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    Boy was I disappointed! My older 76Cs brought me to within 6 feet doing the same thing. The new, just out of the box 76csx brought me 58 to 75 feet away! ( Could not really tell because the unit kept pointing me to walk out into the middle of a busy street. Then I went and sat on the BM and calibrated the altimeter. This was a bit better, only about 5-8 feet off. While I put the GPSr on the BM surface it was still saying that the location for the BM was 60 feet away.



    Are you sure you are using the same map datum setting on both units?

  2. yep. i have one for my cellphone. BTW, i just got a 128mb micro sd card with adapter off ebay for .01cents, plus 14.95 shipping and "handling. Good deal?


    That's the old ebay seller trick of loading the costs of goods into the shipping costs so they don't have to pay ebay's percentage commission. 15 bucks is about average for a 128mb card.

  3. Buying a gps unit based on the fact that you own extra SD memory cards is kinda like choosing to buy a car because you happen to have a set of tires in the garage that will fit it.


    As in the car analogy, there are many more important features to consider other than memory format. I would rank features such as sensitivity, available maps, battery life, screen readability, support, etc. as more important in the long run.


    Also, if you buy something like a Garmin 60CX for around $400, a 256MB micro-sd card that costs only $20 represents about 5% of the cost of the unit. Purchase a couple of mapping packages and the percentage cost drops further. And you can fit a lot of maps on a 256MB card!

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