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  1. I have a survival theme cache (yeah so original) which by the way is still up to be found.
  2. No bombs or suspicious containers but did find a gun when hiking in a park known to contain a geocache (now archived) turns out it was only a BB gun (pistol).
  3. Step 1: See a podiatrist do what he says Step 2: Your feet are only as good as your shoes Step 3: Stretching works
  4. 1st I found my first cache before signing and a couple more with some caching friends (first without GPS) 2nd ack! yet another "original" idea thwarted by the early bird!!!
  5. Now thats not quite right (raises hand)
  6. Thank you for answering my question keystone approver!
  7. How (if there is a way) do you search for a player's profile from the main page? I can't figure out how to bring up a person's profile without having to spell it right in the find cache placed/found by player. Please tell me or Markwell me a link. If there is not a way the page needs a search (for player profile) engine that finds similarities e.g. mighty mouse when its really mighty_mouse.
  8. I am in scouts and have been logged as a group when searching with troop doesn't bug me as long as everyone gets mentioned in the log. (and I obviously have an account I could log it on)
  9. try gluing a threaded end cap on one end of a piece of pvc pipe and a plain old end cap on the other put a roll of thread tape in the cache to reseal the seal becomes damaged (In response to WalruZ)
  10. I always bring a trade item but don't trade unless its something I like (unless I only do one cache in a day)
  11. I agree there are very few "new" ideas at this stage in the game. If you come up with an "original" idea and then find it wasn't its still your idea. If you borrow an idea as long as its a fair distance away its still good as long as you give the original owner credit.
  12. I leave handmade bead gecko keychains they only take about 10 minutes to make.
  13. I buy Kirkland Signature from Costco. They seem to last as long as namebrand and are $9.88 for 48 of them.
  14. Did you look in the gear store I know there are stickers I dont know what size
  15. I would like the geocaching community's opinion on replacing items in your cache which you consider cheap (i.e. Mctoys, anything paper or cardboard, etc.) and replacing it with something you think would be more desirable to most people (i.e. something useful). I know its for the hunt but a decent trade item is an added bonus
  16. I thought I had an original idea with the snake can and then I find its already been done.
  17. CALL ANIMAL CONTROL!!! Mad squirrel on the lose! Picture this evil squirrel ruling the world.
  18. I think cats (and other predators) have their place. If we kill one of them they don't take revenge. Look at the numbers more people are killed by bees in one year than cats in the last decade. Removing rouges from the area is OK in my book.
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