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  1. I thought about that but its not going to be submerged, ( I hope! ) And its already going to be in a lock & lock, which are very good at keeping dry. I figured the ziplock would be double protection. Although I did get one with a flash, I am not sure why lol. I guess I was thinking about low light, or some one night caching.
  2. Just trying to see if any one has had any luck with camera caches. Where you put a disposable camera in the cache for people to take pictures of them selves and put it back in. I am going to do one, but I haven't seen one, or found one on the site with pics posted from one. I hope that I will be able to develop the film and it doesn't either get ruined or taken... I am putting it in a ziplock to prolong the film life, and its going into a lock & lock.
  3. I guess you got rid of some "pictures" But I see no HTML added really. I do HTML on a lot of my pages, and its a lot more then that. Most units do not upload the html, or do not display it. Paperless systems already take into account that there could be HTML on cache pages. You should decorate your cache pages as much as you want. For instance I put a bit of history info on this one.. GC1J2C1 Or simple like this one... GC29P54 Those have HTML more then just an IMG or P tag. Mostly tables , IMG tags and font tags.
  4. The sad thing is, nothing will really stop this person. Even if you contact Groundspeak, and they delete his account. Not much you can do, unless you go out to a cache and wait for him. Eventually this person will get bored. It may be possible however for Groundspeak to block their IP if its static, like a cable modem. Then they wouldn't be able to get on the site.
  5. Here is the bottom line. Reviewers are told not to publish any caches that are burred no matter where they are. no exceptions. They won't publish it. Just find another way to place it according to guide lines without trying to find a way around them. only way it will get published is if you do not say how it is hidden. I don't suggest it. You could get in trouble if they reviewer finds out.
  6. Here is what I base is off of. I have found about 100 finds with my triton 400. Out of all those finds, I have rarely found coords to be off as wildly as this particular CO's hides. Most of the time it brings me right to the immediate area of the cache, or right on top of it. Also, I have seen other peoples caches be off, not as much as the CO's who's coords are always off, but I have seen them to be right on some times, and off by a small amount. This could be haste in marking the coords, and or just the usual things like signal bounce. in most cases I am within a few steps of the cache. As well I have used this unit against an older magellan explorist 210, a Mio Moov 200 with beeline gps, earth mate, and a 60CSx. It was defiantly better then the mio and older magellan, but was just as accurate as the others. I saw nothing that would suggest that the T400 is any less accurate then the others. So after this experience when I see coords off as much as this CO's, and they are always off. This person has a bunch of hides. There hasn't been one that took me right to the cache. Also, when finding several caches in a day, going one to another, and when you gps brings you right to every find but the specific CO's, then its not my unit that has the problem. There is a couple caches of this person near by. Tomorrow I am going to see where my unit takes me to see if they are consistently off. I already know one is off, I had to go back a few times to find it. Every time my gps took me to the same spot. In the end I put down the gps and looked around for good places to hide a cache. Finally found it, 80 feet away from the place that my gps consistently took me.
  7. What kind of GPSr are you using? I have a triton 400. Oh. That explains it. You just have to do the Magellan shift. Problem solved. No shift needed. my unit has always worked very accurate for me. Also, I have the accuracy displayed on the screen. I make sure I have good accuracy. Best I can get in heavy woods in 18 - 22 feet accuracy. But even with that my unit brings me on top of caches. Now there are a lot of times it brings me within 5 to 10 feet of a cache, but its not the 40 to 80 feet off I speak of. I have never had more off coords then with this person. Curious. I've done a lot of geocaching in Northwest Jersey (over a thousand finds). I've yet to run across a cacher with a number of hides 'consistantly off', or using the excuse 'signal bounce'. Lots of cachers and caches. Perhaps I've missed hunting this owner's caches? (I can think of a few in Bergen County, but they've stopped hiding.) E-mail the CO's name, and we can compare notes. Im not looking to outright bash any one. I am not going to share any names. We can leave it as an anonymous discussion.
  8. holy, what the heck. dadgum.. Had no clue. NEVER MIND But on a positive note I found a cache thats been active since 01 near me I am going to find...
  9. Was interesting to see what it was like when it all started.... geocaching.com Check it out!
  10. there are many reasons some one doesn't sign a log. And if you physically find the cache, how can you say some one didn't find it, when they didn't sign the log. If you don't have a writing utensil and there is none in the cache, and some one finds it, then doesn't sign the log, let it be. If you feel the need to seek proof that they found it, just email them and say, "HI, I see that you did not sign the log book but found the cache. Could you please tell me some specifics about the cache container and where it is hidden." If they answer well, then they found it, and who cares if they signed the log. Most people who geocache don't armchair cache, so I don't think its a big problem. I do however think that CO's should scrutinize this sort of thing to some extent. Not get mad, but just check to make sure some one has really found it, so that when some one is armchair caching it can be stopped. If someone admits they did not sign it because they say, "didn't have a pen" and its a micro or nano, then they probably found it. Why would they log that they didn't sign it. Better chance of not saying anything about signing and not getting deleted, then anything. I have done this once. I was near where a cache was, with out my gps, and It was a super easy find. Not pencil in the container, although it was big enough. So i put something in the container as proof I found it and noted on the cache pages log. " Didn't have a pen, so I left a small piece of my granola bar wrapper as my signature. " For some one to get all bent out of shape for this would be real lame. I wouldn't delete a log for that. THey found it, let them have the find.
