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  1. OK - I understand that proposals are not being looked at right now but there is encouragement to float ideas so here goes. I would like to create a category, or possibly multiple categories, related to geopolitical boundary oddities. I would be interested to hear what people feel about whether this should be one or multiple categories. The kinds of geopolitical border oddities I have in mind include: Tripoints- places where 3 (or more) countries/states/provinces etc. meet Enclaves/Exclaves- territories on one country that are surrounded by another country, e.g. Llívia- Spanish territory surronded by France Condominiums- territories administered by more than one sovereign nation, e.g. the small German/Luxembourg condomimum near the German/Luxembourg/France tripoint at Schengen Historical territories where border markers still exist - e.g. Neutral Moresnet Extreme borders - e.g. most northerly, westerly, southerly, easterly points on a national/state/provincial etc. border Anyone think this is an interesting category or categories worth including?
  2. Works on bug pages but cache pages are more restricted in what they allow. The <EMBED> tag gets stripped out when the page is rendered See Jeremy's response in this thread
  3. In which case they shouldn't have sound turned on on their computer. If you want to stop the music all you have to do it hit the Stop button in your browser. I certainly agree that gratuitous music on any web page is undesirable but if it is an essential part of the cache puzzle then I believe it should be acceptable as in A 440. On the technical point, the <BGSOUND> tag is Internet Exploder specific and does not work in other browsers - the standard way to do it is to use the <EMBED> tag but that is not permitted on cache pages so you do need to work around by providing a link for those users if the music is necessary.
  4. I have a Canadian French keyboard and I love it as I can type all kinds of accented charaters easily - best of all it has a ° key (this is the bit that keeps it "on topic" for this forum ) There is an official Windows Canadian French layout and you can configure Windows to use it easily enough AFAIK you can't buy these in stores outside Québec - I bought mine in Montréal when I was on a visit there. You can buy them online - see here or here for example It takes a bit of getting used to if you are familiar with the US English layout but I got very comfortable with it in about a week or so. I do occasionally have problems remembering where some of the more unusual characters are when I take my laptop away and have to use the US English keyboard built into the laptop as though it were a Canadian French layout without the benefit of the symbols being printed on the keys but I usually manage. Here is the Microsoft Canadian French Keyboard Layout chart You can also find more info, including where to buy overlays, from this google search
  5. That's it - perfect. Thanks M-A
  6. A few months ago when I was visitng the Seattle area and searching for caches to find I came across a cache page that disappeared/faded away as soon as you opened it and was replaced with a spoof page that purported to be "hijacking" that description. This was obviously a puzlle that needed solving. I wanted to try and find it again and see if I could solve the puzzle but I cannot. Maybe it has been archived. Can anyone help me locate that particular page please? Thanks
  7. Princess Auto in Whitby, Ontario has the larger Ammo cans on sale - reduced from $12.99 to $6.88. I bought a bunch today. This may be countrywide, I don't know though. They also had packs of 16 AA Duracell batteries (expiring end 2006) for $1.88 Edit: added info about batteries
  8. Someone who lives on European Hill owns a Smart Car
  9. IMHO the most important milestone is 1 - after that there's no going back and you will never be a geocaching virgin again
  10. Lets Make a Deal - April Fool 2005 has just been approved. Start working on your strategy ....
  11. Well it looks like we shall have a great turnout at the April Fool 2005 Pub Night - we are looking forward to seeing you all there. We've just submitted the listing for our April Fools 2005 Mystery Cache - hopefully it will get approved relatively soon and you can start to plan your assault on it. To add to the jolity at the Pub Night we thought it would be fun to have a small competition, in keeping with the season, to see who can make the biggest fool of themselves. This could either be regaling us with a story of the biggest DUH!! move you have made (either while caching or not - your choice), wearing something completely outlandish (swimsuit, clown costume - let your imagination run riot) - or whatever you can come up with. We have a mystery prize planned for the winner (to be decided by a vote of all those present on the night) - but of course, in keeping with the spirit of the event, we won't be telling what that prize is until you've won it!! We count about 25 attendees so far (including ourselves) - please post to the cache listing if you are planning to come and haven't posted already so we can keep the pub informed. Cheers Geofellas Edit: typo
  12. Mine too. Simply horrible experience. Won't do that again.
  13. My experience was very similar to all the other horror stories. The excuse I got was "waiting for customs clearance in the US" - took 12 weeks to get my RINO 120 back having sent it via Québec.
