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  1. I'd say chase the weather. The weather's nice on the east coast now--the Raleigh NC area has a well established geocaching community, and great pork BBQ. Summertime might be a good time for the Pacific NW where GC got started. Wintertime would be a good time to hit the south. Normally I'd say hit the Gulf Coast (caches and cajun food), but they're still reeling from Katrina. I hate to swell a Texan's head any, but I have heard the Austin area caches are good and the BBQ brisket is OK. In the fall, right here in SLAGA country (St Louis area) has good caches and weather, and the midwest does have the some of the best ribs around.


    As for my credentials, I'm a chubby USAF meteorologist, so I know a bit about weather, food, and I've lived in most of these places.

  2. I've been wanting to do the Labarque Walkabout Trilogy near St Lousi for a while. My kids are 5 & 7, but pretty tough. Does anyone know if this series is too much for kids, or maybe too dangerous or something? They should have no problem on a 2-3 mile hike, as long as I take some breaks. Thanks in advance.

  3. Actually, it's quite a long walk from sharpie inside a sewer pipe to "tattooing the side of the Empire State Building". However, it's still technically wrong, and allowing it would set a bad precedent. Now, if I came across something like this, I would never report it, log the find, and still sleep well at night.

  4. I've heard of this before. It does annoy me when people slap the word cache into their concept when it goes against some of the basic tenets of the geocaching community.

    Did the word "cache" suddenly come to mean geocache? Cache is a generic reference.

    Actually, my sarcasmeter just pegged, I think.

  5. What is this, most obscure band wins?


    OK, I lose. I switch between country and Christian rock. No Japanese fusion trance metal celtic jazz social punk acid for me--I know, boring!


    Maybe I'm getting old (35 father of 2). I need some of what clearpath and Bsnat is smoking. Or maybe co-ords to the fountain of youth...

  6. The forums are where geocachers wax political. It's inevitable some toes get stepped on. So don't post/read, just cache. Unless, of course, you have an opinion of your own to push, in which case, don't get upset when someone disagrees--vehemently or otherwise.


    Don't get me wrong, some folks have torqued me off pretty good in the forums. But I don't let them chase me away. If you do, they win.



  7. I'm not sure I understand all the views here. Let me try to bullet point them.

    - Bears eating children is sad, but not bad

    - Bears eat children because we encroach on their territory

    - Killing and eating bears that eat children is bad

    - Don't mix in the native americans--not sure what that about

    Isn't this a forum for folks who people who hunt for boxes in the woods--in bear country and out?

    Common sense tells me-

    - I won't mess with a bear unless he messes with me or mine

    - Eat my kids and you're dead, be you man or beast

    - Don't let your tree-hugging cloud your common sense

    - OP just was trying to say be careful

    Although I've disagreed with him in the past, I agree with Clearpath on this one

  8. Besides, have you ever tasted human? Yuk!!


    I hear it's greasy...ugh.

    Actually it tastes like chicken.

    I always heard that it tastes like pork, in fact cannibals called it, Long pork. I bet like real pork it is bad for heart.

    As a lover of the other white meat, smoking the meat for 12 or so hours renders out all the greasyness. Wait a tick, am I discussing how to cook...OK, geocaching makes you nuts.

  9. I have an E2 with a cheapy metal case to protect it and a ziploc for wet times. It's too much if you're just using it for caching, though. I also use it as a PDA (imagine that...) at work, and that justifies the added expense. I have pictures, MP3s, games and books, the Bible, plus all the regular stuff on it. The color screen is hard to read in direct sunlight, though. I understand the cheapy ones don't have that problem.


    For software I use cachemate and GSAK-worth the expense.

  10. If you care about the cache, then you should be willing to spend more than that. Think of the time invested in getting there. Think of how much you spend just on gas to go seek a cache.


    Why not put a good NiMh battery charger in there? Maybe a good fanny pack with water bottles? A pair of FRS radios ( about $20 ).


