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  1. if a cache isn't claimed and its near me and its the weekend and the wife isn't working then I'll be getting up early to find it (or go out late at night). If its a monday or tuesday then I won't even bother as I know ARRKS will be on their way before me.


    If it's in the Cheshire area you have to set off before the cache has even been hidden to beat aRRKs. :huh::o:laughing:


    A brand new series was launched only a few miles from us today but we thought we would leave it for a week or so to avoid the initial rush. It will be interesting to see how many people have done it before the end of the first day.

  2. Didn't want to make it an event because the idea was to make it a regular meeting. As it is informal I don't expect a massive turnout (especially on a midweek night) and no room has been booked, no arrangements made with the Mill and no new caches are being created (at least not by me). If hundreds of people say they are coming I may have to rethink. :)


    When I decided on the date the "majority" comprised of me and the the Percey Boys so on a vote of 2-0 we decided to go for March 7th. That's democracy for you B)B)


    Future dates will be open for negotiation.

  3. After I stated in a previous post that I would not be able to attend the St Georges Day Event Cache Jan and the Percey Boys contacted me and suggested that we set up an evening meeting in Chester. We therefore decided to meet at the Mill Hotel in Chester on Monday March 7th at 7:30pm for a general chat about caching. This is NOT an event cache and is just a chance for any interested cachers in the area to meet up for a drink although we stress that anyone is welcome to attend.


    The Mill is a regular in the Good Beer Guide and a haven for Real Ale drinkers with up to 16 beers regularly on handpump so even if you don't want to talk about caching you can at least start the week by drinking yourself senseless.


    Is anyone interested?

  4. Just managed an FTF on the Whitegate Way cache tonight and can recommend it as a lovely walk. Amazed that we beat aRRKs to it. Are they ill? Has someone been round to check they are alright? :P:D:D


    As a Cheshire resident its great news about the permissions. A neighbour of ours looks after the Sandstone Trail where we have placed some caches and he had made us aware that he was happy for them to be hidden as long as parking was taken into account and cars weren't an obstruction.

  5. We have met a few other teams while out caching and twice we were holding the cache when the other team arrived so we had done the hard work for them. Two of these were first to finds as well. Deva Duo, who we know anyway, turned up in their car just as we started a search but we managed to find it, log it and re-hide it while they were parking (although we had to ask them to hide their eyes). :(


    PatnPete - Uplifting Day Out

    Deva Duo - Well Dressed

    g&m - Iron Bridge


    As Mady said, he also spotted us while we were doing one of his caches and we wondered why we were being watched so suspiciously. Thankfully he came over before we started doing the old "tieing the shoelace" routine.

  6. Having seen Beds Clangers comments in a previous thread




    pointing out that we introduced him to geocaching makes me wonder if there is some sort of family history out there where you can trace most peoples interest back to an evil godfather type figure who is slowly spreading his tentacles out across the country. :o We became interested after a conversation with Deva Duo who in turn were introduced by Obi Wan (I think). How far can people trace back their geocaching family history?

  7. We are going to NI next month and having read this thread have all of a sudden become quite keen to go up to the highest point


    Shouldn't really have made such a bold and ambitious statement without checking where it is on a map. Don't think it's anywhere near where we are staying :o

  8. NI may be a little easier: Wildlifewriter - I think someone else may have plans for a cache on Slieve Donard  (unless you can get there before him)...it sounds like a nice place to visit, I may be keen to bag it myself as I can see it from the end of my street on a clear day. 850m climb? - piffling  !


    Are there any firm plans to put a cache on Slieve Donard? We are going to NI next month and having read this thread have all of a sudden become quite keen to go up to the highest point. Of course if there is a cache there it acts as an even bigger incentive. :o

  9. Bit of an odd subject title I admit but has anyone seen this excellent film which was on TV again at the weekend? Towards the end of the film Red (Morgan Freeman) goes out into the country to find a hidden container armed only with a compass (no GPS!!!). He searches in a wall and finds the container under a rock. Hands up those people who epxected him to open the box and find a travel bug, logbook, plastic lion, keyring and a spare set of batteries? I know I did. Are there other similar moments in films?

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