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  1. Well, sorry about your weather, but here in Ontario we had nothing but sun and nice temps all day. Ok, question time. 10-15 years ago I was doing claim staking in the field, before GPS was really available. We used a compass of course, but for distance, what did we use for measuring distances? Remember, this was often 300-500 metres at a time, through woods, swamps etc, and it involved the use of cotton. Greywynd pacing and chains
  2. Bingo! Red Lake has the northernmost traffic lights in Ontario. The small community of 3500 people has one set next to the Shell gas bar. A gold rush in 1936 attracted lots of air traffic, all of which landed on the lake by float plane. When I was last there in 2001, the sister towns of Red Lake and Balmertown had two gold mines in operation, speculation about reopening a closed mine and lots of exploration for gold, platinum, palladium and other related metals. The rock that is currently being mined has a whopping 85 g/tonne! It is so rich in gold that the machines sometimes get jammed because the rock has too much gold in it (can't complain about that). The rock is so rich of gold, that the mine waste has more gold in it than gold mined in the Abitibi region of western Quebec and NE Ontario. over to you Greywynd
  3. Let's bring it back to Ontario . What is the northernmost municipality in Ontario to have a set of traffic lights? Hint: it's not as far north as Calgary. Second hint: In 1936, more planes landed here than in New York City.
  4. Wrangellia is a geological terrane that includes Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlotte Islands of the geomorphologic Insular Belt of the Canadian Cordillera.
  5. I am also a fan of earthcaches. Where in NL are you going? If you're going to Labrador, there is this one: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...07-41a273785859 There used to be an earthcache near St John's to bring attention to some of the oldest life on earth preserved in the rock record called ediacara. I'm not sure what happened to it, but I suspect it was lost in the changeover from Waymarking to geocaching, perhaps because it is a protected (UNESCO?) site and they couldn't get permission to make it an earthcache. Too bad, because supposedly it is a facinating site and worth the visit.
  6. Yeah, but it isn't called Younge Street all the way to Vancouver, and it only starts in Toronto. What about the Trans-Canada Highway that starts in St. John's and goes all the way to Vancouver?
  7. Daylight savings time. The shortest day of the year is 23 hours long when we 'spring ahead', the longest day of the year is 25 hours long when we 'fall back'. These days are nowhere near the solicetices in the year.
  8. Quebec: ME, NH, VT, NY. BC: AK, WA, ID, MT. dave BC was the answer I was looking for. I heard this question asked in another game of trivia, and I bought it. I'll have to tell those guys they are wrong. Sorry for the fiasco . Over to you Dave
  9. HA! You're right! When I asked this question, I didn't consider shared boundaries across a lake. OK, OK, for the sake of letting others play (sorry JP), and for me to get the answer to the question I should have posed more clearly (if this is OK, CA?), which province is in direct land contact with the most US states?
  10. Dawson City, put a frost bitten toe in a shot of whiskey and bottom's up! Close enough! Yes, Dawson City Yukon - And to make a Sourtoe Cocktail you take a pickled human toe, and add it to the drink of choice (doesn't have to be whiskey, although it usually was) Your up rocky I intend to make the pilgrimage for the sourtoe cocktail one day! I hear there running low on donors, but I don't plan on loosing a toe to frost bite any time soon! OK, here's my question: Which Canadian province shares a border with the most US states, and what states are they?
  11. Could have also went with the world's largest easter egg (Pysanka) in Veggreville Alberta. Dawson City, put a frost bitten toe in a shot of whiskey and bottom's up!
  12. You got it! Lake Louise sits at 1530 m above sea level.
  13. was I right on the age too? OK, here is my question: what community in Canada is the highest above sea level? Feel free to take a stab at its elevation too, I'm prepared for answers in both metres and feet.
  14. Manicouagan crater in Quebec can be seen from space. Age? I'll guess Triassic?
  15. Was that the Magnifi-mint cache? That was one of my first finds in my caching career. If it's the cache I'm thinking of, it's hidden in an outcrop of 400 million year old storm deposits that are PACKED with marine fossils! U of O geology classes are led there every year to see those rocks. I went there a few times to see those rocks while I was taking classes there. As for the questions...I don't know. You don't tend to visit tourist attractions in the town you live in.
  16. glacier ice is correct! Glacier ice is snow that has been recrystallized by compaction pressure from the weight of the overlying snow. Over to you Landsharkz.
  17. We're half way there! According to the definition of a mineral, ice qualifies as a mineral. But the answer I'm looking for is another, recrystalized phase of ice. I'll give the next question to the first person that specifies what type of ice is metamorphic ice.
  18. I'll add to my first hint. The mineral is disappearing rapidly...maybe because of global warming
  19. good guesses, but those are metamorphic ROCKS. I'm looking for a 'cold' mineral.
  20. you bet, but they aren't even close to being the most abundant metamorphic mineral on the SURFACE of the earth. If they were, they wouldn't cost so much. As an aside, diamonds are considered by many to be the greatest marketing scheme of the 20th century. DeBeers managed to associate something that people need (love) with something that is totally useless (diamonds) and charge a whole lotta money for them. Anyway, here's a second hint to the original question: pressure was involved, but it wasn't very hot where this mineral formed
  21. sweet Metamorpism is defined as the recrystallization of minerals in the solid state (i.e. no melting) generally under intense heat and pressure. What is the most abundant metamorphic mineral on the surface of the Earth? hint: it is disapearing (relatively) quickly edit: added definition
  22. here are my guesses: base, casing, survey marker
  23. I blame it on the Dominion Land Survey
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