    Make the finder say "Wow! Maybe I should be trading something nicer than geo-junk!"

    I disagree. Geocaching has little to do with the trades. If you ask anyone who has been caching a while, they'll tell you this. Some of my favorite caches were filled with junk. I'm not saying to fill your cache with junk, but I'd rather see $1-$2 swag in a cache--I just don't want to trade for 20 dollar items. (I do this at Wal-Mart, trading cash for toys! :ph34r: ) I wouldn't want to lug around expensive stuff. I don't need an expensive hobby, I'm married with children! I'd rather cache hiders spend time rather than money picking a good location and/or an interesting hide. Just my opinion, though.

  11. Sadly, I'd say a frivolous law suit may very well be the thing that puts an end to GC, at least as we know it. How many suits with no merit actually win--like the coffee on the crotch suit (ouch)? Something like this would force Jeremy either to become very anal-retentive (taking the fun out of it) or to close the site altogether. Sad prediction, but, unfortunately, I could see it happening. Of course, I'm talking with absolutely no legal background (out my tookas, so to speak.)

  12. I had one called 'size DOES matter'. It was a cache hidden in a very large pinecone, hidden near a bunch of small pinecones. I got alot of DNFs on it. I'd link it for you, but I adopted it out and then it got archived, and I don't know how to find it.


    However, as a Christian and a parent, I must admit I'm a bit ashamed of hiding this one, in retrospect. It would be a bit embarassing to explain.


    However however...part of Geocaching's charm is the seat-of-the-pants, lack of real organization/hard fast rules. The more regulated/comercialized/sterilized it gets, the less fun (IMHO) it will become.


    So, the bottom line of my convoluted post is: If you think it's provacative, it probably is, so police yourself. The more rules Jeremy & CO. are forced to make, the less fun it becomes.

  13. We've got 3 kids, so they are always a good distraction. Most people see 3 of them and turn and run :D


    I'm torn. My son would be great cover for the urban micros. We could be counting ants, collecting sticks, hide&seek in a bush. Kids can do anything without looking suspicious. But without the swag, he wouldn't see the point of an urban micro. Although after walking right past two micros today and deciding the 4-lane road and sidewalk were too busy for stealth, I've considered bringing him along for those, adding my own bribe, and pretending it was in the cache. :D


    My kids are sometimes decent cover, but they aren't very good at stealth. My 5 yr old has no volume control "I FOUND IT DADDY!!! THE TREASURE!!!". I guess not being dishonest is a blessing, though.

  14. It's only free for very limited use and you may have no use for it since it is a Palm application, but I use CacheMate for projections. It has always been VERY accurate and it's a lot easier and faster than using my GPS.

    How do you do a projection with Cachemate?


    To project a waypoint from a cache page..


    1. Select a cache.

    2. tap on "CacheMate in the upper right" or use the pull-down menu icon if you have one on your device.

    3. tap on the 'Calc' menu header

    4. tap on the "Project Waypoint" menu item

    5. enter the bearing in degrees (example, 182.223)

    6. enter the distance

    7. select the distance units from the pull down menu

    8. tap the "ok" button


    It will then give you a new wayp[oint/cache page that you can customize however you wish with a name, category, etc.


    To project from a set of given coordinates you do the same, but you'll have to add a waypoint with the given coordinates first. For instance, if you are doing a multi where stage 1 send you to stage 2 and stage 2 has you preject to the final. You have stage 1 in cachemate, but you'll have to add stage 2 to cachemate manually to project from it using cachemate. This is pretty easy also since you can copy waypoints and then modify them pretty quickly.


    Hope this helps.


    I don't have the 'project waypoint' menu item in my cachmate, and I have the latest version. Is there a plugin I need to get somewhere?

  15. It's only free for very limited use and you may have no use for it since it is a Palm application, but I use CacheMate for projections. It has always been VERY accurate and it's a lot easier and faster than using my GPS.

    How do you do a projection with Cachemate?

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