  14. Geofellas


    Really nice stuff - I'm sure there are lots of great memories behind those photos - loved the music too.
  15. Thanks Swifteroo - got that to work OK - it's a shame it's so slow - must be quite a load on their server too. There are, apparently, paper maps of all these trails available from the regional offices in Newmarket - possibly from your local (York Region) municipality offices too. When we introduced "Yukon the Geo Dog" to caching in the York Regional Forest the other week they had these. Other good maps are the Oak Ridges Trail map which is available (for a small but well worthwhile price) from the ORTAssociation through various outlets. We have scanned the ones of the areas we frequent and geo-referenced them for use in Memory-Map maker (which is our mapping software of choice). They are incredibly useful in planning out our latest evil cache puzzle
  16. Which view did you use? - I'm still messing around trying to find the photos with little success
  17. Geofellas' April Fool 2005 Pub Night was just approved Hope to see you all there...
  18. Poking around I guess this solution would be to look for xref.txt in the directory identified in the edtHtmFolder key in the [TfmHtml] section of the gsak.ini file instead of using what the user typed in the "Use local URL" field. Thinking about it this makes sense since that SHOULD be where the user last sent their HTML files Just to wrap up this sub-thread for the public record - Clyde has been exceptionally helpful in discussing this offline with me and has provided an approach that works and will allow use of the Memory Map system on both the PC and the PDA without further modifications to GSAK. Essentially this involves making the directory used for generating the HTML files on the PC look to the system exactly the same as it would look on the PDA in terms of path name. Thanks Clyde for your exceptional level of support on this product.
  19. Poking around I guess this solution would be to look for xref.txt in the directory identified in the edtHtmFolder key in the [TfmHtml] section of the gsak.ini file instead of using what the user typed in the "Use local URL" field. Thinking about it this makes sense since that SHOULD be where the user last sent their HTML files
  20. Therein lies the issue I think. I found that I could generate Memory Map export OK with "Use local URL" unchecked and also with it checked PROVIDED THE PATH IS THAT OF THE FILES ON MY PC. Unfortunately this has effectively removed a very useful feature that I was greatly benefitting from in the earlier versions. Because Memory Map allows you to export your waypoints to your PDA I had also set up an export that generated the local URLs THAT WOULD WORK ON MY PDA and so therefore the path was not the same as that on my local PC. I can see why the need to introduce this xref file might have caused this new limitation but I guess all I can ask is that you somehow find a solution that enables the use of a "non matching" path to the "local" files since this enables a key feature of Memory Map. In the meantime I guess I'll have to go back to an earlier version of GSAK which is cool by me.
  21. Thanks for the quick response. I deleted all my old HTML files and regenerated them but still have the same message even after closing and reopening the program. So I'm still stuck I'm afraid. I notice also that the file names of the HTML files have now changed to be numeric rather than using the waypoint code which is a shame since now I can't find the correct HTML file from a directory listing I guess there was a valid reason for doing this so I'll live with it
  22. Oops - spoke too soon - that only worked once and then when I hit "Generate" it gave the same message. I am now stuck for a while
  23. Upgraded to 5.1.1, loaded a new .gpx file, and tried to generate Memory Map export. I now get the message "Missing required file xref.txt in the HTML folder, please generate offline HTML again" before the dialog displays. Not being sure what I needed to do here - I tried doing a "Database->Repair" but that didn't fix it. So I closed the program and restarted it and that seemed to work. SO - I am up and running agin but thought you might want to know about this rather odd glitch. Thanks for all your hard work on this
  24. Excellent job - I particularly like the "Caching buddies" feature - looking forward to that coming on line. Did you spot the deliberate mistake here?
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