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  1. Or other times there are too many name options, but I can't figure out which one.
  2. Good idea! I have used that method once or twice before, and I am sure I will use it again.
  3. For Instance: His GRATE-est Discovery (A cache under a fake circular grate) Cole's Cache (A cache in a park called Cole Creek Park, hidden pun there) Sometimes, names just come to me, but half the time it takes quite awhile to find the right one.
  4. Thank you to everyone who replied in this thread! Punny names are also cool. But I especially like names that make the cacher want to come. It adds a sort of 'mystery' to the cache.
  5. 1. Finding gadget caches and overall really clever hides 2. Brainstorming, researching and placing creative hides 3. Finding cool locations I never would have found without Geocaching 4. Finding difficult and adventurous caches 4.5. Reading logs and discovering that someone gave me a favorite point 5. Meeting great people that I never would have met without Geocaching, bringing friends caching. As you can see, there are so many reasons why Geocaching is so enjoyable!
  6. Sometimes, while finding bench caches or nanos on signs, I try to look like I am resting my hand on the sign/bench, but really I am grabbing the cache. It seems to work most of the time, especially since I visit family in my former hometown of Houston Texas, it is always crawling with people, so it is harder to find caches. If that doesn't work, looking like you've lost something can work, but try to draw little attention to yourself. If someone asks, say that you are looking for something (after all you ARE looking for a Geocache. )
  7. Sometimes when I place a cache, I really have trouble figuring out the name. I know the basics, like: Name it after location. Name it after container. etc. However, finding the PERFECT name is a true challenge that I (and probably other cachers) have a hard time with. Suggestions are helpful as I place caches on a monthly basis!
  8. Depending on where you are the city isn't exactly the safest place at night. If I was in a small town where there was little crime and I knew everyone, I think i'd go caching at night... But if I went caching in the slums of NYC or L.A or other large cities, I don't think i'd be inclined to night cache. Its just my opinion though.
  9. I totally want to get that shirt! There haven't been any Muggle murders by cachers... as far as I know. ; /
  10. I have been fortunate enough not to come across any evil muggles, either I have come across good muggles or Geocachers who at first come across as muggles, but later figure out who they are. However I know some of you have come across an evil or crazy muggle, so share your stories here.
  11. Just to clarify. I meant caches disguised as everyday objects hidden in plain sight, such as: Utility covers, PVC pipes, fake bricks, etc. Basically something that is a cache but LOOKS like something else. So camouflaged that you'd walk right past it without realizing.
  12. I have, there are some great ideas there! Sadly, I don't know many business owners who would let me place one on their property. So I'm trying to pick out only the best ideas to fill those spots I had in mind. I've already made an ATM themed cache, where the finder uses a credit card to open a birdhouse.
  13. After finding some neat caches with field puzzles, I wanted to make my own, and I am having trouble with ideas on them. Share your field puzzle ideas here! (To those who don't know a field puzzle is a physical puzzle you have to solve to retrieve the cache.)
  14. Sorry I misspelled it. Yes it was. An ammo can was welded to a utility box.
  15. My absolute favorite caches to find are ones that are in plain sight, what I mean by this is that the cache looks like something that should be there but it is actually a geocache. I have trouble thinking of ideas for these so your help, well.......helps! I found one that was an ammo can wielded to a utility box on the wall of a silo. The really cool part is that the cache was painted EXACTLY like the box and silo. It even had fake rust on it which really stumped me because the silo was VERY rusty.
  16. I've driven out of the way to find a D/ T 1.5 1.5 2 stage multi-cache, and we did eventually find it, but it took about 30 minutes due to it being in a busy university. After that I tried to find 3 more, but were all either DNFs or they haven't been found in years. Moral of the story: Do your research : D
  17. I was going to place the cache there as Stage 1 of a multi cache. Stage 2 would be in a tupperware container. In the Birdhouse, there would be a doorbell in which the sound leads to Stage 2. But I get your point.
  18. Yeah, that makes more sense. Charter Members will most likely make better quality virtual caches. I now see why my original idea is not very good. m0bean does have an excellent point though...
  19. So I wanted to place a Birdhouse in a tree, but the only problem is that said tree, is near a sidewalk and a street. It is not in anybody's yard so who do I ask for permission? (Note: I am NOT nailing the Birdhouse to the tree, or going to hurt the tree in any way.) Another likely candidate for a tree would be in a Park. If I do that would it violate any guildlines? Any answer to any of the questions that I asked Is greatly appreciated!
  20. I don't know if this is possible but an idea for Premium Members is that they can hide grandfathered caches. What i mean by this, is that they can hide virtual, webcam, and other grandfathered caches. I hope you agree! :)
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