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  1. The clue for my last DNF was along the lines of "in some bramble and thorns near the rabbit holes", now I don't know much about bunnies excavation habits but parts of the bank were like gorgonzola cheese


    But I will find it .....oh yes ! :P

  2. big enuf areia to do it in, this wuold be wicked. But you would need at least 50 acres do do anything really. Paint balls hidden around or sertain targets are good. Its just to bad no one would have a big enuf lot to alow for


    .......and if you enjoyed the search for caps lock you could continue and search for a dictionary :P

  3. From a brits point of view , tupperware "lunchbox" containers were the container of choice for improvised devices of an exploding variety back in the 90's for a particular "political" group


    IMHO and experiance any investigator worth his salt will try to verify if its a bomb ( dadgum said it ) or someones sock collection

  4. Hi, as well as using my gps for caching I intend to use it in my military guise.


    What I'd really like to do is represent a 3d profile of a track


    I've seen memory map and thats amazing but I understand I'd need to purchase OS maps to use it.


    Is there any sw that would allow me to save maps off the web and use them to plot a track on , then display that profile in 3d ?

  5. I made mine , never could resist a challenge


    I used an old serial cable and trimmed down a morrisons fuel card until it fitted in the slot on my etrex


    Using a safety pin I made 3 holes in the end and cut a slot for the key between the power and data in pin.


    As garmin publish the pins outs anyway it wasnt too hard a job to bodge one together


    I'll get round to buying a plug off ebay one day for four quid and cobble up a spare mobile car charger socket for some power



    I thought there may be some trouble with the wires pulling out of the holes when I unplugged it but some sellotape fixed that

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