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  1. You probably need to submit a support request to report this issue. Then you can check on its resolution status by logging in with the password they send you. Oh - just a minute....there's a song about that isn't there? I think it starts "There's a hole in my bucket, ...."
  2. It wouldn't have to be another page or a pop-up - the pick list could have a set of check boxes to select the TBs and a set of fields into which you would enter the TB's number. This would be an easier UI to navigate I think.
  3. Is that what is happening here? It's a bit more than 10 minutes though - about 5 days now Or is that a different issue? Thanks
  4. Or they've dropped off the edge of the zone covered by that PQ (but not necessarily archived) because of new caches appearing closer to the centre of the zone....
  5. It was a close run thing but I set a regular "April Fools" mystery cache series with a new one each year that "goes live" at midnight on April 1st. In 2005 everything was set up with the local cache approver and s/he was all ready to publish the 5 associated component caches late in the evening of March 31st. However, s/he has a life too, and, whatever happened, midnight came around and it still hadn't been published. Some rapid e-mailing just after midnight, caught them just before they went to bed and luckily got the caches released. I know there were a number of people waiting by their computers for the caches to be released because it had been publicised well in advance. They had been approved and ready for release beforehand, of course. With the ability for the owner to choose the time of release this problem could have been avoided and the approver's job could have been complete beforehand. Absolutely no criticism of the reviewer - s/he does a fine job, but the lack of a tool like is being discussed in this thread made that job somewhat more difficult and almost resulted in a number of people being inconvenienced. Anyway, this year, out of consideration for the reviewer and to avoid any such issues, I deliberately designed my series so that they could be released well in advance but couldn't be started until I updated the description page on the first one telling people how to calculate the final coordinates of a multi which in turn held the instructions for finding the rest of the caches. But it took some head scratching to devise this convoluted approach which was really a "workaround".
  6. Still doesn't generate watch list or owner notifications when you log an activity using this interface. The interface itself works fine on my UTStarcom 6700 (Windoze Mobile 5 - running IE Mobile) but this lack of notifications is a disincentive for me to use it.
  7. The following four TB logs exist and are not archived: Deposit in cache 1 Deposit in cache 2 Deposit in cache 3 I received e-mail notices confirming the associated retrieval from each of these caches, however there were no URLs to the actual retrieval log included in those retrieval notices so I cannot go back to check them. If you look at the TB's own page you will see that none of these deposits and retrievals appear. However, the count of the number of logs is correct and the mileage does update appropriately when I make a new deposit/retrieval. This only just started happening (you can see all the previous logs for the TB are there OK). Looks like a bit of a bug...
  8. Hmmm...I don't get it. How can the person whom hid this cache do so a year before they became a member of Geocaching? A few theories: 1) they adopted it from the original login that set it up (but might have been part of the original "team") 2) they let their membership lapse and what you see in their profile is their reactivation date 3) there is a bug in the database 4) someone hacked into the database 5) the placed by date was modified after it was approved Edit: added theory number 5
  9. Couldn't you just do this with an all finds pocket query? You could if there were an option to enter the time a cache was found into a log. As it is, though, there is no way to sort multiple logs entered on the same day, so the All Finds PQ can't be used to track distance. Shame, isn't it? Seems like its a pretty common thing to do and likely to become more so as the coins get more popular. Thinking more about it, it is very much symmetrical with "Spotted" - and maybe "Visited" would be a better name for it than "Drop and Retrieve". They are both a way of marking a TB's short term movements while not changing their current status. For "Spotted" the current status is either "In the hands of..." or the "In cache ..." (slight issue with "Unknown" perhaps?) whereas for "Visited" I think the current status would have to be "In the hands of..." to make sense otherwise allowing a "Visited" log would be inappropriate. Of course it would require a means of specifying the cache waypoint on the TB log screen which would make it a bit more complicated to program so I suspect that it is less likely to get done soon than "Spotted" unless there is some shared code that would be useful for both features.
  10. Might that go hand in hand with a "drop and retrieve" log type for TBs (perhaps not generating a notification to the cache owner/watchers or TB owner/watchers) - useful if you are using a personal coin to track your distance (or am I going to get Markwelled on this )
  11. I have recently started to use Gmail for my geocaching account on my Windows Mobile 2005 phone with pocket Internet Explorer. This has some nice features in that when you click on a link in an e-mail message, Google seems to act as a sort of proxy server and renders it without all the images so as to reduce the data transfer volume. So I can get to all the links on geocaching.com (as distinct from using the wap.geocaching.com portal) and can log in, however when I go to, for example, try to log a find via this route it thinks I am not logged in. I suspect that this is because of the way that Google sits inbetween the site you are surfing on and the browser and so the cookies that retain the login info are not accessible from the new page. I have a suspicion that this is not solvable by geocaching.com but thought I would mention it just in case a) TPTB weren't aware of this phenomenon and there actually was a feasible solution.