  11. I'd have to see. If I do another of the specific CO, then I will post coords. EDIT: I just checked out some of the caches. I see other people posting updated coords, yet the CO has never changed the coords for the cache on the page.
  12. What kind of GPSr are you using? I have a triton 400. A unit that has been said to have not the greatest accuracy, however, I find that it is spot on and consistent. Once in a while I find some soft coords, but for the most part it takes me right to the gz. Most of the time I can drop my gps at gz and hit the cache, (figuratively speaking.) As well, with the exception of 2 of my caches, where I marked the coords wrong that I placed, I have never had any trouble with the coords for my cache. I would move the cursor and forget to reset it before I would mark it. The amount that I find this persons coords to be off is a great amount.
  13. Flashlight! Edit:Oh yeah, just wait till you find it. Your gonna be miffed. I know where those coords were taking you too, that tree on the slope right?
  14. Hate to say that I am glad, but if you found that one your first time out I would feel sad because I have been there several times. Seriously, I just put down the gps and looked for a good spot for a cache and I found it. What happened to, " I'm not leaving till I find it." i thought about that. They are different.
  15. Okay, I know this sort of thing has been discussed a zillion times.... "Ni!" But, I just want to get the opinion of the forum. I realized something recently about a particular CO near me. This person has pretty decent caches. No complaints about the containers, or placement, as well this CO seems to put good thought into their hides. The thing I have realized recently is that, every single one of this particular persons caches has coords that area always off. By at least 40 feet, and in some cases over 80 feet. In every extreme case of off coords this CO uses the excuse of "a lot of signal bounce" in the description. I am not sure if this person either: Is making bad coords to make the cache harder to find, Is not letting the GPS settle in the cache placement, or if the CO's GPS can't take an accurate reading if someones life depended on it. Although I know that this person owns and uses a Garmin 60c sx. Expensive, and supposedly accurate unit. With such a nice unit, you would think coords would be good. Now I understand signal bounce. But this CO's coords are off in the open and not under wood cover. As well, Signal bounce is a random thing in the woods. When I have searched this persons caches, the coords were perfectly consistent. Meaning, it brought me to the same spot every time, some times with slight variation, but letting my gps settle, it always brought me to the same spot. I am guessing that this CO is doing it on purpose to make the find harder. Which is a really lame thing to do since your are supposed to mark the exact cache location, (mystery cache would be the only exception) and not something way off to make it harder to find. I also notice that this CO puts the difficulties up on the cache pages. The only other thing I can see it being, besides this person just having bought the worst Garmin 60c sx ever and got ripped, is that this person doesn't let the unit sit for a minute where the cache is and takes a waypoint without thinking. But then there are the clues left on the cache page some times. How can you give clues to where it is unless you know the coords are off. Something like.." There is a lot of signal bounce here, but if you look from this spot you can see where the cache is hidden" But I don't want to make a hasty assumption.. Well lets have it, what ya think?
  16. You don't have a hint. If some one leaves No hint needed, the reviewer should not publish the cache and tell the CO that they should either leave it blank or leave a real hint. One word hints are good for decoding in the field. The hints in the one that was posted were good to me. I don't like when no hints are left. I don't always look at the hints, but if I am stuck, I wish I had it to reference. Some times only a word is needed to get you in the right direction. There are a couple cache placers near me who are micro saturaters and they almost never leave a clue.
  17. Whats the user name so we can see his other caches?
  18. http://sites.google.com/site/cachemagnet/download Download all that stuff
  19. Oh wait, what was it I was going to say... Oh yeah, Ni!
  20. Have you messed with setting like back light timer etc? My triton has settings that effect how long that batteries last. If you mess with them, for instance make the back light stay on longer, or constantly making the back light come on, then you will have less battery life. Set your back light to the lowest setting you can see the screen, and let it stay off as much as you can let it. Letting the back light stay off when you don't need it, if you can see it in the day light with out it on, then you will save a lot of battery life. Also obviously as it has already been said, the brand of battery does matter. Better batteries = longer run time. The other thing that I do that helps a lot is that I have a cigarette lighter power cord that I hook up to my gps when I am in the care, that way I don't have to turn it off to save batteries, and check my position to the cache while on the way. I have been meaning to invest in some nickle metal hydride or li-ion batteries for my unit.
  21. Well there is always the fact that depending on what map you are using, how accurate it is. For instance, if you have an sat image map, they are only so accurate. Between 20 to 300 ft accuracy depending on the area. Somewhere on the forum is a post where people are checking accuracy for google maps vs gps. Then there is the signal bounce as knowschad has explained. There should be a accuracy reading that will tell you approximately how accurate your reading is. If its saying 40 ft, then its possible either you have a lot of bounce or you are tracking less satellites.
  22. Word, 101 today. Tomorrow i will get at least another one or more. Tough to make more then one find on lunch breaks.
  23. Hum, you don't say.... Did you check your sense of humor at the door, or what? Please don't take this stuff so dadgum seriously! There is more than a little bit of leg pulling going on here, and all you're doing is kicking the pullers. Though I was making a joke... He's not really on my ignore list, I was just playing
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