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  1. Out of intrest Mr B why do you ask? are you thinking of refining you exelent website - I thought you had only updated it recently? Edit: to take out umessercery image.
  2. I have just come accross this: Screan capture of issue. I havn't seen it before, if it is related to other issues pease merege the topic. Thanks
  3. Back in the days of IE5 and when there were fewrer browsers arround (inc Netscape) I used to test browser compatability with every browser I could get to run on 98SE inc: IE3, Opera, Mozila, Apples version (can't remember what it was called,) Netscape 2. I created a text only version and HTNL 3 version in addition to the HTML 4 version I was running as the main output - just didn't want anyone left out. I found not using IE specific extentions and having your code validated by the W3C tended to work well but it would have to strict codeing and even then 1 or the other browser would interpret it diffently and as such would display it in a diffrent way. I did however learn XHTML but never implimented beyond a bit here and there and now I have even forgotten most of my HTML and have to look it up in my Que? book
  4. I used to like Oprea but recently few sites seem to display properly with it. Mind you it was and still seems supper quick. Mozila I also like hence why I do like fire fox and I normaly have it running on my system as well as IE but I seem to use IE most of the time, things work diffrently in firefox menues for example and I think pepole tend to stick with what they know - human nature and all that. Having said that my systems a mess at the mo and realy needs sorting out so currently I have IE8 on both my win 7 and Vista partions and iE8 on the laptop with IE6/7 on the 2nd PC which is just running as a test/ back up system Edit: to add to first sentence.
  5. By having all the traits listed here and by not asking But I should think you need do have been caching for quite sometime before they even consider calling. I wasnt asking to become a reviewer, I just wanted to know how it goes. I also found the site in your link after I had writen my Post, which answered my question. Thanks Sorry my bad
  6. Wintonian


    Ahh that explians why I couldn't find it in the other fourm.
  7. Wintonian


    There was a thread in the Website fourm some time back, I can't do a search for it though as thw fourm only allows searchs woth words of more than 3 charicters. If I remember correctly there was a bug somwhere and if you manualy updated the milage by choosing "recaculate mileage" from the drop down box it would fix the issue, it did for mine.
  8. PITA? Dave Pain In The backside
  9. The way I do it on the Oregon is do the working out on a pice of paper and create a waypoint for each stage of the multie/ puzzle and press go and then navigate to it like any other waypoint and the red arrow on the compass screan should be there, but then the colorado although simmiler does have a diffrent interface so it might be diffrent.
  10. Some say they collect pointy sticks others say they live in an ammo can ....all we know is they are the reviwer. But I do belive they look simmiler to this:
  11. By having all the traits listed here and by not asking But I should think you need do have been caching for quite sometime before they even consider calling.
  12. I placed an order with them earlier this month and recived the goods in about 2 weeks. The big problem realy is that they didn't respond to any of my e-mails and I was about to raise a dispute with PayPal as this led me to the conclusion that the goods wouldn't arrive and the tracking number provided had no record attached to it.
  13. Didn't notice the period, though I did think it was odd that it worked in my post - time to lower screen resolution again.
  14. Normaly it is frowend upon unless they have found the cache before adopting it.
  15. Wintonian

    Broken link?

    This link: http://www.geocaching.com/about/termsofuse.aspx. . on this page in the knowlege base: http://support.Groundspeak.com/Support/ind...&nav=0,5,10 returns a 404 error is it broken?
  16. Start by looking for regular or large caches and avoid micos in the bigining. Also start by going for caches with a difficulty of 1 or.15. Round here the roots of trees, in trees themself and under a plice branches are common hides in more rural areas where mot regular and large caches tend to be. Micros in urban areas tend to be magneticaly attached behind sign posts, probobly making that the most common type of micro hide in urban areas over here.
  17. Sky don't exactly have their own e-mail service, thy use the gmail servers to carry it. As it it is gmail it shouldnt be a problem and all my geocacing.com e-mail get routed from my own domain to one of my Sky e-mail accounts on imap. I find that none of my GC e-mail gets stuck in sky/ gmails servers and lands in my inbox. Edit to add qoute so as not to confuse pepole.
  18. For a bargin try amazon.co.uk Do you have a budget? Do you want to go paperless? Do you want extras like an electronc compas? But probobly looking at getting something by Garmin is a good idea.
  19. >.> <.< most the good spots have been taken eh? The continental US is 3.79 MILLION Square miles. Assuming that it averages out to one "good" spot per 4 square miles, that equates to .95 million "good" spots in the US. That's more "Good" spots in the US, then there are active caches world wide. (.87 million) You might have a leg to stand on if you said "I think most of the good spots in my area have gone." Sorry, Most of my ideal spots in this part of the UK, is what I ment in perticuler. I just thought that with the growing intrest in the hobby/ sport the there might be a simmiler thing elsewhere.
  20. Yes there is a wealth of information here that relates (obviously) to geocaching but it only relates to the way GS does it. I know my local reviewr has a website dedicated to helping geocachers with the guidlines and local restriction etc.. I wonder how many other reviwers do the samw? Maybee the website that the OP is creating is an information resource not just for GS listed caches bu caches listed on other sites as well thus creating a centrilised resource that might give pepole the oppertunity to understand the diffrences between diffrent listing sites?
  21. How about some links to the main geocaching site like geocaching.com and terracaching for example if your aming to be independent?
  22. Sounds like you have a great combination for creating well researched cache hides.
  23. CHQualityCoins.com has a link to custom stamps. VistaPrint has "free" stamps. You pay for shipping and handling. About $5 I think. Text only. If you're thinking to save time, I've not found anything to be faster than just using a pen to sign the log (unless you count the stickers, which I prefer not to use myself). With a stamp, you need to get the logsheet / logbook on a flat surface, open up the stamp, stamp it evenly, keep everything, then you have to date it with a pen. I've seen mini daters, but I have not seen customized mini daters. I have looked at vista print and they do say FREE for stamps and pens (aslo other items) but if you want more than 1 you will be charged or if you want a diffrent font for example it does cost extra although the extra cost for extras is clearly stated. But they do seem ok if you do just want 1 of an item. Also good point signing the log perticualy with roll up logs in micros and nanos is much easier and it must be imposible to stamp a nano.
  24. When I create a new cache page I tend to put a reviewer note like: Draft last reviwed 16.06.09 Not in situe / Cache is in situe (as the case my be) Followed by any other relevent info like if my cache is close to another I work it out on google earth (as I think that is what my main reviwer uses) or map source and state the distance to the nearst cache, they will check anyway but it is in good faith to let them know that I have looked myself. Then add any other relevent info, like explicet premision or to go into more detail if it is close to a location that might be questionable - not that I have needed to yet. Not sure if this is the right format to use but my reviwers seem happy so far and I belive that more info is better than less in this case.
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