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  1. That would be nice...I have a pair of locations where I can implement two more cache's. Will have to resupply my Nano collection as I have been getting muggled a bit lately. May terminate Dying Park due to # of mugglings and encroachment. Cache on cachers...
  2. Hi Ruqaya, I forwarded your posting to Camel Master. He is located in Muscat now having recently relocated for Dubai. Hopefully he will be able to assist you. If you want or need information from others, you can contact anyone one of us who have responded so far as we have all done a few "easy" caches in Oman even though we are located in the UAE or Qatar. Best of luck with your article and please let us know when it will be published and where!! Eric pseacraft
  3. James, Found an area that might be big enough. I just placed a series of caches south of the Abu Dhabi Camel Track and there was a sizable area with some nice Sabkha rock ledges and other possible hides. Might be worth your time to recon it out. Eric
  4. Ah, thank goodness that my mail bypasses the customs house! I have two suppliers that usually average a week on delivery so I frequent them. It is really good to know that we have a stock to raid locally! Speaking of that...I have 13 more nano's and 7 special micro's to plant!
  5. We, Miss 22 and I, enjoyed all of the Hatta caches even if we did not make it to the original event. I'd lean towards repeating Hatta or Al Ain. I would be less worried about the drive so would even consider the Liwa cresent, the east coast or even Ruwais out west. As much as we would love to join in the fun, we will be prevented as we both work Friday and Saturday's. We would try however to plant a cache or two to add to the chase.
  6. yes, that is the case. I was chatting with viga and mentioned placing some in parks and he was going to do one of the same parks so we coordinated which ones I would avoid. But he got muggled for his efforts and creativity. knuckleheads!
  7. Ah...we are a shady lot! I have a pretty cool micro cache out there. Let me know what u think of it when you find it. I have a few more just like it to hide.
  8. I have about 3 or 4 more to go, hopefully on Tuesday. Sadly Viga's has been muggled already! It is good to be an evil nano hider! Scary part is that about half the caches in the city are mine! Welcome back by the way...
  9. Well that would be giving it away! Total of 8 Nano's placed so far and 1 micro. I can't wait to hear what people think of the micro, it's very interesting. A few more Nano's and micros's to go.
  10. I exploded on my weekend. I placed 9 caches in the city, one is not published yet as I want to move it about 25 meters to a slighty better location but is being delayed by bad timing on my part! I have one more location to hide a cache in the city and one outside the city that I plan to redux. Not bad for thinking I could not find any places for more hides. I am eyeing a couple other spots too.
  11. Your going to have to, how else are you going to catch up with Carbon?
  12. Sweet! We could start a middle-eastern nano mafia! I now have 14 possible locations to inspect Monday and Tuesday.
  13. I have 17 Nano's in hand. Where oh where to place them. Look out Abu Dhabi...Here they come...
  14. I think we need to get together and plot. I have a bunch (17) of nano's coming in the post (shipped yesterday) and I am waiting for some new unique cache containers that I ordered a while back - slow. Let's try and set a meet up so we can brain storm.
  15. I have been quiet for the past couple of weeks because I have been focused on getting Miss 22 into the three digit club. Yesterday we did a ~500km round trip marathon run of 17 Geocaches of which we found 14 for her and 10 new ones for me half of which were done in the dark. Being the geocaching psycho's, we headed out after lunch from AUH to RAK via the eastern route bypassing our favorite city to dislike. So after all the fun in the sun and darkness Miss 22 is now a three digit hunter at 100 finds.
  16. You all might have to take him out behind the ol' wood shed and set him straight!
  17. Congrats Grant! a big 500, I guess the free trip to spain has paid off!
  18. Well, I just added three more to AUH.
  19. Send the template to me also. I have a few areas that would do nicely. I have to do some research and recon though.
  20. Trees? What are those? The areas I know of are a bit of a drive off so would not be too practical. Most of the treed areas are fenced off as designated forests which is kind of funny. Green Mubazarah would be a nice walking area to do it if folks didn't mind driving out to Al Ain. Not too much of a selection closer to Abu Dhabi.
  21. I like that idea! A Midsummers Night Cache/Event! Humm....
  22. Congrats Armi! You should easily reach 100 by Ramadan! Congrats to Miss 22 also, she reached and passed 50 and is sitting good at 65. I think she will break 100 before Ramadan also. I see Grant is narrowing up on the Big 500 mark! One or two days of caching with Armi or I will get you over the top! The Dubai crowd is a little quiet right now, I think they are wisely saving their energy for a blitz this fall.
  23. You need to make a venture out with Viga and I. Here's a link to our last playday in the sand. We are both sand driving amatuers but we're learning! Lots of great earthcache locations. I'll be posting a few more videos on the same website so do a search for my screen name: pseacraft Some of them are big so be warned. :-) www.vimeo.com/4303340
  24. With names like those - they all sound like PERFECT locations for Earthcaches. Take some co-ords and photos and I can help you set up an earthcache or 5. That is a true statement. There are caches in these areas but we could use more me thinks. I know a couple of spots I'll have to revisit for this so i will take you up on this.
  25. Oh, you need to come out and play with Armi and I. We need to convert you to the darkside of the psycho-cahers! It's only hot when the 4x4 overheats and it's only dark when there are no more chaces to find, while the sun is down. You know you belong!
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