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  1. Sounds like we have a non-believer here
  2. Uhhhm...I think you mean inclination The span of declination that can be observed in Canada range from 70ºE to over 80ºW, and those can only be seen if you are north of the magnetic North Pole. So the maximum adjustment would be about 80ºW if you are on Ellesmere Island and north of the magnetic North Pole. Despite the fact that this is the right answer, I will let the RHW ask the next question (it was given to her anyway). http://gsc.nrcan.gc.ca/geomag/field/images/fig21.gif
  3. Why do you log multiple 'attended' logs on the same event? Because that is how you choose to play the game. As I said before, I didn't create the ongoing monthly event, but I have been to it on more than one occaision, so I am ok with logging it more than once, as long as those logs have different dates. In all fairness, you haven't logged a single find with this account. Perhaps you started a second account so you can get that 'holier than thou' feeling on this issue with everyone else, and no one can call you on it. I can see I started a topic that people are very passionate about. I suppose that I should satisfy myself with this answer...
  4. I don't see how this relates to the initial question I asked. These are two seperate and distinct issues. This is getting off-topic...
  5. I didn't write that cache page up, and the date changes every month. Why do you think people have logged that event years before the one that hasn't even happened yet? As far as I'm concerned, I am attending a different event each time that just happens to use an ongoing listing. It's a good way to preserve the history of the monthly meetings if you ask me.
  6. Yes, I've put on two, and in the process of organizing a third one this summer. I know, that is why I am proud to see the number '2' right next to the sentence bubble under my hides column. I find that logging my own event would cheapen that feeling
  7. Ditto. The reward IMO is that you held a fun event and people showed up. I don't need an extra smiley (you get one for hosting) as some type of payout. Guess we're just old school. Go ahead folks, add that +1 to your find coun if it makes you feel good...
  8. They log that they attended because they attended. Even if I didn't see the logic in doing this, I can't imagine why I would care that other people were doing it. Turning this issue around a bit, you have 13 'attendeds' for ten events. How is that any different? I see it differently because 1) I didn't put on the event and 2)I attended an ongoing monthly meeting that uses the same listing from month to month 4 times at four different locations on four different months (look it up for yourself).
  9. Your topic has been debated ad nauseum. There are better things to worry about, like attending the same event 20 to 100 times. Rediculious Event: Number Game???? Your topic has been debated ad nauseum. sorry for not scanning the archives for a topic that ended in 2005
  10. you're expected to attend your own party, I still see it as double-dipping because you get a number in both your hide count AND find count
  11. People (generally) don't log finds on their own caches, so why do some event planners log a find on their own event?
  12. You're best bet is to ask that question to the GCE forum (which I know you've already done) and keep an eye on the event listing to see who posts a 'will attend' log. For monthly meetings, many will post a 'will attend' log at the last minute, so don't worry if only a few have commited by now.
  13. There is even one case where the person misidentified a pile of rocks as having been transported by a glacier, when in fact it was quarried less than 500 m away. I told the person about it, but I received no response, nor was there any change to the listing. I found another erratic during my weekend wandering and I'm not telling anyone where it is out of fear that someone might make an earthcache out of it!
  14. Maybe, but you still have to develop an earthcache, find 6 with at least 3 in different provinces or countries. I will jump from bronze level to gold level earthcache master when I go to Ottawa this summer. I have the numbers, just can't seem to get anywhere near an earthcache outside of AB and BC (except for that one time I visited Mt St Helen's, but the road was closed because of a snow storm ). what about this one that is just across the bridge from Ottawa: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...02-126099aa0046 wait until I get a few more out for the building stone tour. Unless of course, you want to log a dozen glacial erratics.
  15. I don't see how that is fundamentally different from what I answered. Anyway, here's the next question. There is a sequence of people, places, or things that begins Arona Bloom Caye Deer Exira Firdale Who, what, or where is this? dave The first letters of these words are A, B, C, D, E, F... sounds like the start of the alphabet to me
  16. Could that be one of Outforthehunt's brass caps?
  17. Do you mean the Dominion Land Survey or does Saskatchewan really have their own coordinate system?
  18. next to the first bauxite mine
  19. Are you saying that there is a chance that I/we have met our local/regional reviewer without knowing it, presumably introducing themselves by their caching name rather than their reviewer name? So, I may be submitting caches to somone I have actually met, without knowing it? Just another reason to be nice to every geocacher (in person and in forums), you could be talking to your reviewer without knowing it!
  20. What snow storm? The sky is bright blue and the temperature hit a high of -16 today, the warmest temperature we've seen since the weekend!
  21. Given this answer: I was going to guess the answer to this question: was something along the lines of 'Nimrag'!
  22. don't forget your passport
  23. not everyone reads the forums. Try contacting those who have hidden geocaches in and around YK through their cache listing.
  24. The Appalachian Mountains actually line the entire south shore of the St Lawrence River and extend all the way to Newfoundland. Maybe the northern mountain range is not as common knowledge as I thought. The answer is the Innuitian Mountains. The Innuitian Mountains line the northwest coast of the northwestern Canadian Arctic Archipelago. I'll pass the next question over to Greywynd for taking the best shot at this question.
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