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  1. Problem is - that will only pertain to the initial contents.  Human nature sinks to mediocrity.  Even the best cache contents when traded for a couple months will deteriorate to old Hot Wheels missing the left front tire, and broken McToys (or old Golf-Balls).


    Call me a pessimist or call me someone who has seen his share of degrading caches.

    pessimist :o


    someone who has seen his share of degrading caches ;)

  2. Yes, there's a reason, one which has been stated each time this subject is raised. It is one of database load. Pocket queries are scheduled to run on a managed basis, often at off-hours. This is because GPX files are big -- they contain all the information in the cache description, plus the past five logs. If people started downloading 20-cache chunks of GPX data right and left, the database hamsters would quit running in their wheels.

    How about the best of both worlds...

    Let me check which caches to download but send them when the rest of the PC'S are generated!?!?!?

  3. I wanted to wait until a few cachers found this one before I posted the pictures.


    The answer to the question I know will be asked is YES I did get permission first. It was not easy but I got it! ;)


    Ok...1st Picture...see the cache?




    How about now? No it is not in the pipe...



    Ok...Maybe this will help!








  4. I visited a cache that others had said it was missing. I couldn't find it either. I logged it as needing to be archived...it posted with this symbol icon_remove.gif...I emailed the owner...should an administrator archive it?

    An admin will look at the situation since a SBA log was recorded.

    Thought it might be something like that...just that it was logged almost 1 month aga 12-31-04.



  5. I visited a cache that others had said it was missing. I couldn't find it either. I logged it as needing to be archived...it posted with this symbol icon_remove.gif...I emailed the owner...should an administrator archive it?

  6. Am looking for a bluetooth GPS for my Palm Zire 71. Anybody use a good (cheap) one? If one says it works for Pocket PC shouldn't it also work for Palm? Isn't bluetooth universal? Going to use it with Mapopolis.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas,


  7. This subject has got to be in the top five list of frequently requested features for the website. As such, the forum search engine is a powerful tool. Here is the most recent post from Jeremy on this topic:


    The long and short of it is that a lot of people who watch caches don't want to be known, and since that feature was not available in the past many people would be upset if it was available now.


    The verdict during the last debate is that it would be more acceptable for the owner of a listing to see who is watching their cache, but not allow random accounts that ability.


    Personally, I don't think it is really necessary to know, and gives an air of mystery to it all. If you think someone is watching your cache with sinister intent, we can find out who is watching it and investigate on our end.

    I'm not sure if anyone ever made this case...

    Let the person who is watching either "Display or not" their watching to the cache owner.

  8. Mapopolis will do the job for mapping software.  As for the hardware, I haven't a clue.  You might take a look at GPSPassion.com, which is a site dedicated entirely to GPS and mapping software.

    Thanks. I checked the Mapopolis website and was confused by their product. Does it include the CF GPS?


    The specification says the GPS is "Powered from car cigarette lighter" and "Built in rechargeable battery provides memory backup and fast time to first fix". But the description says "The CF card draws from your PDA's battery so no separate charging cable or power supply is necessary."

    Which PDA do you have...does it have Bluetooth?


  9. I did my own map also...


    States I have cached in...

    Florida (I live there)

    Louisiana (New Orleans) (First state outside of Florida to cache in)

    Georgia (Douglas)

    Texas (San Antonio)

    Nevada (Las Vegas)

    California (Sacramento)

    Utah (Salt Lake City)

    Tennessee (Nashville)

    Wisconsin (Milwaukee)

    Illinois (Canton)



    Other Countries I have cached in...


    Denmark (Copenhagen, first country outside of USA to cache in)

    England (London)

  10. HI all. I want to thank you for a great sight for a really fun activity! I thought it would be nice to be able to do a search for just new caches, or for member only caches, without having to scroll through pages of normal search results.


    Thanks B)

    Since you are a premium member, you can. Just create a pocket query for the parameters you want, say "all caches hidden within the last 7 days within 25 miles of my house that I have not found and do not own" but don't set any day to run it. now you can just use the "preview" function to run the PQ on the website, just like any other search. You can even bookmark it in your browser and save it.


    Here's an example of a PQ for new caches near me.

    How can I do a query for...caches hidden within the last 7 days?

  11. My ''Do NOT Find This Cache'' cache has a requirement...


    ''To post a find here…


    The FTF MUST post a 50 word essay as to why he/she is NOT hooked on caching.


    ALL other cachers MUST post a 30 word essay on why he/she is NOT hooked on caching.


    Logs WITHOUT essays may be removed. ''


    One cacher (that has only 6 finds) posted a ver small log. I have emailed them but the email keeps getting returned. I didn't want to dicsurage someone by removing their log.

    Any suggestions?

  12. I'm a newby but it seems like some of these are just too hard. I mean, who is going to find a hollowed-out log in the woods or a hollowed-out pine cone in a tree? The fun is in finding them and it should be a challenge but I think I would quickly become frustrated with the game if most caches were like some of these.


    There are some pretty neat ideas here though.

    That is why you want to watch the DIFFICULTY posted to a cache. Save the higher ones until you have more experience or are ready for a challenge.

  13. I just reloaded my laptop...dadgum spyware...oh that is for another forum...


    Went to look around the forums and noticed this one was missing!?!?!? Was going to post the question as to why in another forum...had to log in...AND THERE IT WAS!


    You can only see this forum if you are logged into the forums?


    Kind of strange...

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