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  1. I enjoy good puzzle caches myself! I think myself and another fellow cacher took the puzzle thing to a new leverl when we hosted GeocpaperThe Goondocks GEOCAPER last summer. A half day of finding caches and solving puzzles. The 2nd GEOCAPER is in the works right now.
  2. WOW! This event surpassed my expectations. First thanks to Nancois for helping me organize the event. Special thanks to Wander Lost, Crazy Z, Tracer Bullet, Steph (friend of Nancois), Oh Joy, and 1/2 of GrnXham for staffing the puzzle locations. We couldn't have done it without you. And a super BIG Thanks to all the teams that participated. I hope you had as much fun and enjoyment as I and Nancois did creating the mind bending puzzles. Congrats to: 1st place team-- Sir Green Noltex Clan 2nd place team-- The Terrilbe T's 3rd place team-- FanTUStic Hope to see you all at next year's Geocaper! edit: Corrected the 2nd and 3rd place teams-- 7/23/06
  3. The Goondocks Geocaper is here! Tomorrow teams of brave cachers will be facing the heat, 9 puzzles and 9 caches. All trying to first find the hidden treasure somewhere in Old Town and the Ruston Way area of Tacoma. Thanks to all the teams that have signed up for this exciting event! See you in the morning!
  4. Hi fellow Goonies! The GEOCAPER is just 4 days away! We are exciting about meeting the 10 teams that have signed up for this excting adventure. If you missed out on joining a team, you can still partake in all of the fun, by joining Capn JavaDuck and Capn Nancois by helping out the day of the event. We still could use 1 or 2 people from 11:30 to 6ish. Yeah a long day we know. But we will feed you at the end of the day and just think you get to watch (and heckle if you wish) while teams look for a cache that you know the location of. If interested, send me an email Capn JavaDuck
  5. Only a few days left to sign up for the geocaper! We have just 3 spots left now!
  6. Hi Fellow Goonies! There are now only 5 spots left for the Goondocks GEOCAPER. Sign up now to reserve your spot. Details are on the cache event page. Goondocks Geocaper
  7. We still have 7 spots open for teams of 2 to 6. The geocaper will be a fun filled day of hunting for caches, solving puzzles (not that hard of puzzles) and free food! If you're interested in signing up a team, send me an email!
  8. Ahoy ye mateys! Nancois and ye are now accepting teams of TWO to six cachers. We have 7 spots left, so sign up now! We hope by lowering the number of minimum cachers on a team to 2, that we get more people to sign up! JavaDuck
  9. Hi all! We still have spots availabe for a day of caching and solving puzzles (plus a few surprises). Sign up now for the Goondocks GEOCAPER. IF you want more information check out the Event page( )Goondocks GEOCAPER or send me an email! JavaDuck
  10. GEOCAPER update! There are 6 teams signed up. There are ONLY SIX spots left. Sign up now for a fun filled day along the Ruston Way waterfront and Old Town in Tacoma. The teams ready to search for One Eyed Williy's Treasure are: 1) The Terrible T's 2) JuneOggie 3) Sir Green Noltex Clan 4) Team398 5) Team NUTS 6) Team FanTUStic
  11. GEOCAPER UPDATE! We now have 5 teams signed up! 1) The Terrible T's 2) JuneOggie 3) Sir Green Noltex Clan 4) Team398 5) Team NUTS We have 7 spots left for an exciting day in the Goondocks!
  12. I hope you can find some other cachers to join you Team Maccabee! Nancois and I are busy working on making this an exciting day.
  13. Welcome aboard Bears! Glad to have you both join us! Just over a month left to claim your spot for a fun filled afternoon. Again, if you are interested, but don't have a team yet, post a message here. We have 8 team spots left. Goonie Fact: The cast of kids did not see the ship in the movie until the scene was actually shot. It had to be reshot though, since some of the kids accidentally adlibbed (using a 4 letter word).
  14. UPDATE! We now have 4 teams signed up for the Goondocks geocaper! 1) The Terrible T's 2) JuneOggie 3) Sir Green Noltex Clan 4) Team398 8 spots left! Sign up soon to claim your spot for an afternoon of puzzling fun!
  15. JavaDuck

    Your Ride

    Regarding the little red car on Hwy 16. If it was OhJoy, the license plate would have said OhJoy. It also could have been Papa and Nana Bear. I know they have a little red car as well.
