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  1. A slapped hand for caching whilst supposed to be at work / school / other? Got it in one
  2. Edited to add: I'll happily put NM / NA on a cache where the cache owner has blatantly given up and no longer maintains their caches. I won't put NM/NA on: an old cache say on a summit or within a zone where future permission is now completely impossible for example Kinder Scout in the Peak Disrict on a cache where the CO is active and will maintain it. I own 780 caches however they aren't series caches or classic numbers power trails. A lot of them don't get found for a long time once the locals have them so are bound to get wet in between visits. I have had a cache trasher on my case for about a year who goes round nicking any random cache I have. Unfortunately in the area where my caches have been set there are over zealous locals intent on having every cache archived they find. They put NA on caches only disabled for a month and once they put a NM on a cache its a ticking clock until they put a NA on that due to lack of maintenance. I am a bit behind on my maintenance at the moment but I do maintain them when I can. I have to prioritise to make visits to missing caches rather than those that are wet or logbook full.
  3. With a quarter of the caches I've found, a "needs maintenance" log means a half-day or more of effort from the cache owner to follow up on it. I'm not going to ask that level of effort from someone on a "might". I'll only log an NM on one of those when I'm certain there's something wrong with it. Amen ! Give that man a medal. The majority of people who slap needs maintenance on caches are those people who haven't gone to the time of setting them themselves. Yes I am one of the COs who considers a NM an insult. Especially in the local area when a certain someone insists on putting NA on a cache only disabled for a month. We even have locals going round sticking NM for listed TBs not being in the cache.
  4. How were the Geoaware reviewers selected? and/or how do you nominate people who would be good at it? ie have a degree in geology and have done lots of earthcaches?
  5. I know of a challenge cache that required a time period of 321 consecutive days to qualify for it. That was prematurely archived just as soon as a few of us were on the eve of qualifying. GC4ZHEG
  6. Its just the same as one of yours... a box in a tree at a generic location. Why is it worth me solving one of your puzzles to find something unremarkable?
  7. Yet you expect cache finders to sit behind a PC for one of your 'convoluted' puzzle caches for hours on end getting nothing in return. And again you criticise the quality of my caches on a forum I do not frequent. Say these things to my face or on a message. How is my cache "absolutely unremarkable?"
  8. Theres an example of a local cacher to me who has logged 160 of his own caches in order to satisfy a 200 cache in a day challenge.
  9. I don't lurk here normally but I've just seen this as its my challenge which you are referring to. I place Challenge caches for something a bit different for cachers to find and aim to satisfy. Just the same as you place puzzle caches which aren't possible for everyone to solve. And do you think of the environment when you drive miles for one puzzle FTF miles away? and not out of the ordinary? Are you saying the challenge cache is rubbish? Its at a great spot up a hill with a view and a walk and isn't a micro! What else do you want?
  10. Perhaps somebody in BT likes quality / decent sized caches, and this is their attempt to reduce the number of nanos This is my thinking. If people on a certain local forum to me weren't so vocal in saying they were rubbish then the outcome may have been different. I do find it awfully convenient that a small minority of cachers were complaining about them then a week later an engineer miraculous starts throwing his toys out of the pram. I won't be going with BT for my phone service. I'm going to Virgin
  11. BT need to get a life. Surely they have more to worry about than a key holder in a phone box
  12. The ban hasn't been implemented anywhere else in the UK.. just the NW where caches with the Big box little box title are being targeted for archival. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC3CE4J This one isn't even on a phone box and is being threatened with archival.
  13. Is there anyway I can stop people searching via my user name and seeing where I have been or is it open to all ?
  14. Time to get Lancashire to number 1 then. Another 400 caches to place why not ?!
  15. Sorry I never did reply did I. I didn't get any in the end. I need big batches of say 100 but that sort of numbers isn't feasible from cache shack. I was just wondering where the turtle containers are made themselves and I could order a batch like pup and cache hoppers
  16. You don't need to feel bad I doubt it would get published unless I archived mine which in all honesty wasnt the best anyway. If you need to know where any multis or puzzles are just drop me an email. You've still not been back to the final of the tetro series Really don't feel bad. I'm really looking forward to some new caches of any quality in our area. I've done everything locally now so some close ones are welcome
  17. Half the series was archived ages ago and it's not been the same since. look forward to the new cache
  18. I own almost 400 caches and need to maintain them all. My secret is I use turtle boxes which are watertight and come with built in camo. The only problem is my supply of them has run out. Anyone know an alternative place where I can get them except cache shack? Cheers I'm desperate now as I've been using micro containers but everyone keeps complaining about them
  19. I personally look forward to looking dodgy and running my hand along endless crash Barriers than going to a phone box and having a cache there nice and simple, has the decision been influenced by the bitching on the NW forums?
  20. Deceangi has mentioned on the caching groups on Facebook that no caches will be published after June 27th. Is this around the olympic affected areas or a whole blanket ban UK wide?
  21. your not the only one, I found a cache the other day and the legendary Seasider had signed the logbook. its a bit strange though as his profile says he hasn't logged on since 2007
  22. Anyone know where we can get an updated list of this?
  23. In all honesty I completely forgot to email and I apologise.
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