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  1. With all these reqests we keep getting for new attributes, I have just thought of the ability to search by catogery (including PQ's) i.e. history, geological, C+D, Urban, etc... Now if only people could be persuaded to set their attributes or denote relevent catogerys to enable such a search to work.
  2. First release for a while that might help me i.e. compass shame still no EGNOS fix, rarely have one and it has lasted a max of 15 min not even able to get one on a cliff top on the sout coast with fields behind me, but accrucy is still sometimes spot on and normaly fairly close with v3.10 a far cry from the time when it would often be 200- 300 ft off. Is this a good release cause I want to try it - hope so compass has been driving me mad.
  3. Have spent a couple of days there on caching trips, not normily a great fan of uban caching, but for example I was doing a cache in site of Chering Cross station at rush hour and to be honest if you covertly have a nose round without trying to draw too much attention it can kind of fun nosing arround whilst piles and piles of commuter rush past you as if they were late for work about an hour ago, while you are solitry minding your own buisness at a lesurly pace with out a care in the world, the commuter breed is too concearned about getting to work that they don't even notice you, far more worried about how long it takes the traffic lights to change. Not everyones cuppa but a nice feeling to just carry one and let the world rush pat you, in a literal sense.
  4. You can't bury caches or use anything to create a hole in the ground for it.
  5. Sorry if I am informing of something that is already known, I don't know if this would help with your own database but UK postcodes are normaly defind by an area (the main sorting office) in the first instence i.e. 'SO' and then by the local delivery office i.e. 'SO23' and then and then narrowed down to something like a delivery area/ round? i.e. 'SO23 8' and each individual postcoad should contain around 15 properties i.e. SO23 8AT. This dosn't apply to PO Boxes (post office boxes) which are normaly either collected at the post office or deilverd to a perticular part of a buisness building, or to AFPO's (armed forces post office) codes, there are also a few for oveseas terrotories likeTristan da Cunha (TDCU 1ZZ), and I am sure there are one ore two others I have forgotten. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_postc..._United_Kingdom For a full list of postal districs (not sure how accurate) see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_postc..._United_Kingdom Ofcourse Royal Mail is willing to sell you an up to date list for a small fourtune I expect. Again sorry if I am being annoying/ stupid and it dosn't help, but if you could have it defind to the postal district eg. BH25, SW1, that would be better than ending up in a diffrent country, which is what happens with my postcode, my postcode puts me the other side of the postal district and thats only 0.9 miles out. Edit: also the London ones were defined befire the genral release of the system and they go by the system SW (south west london,) E (east london,) WC (west central London,) and so on with; SE, EC, E, W etc. This may also apply to one or two other metrapolitin areas as well that had the system before genrall roll out.
  6. Caching has been banned in cemeterys in the UK since July 2008 due to concerns raised, unless the premission has been provided to the reviewer: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...amp;hl=cemetery So in the UK I only see this a clarification of an exsiting rule, and I am assuming that it has become a concern in other areas as well.
  7. I just go out and have fun.
  8. I thought you could visit the Lilly Pad on a Friday to visit the cache, or is the archival of it to stop too many pepole visiting and overwhelming them?
  9. My postcode (SO23 8AT) is nearly a mile off, but I can live with that.
  10. Given the choice with a multi or the like would you prefer the CSx? I upgraded from a Vista HCX and find now that the Oregon 300 puts me ded on the cache just as often (if not more) as the Vista, although the compass is a lot worse and I have only had an EGNOS lock 2 or 3 times briefly with the Oregon, whilst I was hardly with out with the Vista. Additionaly reported accrucy with the Oregon is a max of 10ft while with the Vista it was a max of 8ft, however I do get drift sometimes, not as much was with previouse firmware but I can be 300ft of at the extreem and was aparently falling of the end of the known world into the abyss. I love the paperless ability though and caching is so much easier in that respect, you can go out thinking of going for 3, 4, 5, 25 and look at the time and think I'm not that tired yet I'll go and grab a couple more.