  16. GEOCAPER UPDATE!! A cacher emailed me saying it woud be nice to know you was signed up, so they could size up the competion. So, here it goes. We have one team registered, The Terrible T's, and I have heard from a few other cachers showing interest in signing up just no email yet. As soon as you have a team of 3 cachers, please email me your team information. You can always add up to 3 more people later if you want. Remember the deadline is July 8th. Nancois and I need the team names so we can put finishing details on some aspects of the event. Thanks JavaDuck
  17. Looks like we have two teams ready for the Geocaper in July! Still have spots for the non-puzzlers that want to help with locations as well.
  18. Welcome to the area! There's plenty of caches around as well. Landrover bites?! Glad I've had all my shots then!
  19. First in response to WanderLost. Since volunteers will be wearing some sort of Pirate garb, I think a lil bit of tormenting may be allowed. We do want to keep the teams moving along ya know. Of course the teams could torment ya back. And on to GrnXnHam. Additional references (on paper) will be permissable. However, teams shouldn't need them since all teams will recieve the Ye Olde Cheat Sheet. The Ye Olde Cheat Sheet will have information that will help teams solve the puzzles. Now deciding what information to use and when is another story. If there are any more questions, just post here or shoot me an email. P.S. You know Washington and the weather. So, we will hold the event rain or shine. Hopefully we have shine and lots of it! PPS None of the puzzles are as tough as the Temple of Quack. I'm not that evil.
  20. Hi Happy Frog! We can use volunteers to help staff puzzle locations. However, if you want to be on a team and enjoy the event, feel free to do that as well. There will be all sorts of puzzles. We will be provided a cheat sheet to help solve the puzzles. Well, the cheat sheet will help on some puzzles and others not so much. Of course there will be clues and the "We are not having fun" clue, so teams will not have to be stuck at one location if they cannot solve a puzzle. Just let us know which you want to do! JavaDuck!
  21. Just a quick note, teams do not need to know anything about (or even seen) the movie "The Goonies" to enjoy this geocaper. However, if you have seen the movie (and are a fan) you may enjoy the geocaper a bit more. Hope to see all of ya Goonies in July!
  22. Congrats to all the cachers that reached a milestone this weekend! Looks like they were a good number of you that did!
  23. JavaDuck and Nancois are excited to announce the first annual GEOCAPER. The Goondocks Geocaper will be a fun filled afternoon of caching and puzzle solving based on the popular 80's film "The Goonies" All the exciting event details can be found on the event cache page. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...00-67b1c4827197 A quick break down of the rules are as follows: Teams can consist of 3 to 6 cachers. Each cacher is allowed a GPS, cell phone, paper, pen, etc. No laptops, PDS's etc. It's you, your brain, and your cell phone. We will provide teams with the Ye Olde Cheat Sheet. Teams will have 5 1/2 hours to solve 9 puzzles and find the treasure. The solution to all puzzles will be a single word. Each puzzle may solve to the single word or a phrase that leads to that word. For example: The solution to a puzzle may be the word "blue" or the phrase "the color of the sky". At each puzzle location, cachers will search for a cache that contains the puzzle or parts of the puzzle. Teams will also receive clue envelopes at each location. There will be clues to help locate the cache and clues to help solve the puzzle. Each envelope will cost a team a set amount of points. Scoring will occur as follows: 100 points for each puzzle solved -10 points if the first cache clue is used. -25 points if the second cache clue is used. Teams will lose only 25 points maximum if both envelopes are opened, not 35 points. -25 points if the first puzzle clue is used. -50 points if the second puzzle clue is used. -100 points for the third puzzle clue. This clue is the "We're not having fun", "We give up", "We're stumped, give me the answer" envelope. The minimum score a team can receive for a puzzle location is zero points. The team with the highest score wins. In case of a tie, the team that completes the course in the shortest amount of time will be considered the winner. Most puzzles solved will be a second tie breaker if needed. What do you win?! The honor of being the best puzzle solving team. The honor and praise of fellow geocachers. We hope to see you on July 22!! If there are any questions, please email me or post a note here. PS We are also looking for volunteers to help us with the event.
  24. Count me in! I plan on being there!
  25. I might be able to make it to this as well. I'll have to check my calendar!
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