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  1. Surely its the thrill of the chase that draws geocachers in and not swapping trinkets ?
  2. Well I work in the IT sector , like food , the wife wants to be a nurse and I used to be in the RAF
  3. So sniping about CAPS LOCK is okay but sniping about spelling is not It was meant to be a joke thats what the smiley face was for
  4. The clue for my last DNF was along the lines of "in some bramble and thorns near the rabbit holes", now I don't know much about bunnies excavation habits but parts of the bank were like gorgonzola cheese But I will find it .....oh yes !
  5. .......and if you enjoyed the search for caps lock you could continue and search for a dictionary
  6. Drogos downfall In that case this baby must be an offset too Sorry
  7. I've already got one , the local council chappie dropped it off , local elections must be due
  8. Left handed also , but I can right a bit with my right since I had to when I broke my left arm
  9. Two totally seperate things surely , I fail to see a connection
  10. Wouldn't the possibiltys of minefields tend to put you off a bit ?
  11. I made mine for my etrex , its only temporary mind , should last a couple of years at least
  12. Well I don't know how many miles I clocked up this bank holiday weekend but it would have been a lot less if I'd realised there were so few paths in Dalby Forest. Of particular note was a cache that was 200 feet away , but also 300 feet vertically
  13. .357 Magnum Of course I can always use my girlfriend as bait if I need to get away faster Hope she doesn't read this Any more questions? This is one of my caching buddies.....I never leave home without him! Does he play the banjo ?
  14. Everyone understands English , you just have to shout at them !
  15. My local cheap shoddy goods shop sells ones that last 30 seconds
  16. Heck that scripts so wooden I think they had Ben Affleck in mind for the lead man
  17. From a brits point of view , tupperware "lunchbox" containers were the container of choice for improvised devices of an exploding variety back in the 90's for a particular "political" group IMHO and experiance any investigator worth his salt will try to verify if its a bomb ( dadgum said it ) or someones sock collection
  18. polar69


    Dont know Maybe its a really bad sign
  19. Hi, as well as using my gps for caching I intend to use it in my military guise. What I'd really like to do is represent a 3d profile of a track I've seen memory map and thats amazing but I understand I'd need to purchase OS maps to use it. Is there any sw that would allow me to save maps off the web and use them to plot a track on , then display that profile in 3d ?
  20. Seventeen !! Must get busy finding / hiding Planning a trip up to the North Yorkshire moors soon with the kids , they're quite excited about "dad's treasure hunt"
  21. I made mine , never could resist a challenge I used an old serial cable and trimmed down a morrisons fuel card until it fitted in the slot on my etrex Using a safety pin I made 3 holes in the end and cut a slot for the key between the power and data in pin. As garmin publish the pins outs anyway it wasnt too hard a job to bodge one together I'll get round to buying a plug off ebay one day for four quid and cobble up a spare mobile car charger socket for some power I thought there may be some trouble with the wires pulling out of the holes when I unplugged it but some sellotape fixed that
  22. Its always winter in Yorkshire ! I shall experiment with different materials Where's that wetsuit
  23. Its round my neck on its lanyard, jacket is of the quilted variety
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