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  1. I'm a USAF weather forecaster, and we deal with solar weather daily. Solar flares happen quite often and do disrupt communications a bit, but are generally loacalized. Indonesia and that region often has HF communication problems. Also, we are coming up on the solar maximum around that time (the time in the 11 yr cycle when there are more flares/geomagnetic storms). My guess (read: forecast...) would be some occaisional degredation of accuracy and some dropped cell calls. In other words, don't sell your GPSr yet. Unless its to me...


    Solar Weather page

  2. As a former Biloxian, I'd like to state for the record that Dave's hides were excellent, and while Biloxi had alot of micros, few would be considered spew. I never met DRat, but knew him by reputation, which was nothing but good. (however, he does rant a bit constantly about micro spew... :P )


    I personally don't see 'micro spew' as a problem. I've never been a #ho--I take my family to the ones that look good, and I can usually tell from the description. I do admit I can't allow any caches, crappy or no, near my home not be found.


    Also, crappy caches seem to die out if the local reviewer is good. The hider doesn't take care of his spew, and eventually its gone. Good caches are quickly adopted by the local caching community.


    Since I'm not a #ho, I don't see the unfair/can't compete side of it. Aside from regulating geocaching (which would ruin the sport), all you can do is gently guide noobs in the right way to hide caches and set a good example--both of which you're already doing.


    P.S. How's LeftyGator doing?

  3. 1. The name of this cache is "Prayers" -- not "Prayers and Well Wishes."


    2. In addition to the text selected above for quotation, there are two prayers included in the cache description, as well as two quotations about the value of prayer.


    3. The first version of this cache, prior to revision, was quite offensive to me as well as to your local reviewer, and is relevant to ascertaining intent:

    For those who think this is stupid, and do not want to participate, that is OK too. We will pray for you.

    Please keep your personal agenda off of cache pages.


    I guess my problem is I don't understand what is offensive about someone threatening(?) to pray for you. I mean, if you believe, the response would be 'thanks'. If not, the response would be 'ha ha, he's wasting his time'.


    And I guess I like my rules the same across the board and strictly enforced. That's probably my 16+ yrs in the military talking, though.


    On the other hand, this is a game, so I guess I can't fault the game-masters from making the rules, even if I don't always agree with them. Thanks, Keystone, for volunteering your time and efforts to a hobby I've become hopelessly addicted to. I've done a few caches in your neck of the wood (originally from Pittsburgh), and you guys up there do a good job.

  4. It seems to me that the 'no agenda' rule is a loophole that allows approvers to further thier own agenda. Don't get me wrong, the approvers mostly do a great job, but this rule is so vague, it begs abuse. 'Proclaim Jesus as the only true God cache' woulod be over the top. 'Repent or die cache' might be a bit much. 'Fill out the Democratic Voter Registration form cache' would be a bit much. But 'say a prayer'... come on. If you are religious (pretty much any religion), prayer is no problem. If you are an Athiest, say a prayer to Alan Watts and laugh.


    I thought the 'agenda' rule was to stop McDs, churches, and orgs like scouts from doing commercial solicitation caches (like eat a burger and sign the log or become a member to log cache). End of rant

  5. So, bottom line as I see it:

    1) This is gonna happen in the post 9-11 world

    2) We need to do everything possible to keep it from happening, but see #1


    And on a lighter note, I'm a 16yr MSgt in the AF, and I have some good friends in EOD as well as some SF engineers (demining, etc.). They're all a little crazy and love to blow stuff up. If they get called, chances are, it's getting blown up. I mean that in the best possible way, really. As a red blooded, semi-grown up man, I'd take every chance I get to blow something up too! No offense, I hope, CanningClan.

  6. I cache with my 2 kids, aged 5 & 7. As an adult, I don't care as much about the swag--I'll occasionally trade even for something cool, but it's all about the hunt. However, I try to hit mostly full sized caches for one reason--my kids like the McDs crap!!! I let them do the trading, I just make sure it's relatively even. You'd be surprised how often my 5 yr old son picks the broken McD toy.


    Don't get me wrong--a cache full of trash is no good either. I carry a pack full of old toys and refurb any cache I find empty or full of broken trash. Which begs another question--what is better, an empty cache or a McD's cache?


    So I say quit whining about McD toys. Those who are must have forgot what Geocaching is all about. Here's a suggestion--if you don't like McDs toys, just hunt micros.

  7. If you are truly cheap, like me, go for a Palm as opposed to a pocket PC.

    - Palms are much cheaper

    - Most software for it is cheaper if not free due to the open architecture (not a windows product).

    - Also, Cachemate is probably the best paperless cacheing software out there, and it's writen for PALM systems.

    I have a Tungsten E2, and I love it-great battery life, lotsa functions. I bought a cheapy metal case for it and put it in a ziploc, and I'm good to go.


    Oh, and go Steelers!

  8. IMO, if we get rid of tracts, we need to get rid of the Jeep TB-they have an 'agenda' too.


    My question is, what about a puzzle cache that uses the Bible, and maybe even ends on Church grounds? I had one of these ready to go in Biloxi, pre Katrina. I thought it was well done (sufficiently challenging to be fun) and, with no quid pro quo, within guidelines. It contained a good mix of items, not just religious. What do you folks think?

  9. 5) Want to but can't for some reason.

    6) Added up the value I get and it fell short of the fee.

    I fall into the above 2 reasons. My wife is a tightwad (who luckily doesn't read the forums, or I'd be dead <_< ) I'd probably buy a premium membership if it was just me. I must say, however, that there's very little benefit to being a premium member, other than warm fuzzies. If Groundspeak would give me something to work with maybe I could con her into it. I suppose I could take a stand (THATS IT, honey! we're purchasing a premium membership or else!) but one thing I learned in 13 years of marriage is to pick your battles. tink tink

  10. Thanks for all the inputs. To answer the Leprechaun's question, I'll be caching with my 4 & 6 year old and probably some other family. I won't be on a numbers hunt, nor will I be looking for a really long hike (the kids can handle a mile or so before they start whining). I guess mostly I'm looking for scenery with a 'treasure' (or pot o' gold) at the end. Honestly, I guess it doesn't matter witch ones I go to. I just didn't want to miss any "must do" caches. Thanks again.

  11. Cachers;

    I'll be visiting my folks for a week of leave from the USAF, en route from Pope AFB NC to Keesler AFB MS. They live near Pittsburgh (more specifically, Levelgreen, 15085). I was wondering what the must-do caches in the area are. Thanks in advance for your help.

  12. Here's one I made. I got one of those industrial-sized Carolina Cones, clipped out some of the pins on one side, and glued in a film container. I just set it cache side down. The only problem is people often find it only by stepping on it. I've got some DNFs from pretty experienced cachers.



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