  12. Are you saying that there are only 50 of these coins but they have their own icon? I thought the rule was a minimum of 500 for your own icon.
  13. Just a suggestion - since not everyone reads the forums why not send out a mass e-mail to all account holders warning them of this impending change (and advising them to read the forums if they have questions about it) - might prevent some angry people getting annoyed about not having been informed after this goes into effect. Maybe you were planning to do this anyway
  14. I'm sure the thread I started here must be referring to the same root cause although I experienced this phonomenon on an "Archive" log for an event cache. TPTB have, so far, declined to respond
  15. I don't like that idea at all - I have on occasion used the GC number as an intergral part of the puzzle for a puzzle cache and knowing it while working on the cache description and the details of the puzzle itself (or, on one occasion, the physical cache container) is very useful. The minimal benefit of having numbers "fairly inline with the current pool of IDs" doesn't seem a particularly strong reason for doing this. Back to the OP - I agree that some feature that minimises the reliance on volunteer reviewers to be at their computer at a particular time could help a lot of people and, as far as I can tell, harm none.
  16. Just archived an event cache and then noticed some typos in the text of the log I had included. Went to correct them and it wouldn't let me (apparently because of the log type being "Archive Cache"). I understand why you can't change the log type but why wouldn't you be able to change the assoociated text? Now I have to live with my typing errors for eternity
  17. Big congrats Keith - what a milestone!
  18. I suppose that as the placer of the first geocache in Wilberforce (Wilberforce be With You?) I should jump in here. Sticky Moose, the architect behind the moniker "Geocaching Capital of Canada" just hosted a great event cache Sugar Shack Shuffle this weekend where over 22 teams (some, such as ours, comprising a number of gc.com logins) attended and had a great time as you will see from the logs. Her years of experience as a Guide leader certainly showed in the way she organised this hunt. We were astounded at how many people showed up - there was standing room only at the final "prize giving" at the end of the day. Anyway, I think if you read the Haliburton Echo article referenced earlier in the thread you will see exactly why it is being touted as such. A relatively economically depressed area seeking a way to attract a few more people to help boost the local economy in what I can say most definitely from personal knowledge is a really interesting area. Regardless of whether the name "Geocaching Capital of Canada" is a bit of hyperbole or not I can't help but admire Sticky Moose's enthusiasm, and she is already setting some imaginative caches there. From this weekend's turnout I am certainly looking forward to a bunch more popping up this summer I wouldn't take this too seriously and I hope people don't start slamming it as its really all a bit of fun. It is certainly not the covert commercialism of the Canadian Ecology Centre run series that are starting to pop up all over the place in Ontario - where they reportedly charge local tourist bureaus a fee to set caches that they then list for free on gc.com and someone (I'm not sure who) ends up getting some grant from the Feds to do so. But I digress. Anyone who wants to come and place some more caches in the area so that Wilberforce might justifiably call itself the "Geocaching Capital of Canada" one day will certainly be welcome with open arms by us (we've run out of ones to hunt round there ) and I'm sure by a lot of other geocachers who have already discovered this area. BTW - you can also get some gc.com supplies - TB Tags, etc. - from Agnew's General Store in Wilberforce at the same price you can by mail order (but they are closed Sundays ) - yes, the store is run by Sticky Moose - but that's about as far as the "commercialism" goes. It's neat to see "Cachers Corner" in our local General Store See ya on the trails
  19. Thanks - that was quick What is "too far"? (or do I need to do trial and error )
  20. I just noticed when I went to edit a cache page that there is now a new log type "Update Coordinates". It wasn't there a few hours ago I can't, however, see any rules about how this works (e.g. by how much can you move the coordinates etc.) and a search in the forums on the text string "Update Coordinates" produces no useful hits. Could someone explain the rules please and the behaviour that an entry of this type will generate (e.g. notifications, logs on the web page, return to the reviewer queue??? - I dunno) - this sounds like a useful feature but it would be nice to have some documentation - maybe gimme a URL where this is all laid out perhaps? Thanks
  21. It happened to me too when I did my initial creation of a new cache. I didn't get the usual e-mail confirming the submission so I am wondering if it is actually in the queue (it is not ready for review yet but I would rather not wait a few days after I activate it just to find out there was a problem). The WP was GCV3EK. Just concerned that, although the listing seems to have been created, perhaps some other part of the transaction that puts it into the reviewers' queue failed. Any chance you could take a look please? Thanks
  22. I agree completely with ibycus Now, around here we have someone who regularly raids TBs and then holds on to them for months on end - at last count he had over 30 in his posession - some for more than a year - and some that were in races. Despite gentle comments directly to him there was a total lack of understanding about the situation. ;)
  23. That (the log not being there) happens even now for a short period of time after submitting a log and has caught me out on more than one occasion.
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