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  1. I am heading over past Fossil Rock, Wadi Asimah, Grand Canyon and maybe Hatta area tomorrow.
  2. Sounds like fun. Where are you gonna play at?
  3. Yuck! You can have it! I will drive out of my way to avoid driving in Dubai evenif traffic is minimal on a Friday. Glad I work Friday's.
  4. Indoor? My GOD Man! It was only 47C out in the dunes Monday and 45C at the base of Jebel Hafeet at the new Green Mubazarah Turkiye cache, it was 37 on top. So much cooler than 65C in Bahrain last time I was there. It's really not that bad as long as your prepared. The mountains of the eastern Emirates are a little cooler but not much. Maybe we should plan a series of get togethers for the cooler air set folks? Or maybe set something up like an informal club to keep our motivation up. I'm planning on a couple of caching runs on monday and tuesday as usual. It's good to be insane and bored with our lovely city.
  5. Armi - to add to that: Along Highway "E44" there are temporary UAE Police Checkpoints on the sides for entering back into the UAE manned by the UAE Border Guard Troops. They did not ask to see anything from me and just waved me through. Halfway across is the round-about the has a spur to the south that hits the real Oman/UAE Border Crossing. All of the geocaches along "E44" (Ar Rawdah and Abu Badi) are easy to hit up with no worries. The cache "Serenity (aka Serendipity) GC1BDYE, is very close to the Oman/UAE Border Crossing and does require you to enter Oman Officially. You might be able to work your way around the gravel field to the west to reach it but I doubt it. I would bring your Passport/DL/Labor card with you just in case and always make sure you have insurance coverage for both sides even if your not going through the Official Border Crossing. Lots of livestock wandering around the tracks where the caches are located. Eric
  6. Armi - let me know if you are up for a joint venture into pink rock and fossil rock on a monday or tuesday next week or the following week. Eric
  7. De N0CTM Eric Abu Dhabi & Nong Khai, Thailand
  8. I'm heading to Thailand on the 30th of November. Even though I live in the provinces there are a few caches in my area that are frequented by the backpacker community. Blast me an sms at ) % ) ^ @ * @ ^ % if you want me to haul it over to SEA. Eric
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