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  1. I saw it mentioned on the nearby traditional cache. and by the way why archive the virtual cache anyway?
  2. BRING BACK THE GEOCACHE FIND COUNT! How are we supposed to tell the difference between the experienced cachers and the casual Tom Dick and Harry blank phone loggers.
  3. Anyone like extreme caches or can recommend any? I've got a few up trees and down in tunnels, whats everyone's thoughts on extreme caches in general? I for one love caches which get the heart and adrenaline pumping, as it makes a nice change from the usual stuff by the side of the road. GC319XV GC301T3 GC2Z3PT GC2CD1R GC29N66
  4. Well I'm TMD, I've been a premium member over 2 years and have found and hidden a bit, but due to the new format of the forums, they are a bit more navigable. Well thats me
  5. Wonder where abouts on the list of hiders I am now
  6. Hiya first time poster on here but long time cacher. I've been using GCZii for a while but now its packed in. I'm off to Scotland on holiday for a week and theres a long car journey involved. I need a windows mobile program which will let me Search for Nearby geocaches because its impossible to put every cache in the UK into my GPS as I don't know which motorway services or viewpoints we stop at. Anyone recommend a program which will let me have this impulse caching button? I've just downloaded Basic GPS but can't find this button anywhere, it only works with pre downloaded LOCs and GPXs but thats not what I want. I tried Locify but that was rubbish for an XDA orbit. Any help?
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