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  1. Ah ok, Same locality - so the other reviwer has some knowlege of the local area and legistlation? A reviwer outside of the locality so they are totaly independent, Or platinum mambers? Just intrested. Thanks
  2. Ok sorry, I tried to post my reply and the server timed out again, I then tried re-posting it and recived the flood control messege. I do applogise but I have never seen that before, so I thought it might be something new. Considering that prehaps we can change the text within the messege as in my OP?
  3. Thank you OpinioNate, I was wondering if it would be worthwille pinning a topic listing all the feature requests that you have had that you intend to impliment and possibly an aproximate time frame? I do relise that you do look at each topic but somtimes as you are so busy that a responce appears to be neglected, maybee this might cut down on repeat requests for the same feature that has been requested many times? Just a suggestioon what are your thoughts? - what are the thoughts of other cachers? p.s. keep oiling those server cogs.
  4. When did the 'Flood Control' get implimented? I do think it is a good idea as it helped to prevent me from accidently from double posting. Having said that it would of been nice to have been informed - or have I missed a post, if so please let me know. What I'd like to ask is could the text be changed, so as to inform the poster that their post may have gone through and been submitted to the fourm and that they should check and then try to repost if their messege has not appeard on the fourm. If this is not new I appoligise as it is the first time I have come accros it on ths fourm and the auto text could be a little more informitive as I did get a little confused, and sometimes in the past I have double posted accidently. Edit: added a: ? to first sentence.
  5. Oh I do wish they wouldn't let our most humble reviwers work, sleep, go on holiday or eat for that matter - they should spend 24 7 in front of their computer screens waiting for caches to drop in to the que. Maybe this is how you get a platinum membership or are reviewers exempt? Just out of intrest who reviews the reviewrs? - surley we let them place their own caches. Or is that what platinum members are for and reviewers as such are exempt from platinum membership? And yes I spend hours looking at my inbox after I have sumitted one for review.
  6. How large is your caching bag or do you take 2?
  7. It is probably GC1G2CX Church Micro #322 - St. Teilo's Missing Treasure, going by the cords given, the river bank location and the probable size. It is not listed as in need of maintenance so the owner probably donsn't know it's gone. They would be thankfull if you could drop them a note through there profile A, to make sure it is theirs B, so they can disable it and replace the cache with a new one C, they might as you understand want the container back with the log. Thank you for trying to return it.
  8. Some pepole even put caches in these areas! But why go to the effort of bagging it only to throw it at the nearst bush? BTW I know the question is fairly rhetorical.
  9. Ok I stand corrected. I get confused by this bit: Just ignore me
  10. If you tell us which river in South Wales then we might be able to tell you which cache it is or at least narrow it down to a handfull and thus work out who the owner is. I have allready had a bit of a look but can't find any fitting that discription - that dosn't mean there isn't on as there obvouisly is, just that we need to narrow it down a bit.
  11. good idea. also try the UK fourm.
  12. From the gudelines: If those stages that are less than 528ft apart are physical containers then you will have to re-locate them. If they are clues i.e. the finder has to note down a number from a sign post and there is no container then I think it is ok. Edit: add; are
  13. One of these when you are looking at something close it is almost too bright and I can write my logs at the same time as holsing it, best thing though is that it is supper light and the batteries last ages, cost me £29.99 at the time plus 10% discount. I also carry a small (3* AAA)Luxon bulb torch that is quite bright as a back up, for short trips in the dark or in an urban enviroment and the batteries in that also seem to last for ever, not bad for £10.
  14. And theres e having allready waited 8hrs and still no sign! To fair my reviwer was probably in bed for most of it
  15. I think most pepole would rather their TB or coin was moving rather than sitting arround waiting for the holder to find a cache for it to fit in.
  16. Personaly I'd like the whole geocaching community to be able share my hide and discover somewhere that is prehaps new to them. Edit: be able
  17. Thats why I started - Oh and there was the it looks fun bit.
  18. Mines a cheap £4.99 in the sale, plenty of room for torch, spare logs, trackables etc. and nice big pocket on the front ideal for carying paper maps. Best thing is at that price I dont mind it getting thrown around and cought up on thorns and the like, worst thing is though it's not water proof and can't find a cover to fit so I have been thinking about getting a waterproof one that is slightly bigger so I can use it for other things as well,
  19. Earth caches are the only ones that can be placed without a physical log and mybe CITO's. All caches with a physical container must have a log within them From the guidelines: Edit to add: You could list it as of 'unknown' type and include a ALR (Aditonal Logging Requirement) that would require the finder to post a picture from the web cam to be able to log a find on the cache.
  20. My understanding is that the 528ft rule only applies to 'physical containers' so clue locations that ask the finder to note down a number fron a sign post for example can 10, 20, 30f etc.. from each other in theroy. If someone has tos obtain some information from and atual physical cache like a number on the log book then the 528ft rule applies.
  21. You do need to fill out the online form. If the cache is not ready to be published i.e. you are still working on it, the you need to untick the box that says: Yes, this listing is active (For new listings, if you want to work on this listing before it is reviewed, uncheck this box. Reviewers will only see the listing in the queue when it is checked.) Then agree to the T&C and the cache page will be created and a GC number atomaticaly assignd. At this point the reviews will not see your cache untill you go back and re-tick the box.
  22. Whoops, Yes tade item - not for the taking without leaving something.
  23. If there is no tracking numberthen it is probobly swg that you can take with you. Although I did once find a stone with a note saying that it wanted to go to Worth Matravers in Dorset which I helped on its way, as it wasn't 'official' there wasn't any need and realy all items with a goal should have prpoer tag otherwise they are technicaly swag? - I think?.
  24. Judging by the last update (post #7) I would think it is still open. Why not PM the OP and ask?
  25. I have won one of these excellent geocoins courtesy of Wavector and they are shipped well wrapped. I originally wanted to let it out into the wiled, but liked it so much I didn't want to see it go missing. The comp realy isn't that hard if you scout arround the geocaching world online. Have ago you have nothing to lose!
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