  11. Thanks to jono14 feeling sorry for me I now have a friend other than myself
  12. Never used it before, prefering the Google map, but it works great with a OS map overlay and now I can pick and choose my mapping solution depending on my needs for a perticular trip.
  13. I think your old GPS, mount, maps etc.. are fine in that thead. What type of services are you offering? knowing that may help pepole to inform as to whether they are allowed or not, obviously other listing site aren't allowd, though I would ask GSP first about anything else as per the terms of use: http://www.geocaching.com/about/termsofuse.aspx Pepole do seen to do it and I suspect they might get away with posting a link as a one of thing related to the topic in hand. E-mail the contact @ address or if anyone else has and idea? Edit: keystone got there first.
  14. Yep was thinking about starting the same thread a couple of days ago then I had some timeouts, but I agree well done things are much improved and I've practuclay stopped going out caching so I can get my fourm fix
  15. I was just wondering if anyone could sugest any maps for Windows Mobile 5 for my PDA and external Bluetooth GPS? Vector and raster sugestions welcome, perticualy in the OSM domain. Thanks in anticipation. Forgot to add it's a HP Ipaq.
  16. Wintonian

    Home co-ords

    I tried changing my 'home co-ords' last night and they just reverted back to the origonal ones. I have changed them before, not because I have moved just to make them more accrute as I can't get a GPS signal at home. Straingly though I can get a signal with my new Bluetooth GPS and was trying to update the co-ords, not that I need to in reality. Question is this just me?
  17. You lucky thing! Take some time off caching and visit the fringe... ok go for one if you realy must Have a good time I'd love to go.
  18. Whern you have been questioned by the police for the first time for looking suspicious.
  19. Much more direct than the current suggestions. Sounds wonderfull and I would realy like to play the game that way, just looking tgrough the archives, when geocaching was still getting off the ground It does look like a proper self policing hobby/ sport, but I suppose things grow and have to change. As I have alluded to (I think in the other thread) I found out about geocaching in about 2002/ 2003 and thought it was a great idea and sounded realy fun, I just couldn't afford a GPS then and I feel like I have missed out on a lot. Edit: to add first paragraph cause I forgot what I was replying to!!
  20. ...and the second cache had beer in it. Ulmer was pretty much through with geocaching within weeks after starting it. You can follow his posts on Usenet if you feel like doing some searching. Within two months of the start of geocaching he was concerned about potential damage from geocaching and also about the difficulty of hiding caches in urban areas (this was way before the micro) , so he started pushing something called "wonderts" which is essentially today's Waymarking. The earliest rules beyond the original "take something, leave something" probably came from Jeremy when he realized that the sport wouldn't be viable if all the parks started banning it. Thank you, just what we were looking for, someone witha weatlh of experence. That also explains why he kind of dissapeard. I have re-found his account here if anyone is intrested: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/Default....cbeef9&ds=2 and his wiki is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dave_Ulmer If you dig arround you can find a copy of his origonal usnet post somewhere as well. Out of intrest and he beaing the grand-daddy of geocahing and that, does anyone know what Dave Ulmer is up to these days??
  21. Fascinating read! (and very un-snarkey, to boot!) Thanks for the post!! Off topic I know but I got into the archives. are we are going to charged for geocaching?: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=57331 And knoweschad will remember how far back the which gps should I buy thread goes! http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;#entry1507800 Sorry but I find the archives and history of geocacing rather intresting. Edit: cant press the right buttons.
  22. Just been poking around the archives and found this: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=51561 Ok apparently still no guide lines yet but the first metion I have found that caches prehaps shouldn't be buried in post #17.
  23. Yes all trackable must be activated. TB's on this site via geocaching.com/track I think? but the trackable page in anycase. Geocaoins via the instructions included with them on the manufactores site. there is a lsit somewhare of the usual routes but can't remember where now.
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