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  1. "Oh . . . you 'Abject Thillineth' guy'th make me tho, . . . tho, . . . tho, . . . Vewy ANGWY!!!!!" (there . . . I've got it off my chest, now) Rick
  2. Maybe you could use this one until something better comes along . . . Rick
  3. You're welcome to use this one: Just 'right-click' and 'save as'. Rick
  4. LOL!!!! The first dog to grab this cache will be in for quite the surprise!! This tennis ball is filled with concrete!! (not a nice "chewy-toy", if you know what I mean). "Someone's goin' to the "vehhh . . . ettt"* *[in my best "neener . . . neener" voice]. Rick
  5. Yeah, I've thought of that . . . Luckily, the park is next to a creek with lots of surrounding vegatation, etc., so I figure I should be able to get it hidden well enough to discourage muggles.
  6. Some of these Found Items are pretty funny*! Is this like 'Reverse Geocaching"??!!? (*warning - some mild adult language) Rick
  7. Yeah . . . Question #22 is wierd, also . . . Rick
  8. This micro's being placed tomorrow in the bushes near the tennis courts at a nearby park. Rick
  9. [/*in my best Elmer Fudd voice*] "Shhhhhhh . . . . we're waiting to see . . . . " [/*Elmer Fudd voice/off*] They are, after all, just pictures of Nature's creations . . . (I'm doomed . . . ) Rick
  10. I don't have a problem with it at all!! In fact, the "theme" for my next cache is going to be "Non-Vital Remains"!! (Thanks for the idea). All that will be in the cache is a small pair of hair-scissors, fingernail clippers, and a large number of tiny zip-loc bags. Finders will be encouraged to "leave something", and "take nothing"!! Rick
  11. I had a bit of extra time today, so I thought I'd add a few more to your collection (in no specific order): And, of course, my favorite: Oops, you'll have to Click Here to see it because I can only post 10 pictures per post . Enjoy! Rick
  12. I got quite the chuckle today . . . you've gotta' admire the honesty of the cacher who logged this DNF today on one of my recently placed, easy "Multi-Puzzle" caches: Anybody else care to share your "Funniest Log Entry"??!!?? Rick
  13. Here's the bike I've been using ever since I got it new, for Christmas, 30 years ago! It takes me everywhere and, BTW, that's my caching-buddy in the background and he just loves that bike! Rick
  14. Speaking of codes, this was the final clue to a three-leg puzzle cache I recently placed: So far, both finders commented that it was the easiest puzzle cache they ever did. Oh well, back to the ol' drawingboard . . . Rick
  15. Although I'm fairly new to geocaching (only 6 active hides and 11 finds) , I'm realizing that it's becoming much more gratifying for me to place a well thought-out cache, than it is to seek. Although seeking a cache always provides that "thrill of the hunt" sensation, along with the "Ah Ha!! I found it!" few minutes of excitement, I'm finding that the real joy of geocaching for me is thinking about where (and how) to place my next cache, reading the logs for caches I've placed, maintaining my caches, and dealing with problems that arise (such as when one of my caches got 'muggled', and was subsequently returned). I guess I'm just a sentimental "people-pleaser", but it always makes my feel great when I hear that someone got a bit of joy and fun out of finding a cache that I placed. So, how's 'bout you?? Are you a "Hider", or a "Seeker"? Rick
  16. Uhh . . . what was the question again?? 94546 Only 18 caches within 4 miles, 0.36 per square mile. I guess I better get busy!! Rick
  17. I recieved the same e-mail in question. I personally don't view it as spam, it was politely written and, if you read the last sentence in this paragraph I pulled from the e-mail, your course of action is made clear: Hope this helps, Rick
  18. Jeez . . . even the dictionary says the correct pronunciation of "Iron" is: "Eye-Orne" Oh . . the 'Eye-Orne-Eee' of it all . . . Rick
  19. Well, mine doesn't off-road well, but it gets me from cache to cache very quickly!! 1967 Mustang 390 GT coupe. Rick
  20. I typically leave a US $1 Sacagawea gold coin for the FTF. That's how I post it on the cache page - ". . . for the First to Find". I consider it as a little something extra for the cacher who made the effort to find it first (for some reason, it's usually found first by somebody in the middle of the night, right after it's posted ). You gotta' admire that cacher who gets there first, especially if it's 3 am! Anyway, I consider the FTF item a "prize", and don't expect a trade in return. Just my $0.02, Rick
  21. Well, since we're on the topic of tombstones, I thought I'd add one of my favorites. See if you can figure out why the epitaph is rather "un-flattering", to say the least . . . Look Closely . . . The tombstone is real, and is located in Montreal, Canada. Here's a hint: read the first letter of each line vertically, from top to bottom. Rick
  22. Worst possible log entry . . . ??!!?? "Bang! . . . You're Dead"
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