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  1. If we're talking of Locus Prime's GC Find Counter v1.3, I've tried to edit this as mentioned in post #37 and found the lines I was supposed to edit were not identical to those described in the post. So rather than mess with something I did not fully understand, I've not been able to update my versions. Could someone provide a working copy for those of us who are not GreaseMonkey script experts please? (Ideally a script that inserts the words "Cache No" before the counter number, and that inserts the information at the live insert point in the log box rather than right at the top left corner. Thanks Chris Yes, I'm talkiong about Locus Prime's GC Find COunter v1.3 and the lines were exactly the ones on the post ... (and no, I'm not at all a GM expert). On /* Geocaching Find Counter - v1.3 2008-08-02 I changed: // Get currently signed-on geocaching.com profile. // ECG var e_LogIn = document.getElementById("Header1_urlLogin"); var e_LogIn = document.getElementById("ctl00_LoginUrl"); and // Get handle to text area. // ECG e_TxtArea = document.getElementById("LogBookPanel1_tbLogInfo"); e_TxtArea = document.getElementById("ctl00_ContentBody_LogBookPanel1_tbLogInfo"); and // Set drop-down to Found. function SetToFound() { // ECG e_ddLogType = document.getElementById('LogBookPanel1_ddLogType'); e_ddLogType = document.getElementById('ctl00_ContentBody_LogBookPanel1_ddLogType'); nothing else. To add "Cache No" I guess you should change // ECG e_TxtArea.value = iFindCounter + '. ' + e_TxtArea.value; e_TxtArea.value = 'Cache No ' + iFindCounter + '. ' + e_TxtArea.value; Hope it helps. Yep, those worked great, thanks!
  2. OOOOps ... I thought it were updated, but the version on http://gmscripts.locusprime.net/ is the old one, so I guess they are not updated ... right? Did you uninstall the old version first, I had to remove the old and install the new.
  3. Or just get the FREE IE8 Download: IE8
  4. I used Firefox last week and had no problems
  5. YES this works, i just did it to mine and I saw it.
  6. If my hide has decent difficulty (like my 7 stage multi, or my puzzle) I leave a geocoin for the FTF.
  7. While not my original intent with this idea ( I meant a link to the standard adoption page). This is also a really good idea as a way to publicly offer for adoption to anyone who wants it.
  8. When you click on the trackable from your cache page you should see this in the upper right corner: Click the "GO" next to mark item missing
  9. Since it was mentioned in another thread Transfer Trackable I think it would be nice to have a link on the right (where the owners / logging options are) to Offer a cache or Travel Bug up for adoption. It would make it easier and the newer folks could find it without any trouble.
  10. Buy a premium membership, you will then be able to set up notifications for a range you determine (as well as many other features)
  11. Geocachers monstermash This is mine, It has The Big Frog (Jeremy) as the mad scientist, Myself as the Monster, my caching brother Mooney625 as the vampire, cacher Henry Durant as the wolfman, and cacher Rubber Ducky339 as the bride.
  12. I see this one is moving again! Yes, and I am very happy. They did it on their own and never did respond to me.
  13. Did they log a find on the cache and just forgot the TB. If they have not logged the cache give them a few days. If they already logged the cache you could do exactly as you wrote above.
  14. Leave it alone, they will get over it. Some people just live to find fault in others.
  15. Did you download the NEW version of the KML file, the old one is no longer used and you need to download the new one from the bottom right of your profile.
  16. I rarely trade, if anything I leave: -Rocks that I have polished -Bandaids (not an official signature item but along the lines of my name) -Glowsticks If you want bulk quantities you could order from these guys: Oriental Trading Co. they have lots of items (good and bad)
  17. Can't help, but just had to say I LOVE your username!
  18. Based on the thread subject line, I thought you lost a fish!
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