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  1. I was followed very closely recently by another car. I was cursing to the wife how close they were only to find out when I got home it was a fellow geocacher who was tryin to read my bugs number. My car TB: Cockroach
  2. Yep, that's night caching alright. All I get is the coloured icons on the left and a black screen. May I need to log on later
  3. FTF Geocacher is a printed magazine dedicated to geocaching and is published bimonthly. The magazine captures the thrill of the hunt and satisfaction of logging a find. Cachers from around the world share their stories and adventures. There are hints and tips for beginners, plus much, much more. The magazine is always looking for content for future issues. So if you have a funny or interesting story, go to their website (www.ftfgeocacher.com) and click on the link to upload your story. The first issue can be downloaded for free in PDF format. This is a one-time promotional release; CLICK HERE to download. Future issues will be available through Jockaroo.au.com
  4. Hi Garden Gorilla, Unfortunately we don’t sell GPS’s at the moment; our main items are trackables and accessories. We’re slowly building our catalogue so if anyone has any suggestions or items they’d like let us know.
  5. Hi All, I have opened my own store to provide Australian geocachers access to geaocaching items without the hassle of ordering from overseas. We are a small company based in Perth and are an official distributor of Groundspeak merchandise. So come check us out at www.jockaroo.au.com Happy Caching
  6. Thanks Droo, will drop Groundspeak an email toaday and hopefully they'll be able to help.
  7. I need help activating a coin I purchased back in June 2009. It’s a Pirate of the Geocache “Ghost” coin purchased from coinswag.com. I had no luck with their activation part of the website so tried emailing them. I emailed them about 4 or 5 times and each time I get the same generic email saying they are having trouble with stock and will get my order out as soon as possible. If they cared to read my email they would know that I already had my order and all I want is to activate the coin I purchased. I checked their website today to find it is no longer active so this seems like a dead duck. After purchasing a few geocoins I’ve noticed the same design usually have the same activation code. So if anyone has one of these Pirates of the Geocache coins and remembers the activation code can you send it to me in a PM please as I’d like to finally active this coin. Many thanks in advance, Tartansnake
  8. Name: Gary Mission: Hi, my name is Gary and yes I’m a gnome. For the past few years I’ve been sitting at the side of a pond fishing. Up until now this is all I knew and all I did until one day my rod broke. I looked in the local Gnome Trader for a new rod and came across the Gnome Fisher 1000 … WOW! This things looks awesome, how ever did I survive without one of these before? Unfortunately there is only one store in the world that sells the Gnome Fisher 1000 and its location is Gnomesville in Western Australia. I must have a Gnome Fisher 1000, I MUST! My mission is to travel to Gnomesville to get my hands on this amazing piece of fishing equipment. Please help me travel to a cache in Gnomesville so I can make my dream come true. Thanks, Gary
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