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  1. On my old flip phone I used to receive text messages when new caches were approved. Now I have an iPhone and I'm trying to set myself up for it to get the notifications, but I can't seem to make it work. I set up a new email account using the address to send text messages to my phone. (I tested by sending a test text from my email account to my phone and it worked.) I requested a validation email be sent; it was and I received it on my phone. It gave me a URL to go to. I've tried all kinds of ways to go there, but when I do, the GC page says it's an invalid address. Has anyone else run into this or, better yet, know how to fix it? Thanks.
  2. Yes one left click works for me. It opens another page then the save file dialog appears (it took about 7 seconds for the dialog to display on my system). I wonder if it has something to do with the browser settings on your system? I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. I didn't realize that I needed to click on "Options" and then make sure that the "+/-" nest to "Filenames" was set to "+". I got the download done. Thanks to those who offered help.
  3. Click on the link 'st2gpx_0.5.zip' to download the file to your computer. You then have to unzip the file on your computer. Are you familiar with command line programs? Nothing (appears to) happens when I click on 'st2gpx_0.5.zip'. It's just a single click with the left mouse button, correct? And, yes, I am somewhat familiar with command line programs.
  4. No. ST2GPX is a separate program. I was able to download it without any problems from this page (link). I can get to that page, but then what do I do?
  5. Arnold Evrkachen


    I've been trying to download and install st2gpx from the GPSBabel site, but when I get to the page that shows it, and I click on it, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Must GPSBabel be installed in order to use st2gpx?
  6. I have a friend who is a machinist. He welded a link from a chain right where all the pics show the eyebolts or U-bolts bolted on. Perfectly lockable and no holes, therefore waterproof. Sorry I don't have a picture.
  7. Yes, there is a group in your area. It's the CVGA (Central Virginia Geocaching Anarchists/Association). Join our Yahoo group here.
  8. If this topic has already been addressed elsewhere, please direct me there. According to Cheaper Than Dirt, "The U.S. Military has begun destroying ammo cans making them very scarce.". Is this true? What is the reason?
  9. There was an incident in our area where a cacher came upon what appeared to be an abandoned campsite in a state park. It was not in a designated camping area and it was difficult to tell when the owner(s) had been there, if they were still there, etc. It was reported to the park authorities and they investigated. They finally determined that it belonged to someone from the other side of the country who had been there the previous year and had abandoned his possessions. However, the park authorities told a group of us local cachers that they needed the help of us and others who use the park to be their eyes and ears. They asked us, if we ever ran across anything suspicious, to [a] do not disturb it, get the coordinates of it, [c] don't trample the area; leave by the same route that you came in, and [d] get the information to them, along with your contact info, as soon as possible. You may have stumbled upon a crime scene without realizing it. If so, it needs to be preserved and the authorities notified. If in doubt, call the police,park rangers, etc.
  10. My geocaching name is an anagram of my real name. 'Arnold' is an anagram of 'Ronald' and 'Evrkachen' is an anagram of...my real last name.
  11. dictionary entry I think you mean Appalachian trail. And by the way, is your stick a "Swizzle Stick"?
  12. Modesty does not prevent me from suggesting one of my own: All the Good Names Are Taken
  13. Congratulations and thank you to Benny Jr. We need to see more news stories recognizing the good work done by volunteers of all ages. It might inspire others to do likewise.
  14. In response to your original question, while many would attempt such a cache, I probably wouldn't. It's been more than 30 years since I took Physics. Since I never use them, I've forgotten almost all the formuli. More power to those who enjoy this sort of thing. Fortunately there are plenty of more straightforward caches for those like me who aren't rocket scientists. Æ
  15. I use my own picture for the same reason I use my own name: I have no imagination.
  16. Any more opinions? There must be a lot more GPS 12 users out there?
  17. I have been offered the opportunity to buy a used Garmin GPS 12. This one was made a few years ago, probably before the signal restriction was lifted. Do you own one? Have you ever owned one? What are it's good points and bad points? Is it sufficient for geocaching use? What is a fair price for it (used, remember)? Æ
  18. I placed my first cache yesterday and submitted it for approval today. Also, after just over 1 year of caching I finally bought a PDA and I am learning how to do paperless caching. And I'm looking forward to attending my first event in June.
  19. The fact that I did not have to perform such unnatural acts before the site upgrade still suggests to me that there is a bug. Jeremy, will you please weigh in on this?
  20. I still have an issue with print-preview and print not working on pages 2 and higher of any cache page. Selecting "printer-friendly" mode will not show/print log entries. But that's what I want to print. I am using Windows 98 and IE 5.5. I do not experience this problem on any other website. I still believe this is a bug in the new version of GC.com.
  21. I've experienced the same problem. Not only that, but if you print it only the first page prints correctly; the others are blank, just as print preview shows.
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