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  1. I'll check that out too. I called Lowrance today, and apparently they are coming out with a color screen version of the PHD this fall, so I might wait the few months for it, and just buy a elcheapo one now. I dunno. too many choices and not enough options on them heh.

  2. Hi, I'm looking for a new gps, and I know that these questions get asked all the time. So sorry for a repeat.


    Anyway, I'm looking for a device that does maping, that can be used in a car, as well as for geocaching so something that works good. I'd also like it to have a SD card option so that I can upload maps to it when I'm doing a multi-state trip. I'd also like a color screen but thats just something to nitpick at. I plan on using this for offroading and visiting ghost towns and what not within Utah, Nevada, Idaho, California, Colorado, Arizon, and the New Mexico areas. Some trips will involve three states at a time. I also want to be able to store detailed city maps for the major cities in that area as well.




    The Garmin Quest seems to do most of that, but it does not have a sd card, and I

    don't know how many detailed maps the 115 meg will fill.


    There is also the Garmin 76CS



    It seems to have the same limitations as the Garmin Quest.


    There is also the navman icn510



    From what features its listed, it sounds like it would be a great fit, even over the garmin units, and its small and compact and portable too. The problem is after reading some of the reviews on amazon's site, people complain about bad maps and whatnot.


    I'm just curious what you all would recommend, or what other options i should look at as well.



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