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  1. Basicly it is entirly up to you.


    Lots of pepole log with a team name and others have individual accounts.


    If you are looking to change your user name then take a look here which should explain it for you, I changed mine the other day and as Groundspeak were open at the time it took less than an hour.

  2. I started Geocaching only a few weeks before and now I found a hint which is called "G+".

    What does it mean?

    Sorry for this stupied question... I think it will have a very simple desription.


    Is it refering to this:




    The non copyrighted free to use geocaching logo I belive.

  3. You've found the elusive First To Find (FTF). Usually, there will be many cachers signed in before you. You should sign it with your user name (Ceaser69) and date it. If the log is an actual log book, found in the larger caches, you are encouraged to write something about your geo-adventure. If the log is just a rolled up piece of paper, found in the micro caches, just your user name and date would do. Make sure you post your post on line.


    Unfortunatly not looks like it was just a new log book.

  4. If it is a small micro or nano log just put you handle and the date otherwise if there is more space also write a little about your trip there or your thoughts on finding the cache.

  5. Label it a FAQ and pin it to the top.

    Pick out the most commonly duplicated thread topics and post links to them.

    If folks don't find their answer in the linked thread then they can post it there rather than create a new thread.


    The list I started had a link added for each topic, as an example. This site, as well as most other forum sites, already has at least one FAQ in place, and many have a list of frequently discussed topics, with links. The term "dead horse" was used with a wink and a nod (which is the same to a blind horse, of course), but a more appropriate term would, should such a list be pinned, would be something along the line of "Frequently Asked Questions". We could even use an acronym for that: FAQ.


    Or get a better search engine for this forum... :ph34r:


    Or just change the lower limit on word length so the engine will search for a three or four letter word. For example, you can't search for log, book, pen, coin, bug, or a host of other commonly used geo-terms. (Can't search for "geo".)


    TPTB probably have a reason for limiting the search to five or more letter words, and my guess would be that three and four letter words produce too many answers for a meaningful result, or possibly many really large results at the same time might put too much demand on the servers.


    I seem to remember TPTB saying that it would overload the servers.


    Maybee well get a better search function when the new fourm software is up and running?

  6. Hi Ya


    Upon going through the checklist the terrain is rated as a 4. You could not ride a bike up it, not push a bike up it, and it will require use of hands and bottom.


    Once a cache is published is there any way of changing the terrain settings though?


    Claire xx

    ??? Maybe I misunderstand but a 40 degree slope really doesn't sound that bad to me. What exactly would prevent you from pushing (or even riding) a bike up it??

    Do you have a photo?


    Thats a rather subjective set of criteria, what one person can push a bike up may be diffrent for someone else who is less fit or has a medical condition.

  7. How about a "Remembrance of British Politics before Mrs Thatcher (messed) it all up" series?


    Oops..please move to the correct forum...my mistake!


    (Edited by moderator to remove potty mouth language)


    Let's not get politcal there are websites dedicated to it. That said I'd rather have Baroness Thatcher in charge than Cyclops. Adolf Hitler Boris Jhonson :ph34r:



    (standing by for lefty incoming)


    My bold

  8. Another thing to keep in mind is that often, that frequently repeated "new" topic is simply a newbie's attempt to get their foot in the door here. Its their way of saying, "hi!" and striking up a conversation.


    Yup, I do that after lurking a while although I try to avoid frequrnt topics.

  9. Not what I ment, I am more agreeing with you on the point that it's the bring back vertuals and nano's should be there own size threds by the more experenced cachers that seem to come round just as often.


    In fact somewhere I started putting together a quck refrence list of usefull links to post like the FAQ's, geolex and Markwell PQ info.

  10. It should be noted that while it is possible to change your user name, it is definately NOT encouraged. Changing names can sometimes resolve certain issues, it can also create problems. Just for example, are you going to go back and change the name on the logs in all the caches you have found?


    I had my username changed yesterday and as GSP were open at the time it took less than an hour which is realy quick.


    I have put a big red note on my profile page stating that I used to be called something else in the vague hope that if a CO does cross check the logs they will have the courtisy to e-mail me about any deletion, and to do that they have to go throuh my profile.


    Edit: date correction

  11. The fourm keeps timing out and reporting an error

    My coin/ TB is stuck in a TB hotel and cachers can only retrive if they drop another one off.

    Can't pubish cache as it's to close to a multi/ puzzle - how am I supposed to know that?

  12. I have just created a sig in 'my account' and it doesn’t show up on the forums so I have logged out of the forums and back in again still no show.


    I can't find this 'register' link that is mentioned in 'my controls' although I can see one if I am logged out but logging out and in doesn't seem to work.


    Any ideas?

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