I would be in for 5-10, I'm still carrying some of the cans I bought last time in the trunk of my car.
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