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  1. Hands down GC7F0RP is the best cache I have ever found. It is so elaborate and well made that I could give every favorite point I have ever earned to this cache alone. A close second is the now archived GC21WEJ. As a newer cacher, this was a one of a kind experience. I will never forget the amazement when I activated the mechanism. These two caches are what turned me into the hider that I am today. Location wise, this was my favorite cache - GC16165. A tucked away little gem in the heart of Madison, Indiana.
  2. What I meant there was that "locking" archived caches would deter armchair loggers and the like. It was relating to what niraD had mentioned earlier: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I do agree with you though Cerberus, Logging archived caches is a useful tool I have used several times after I split off and created my solo account back in 2016.
  3. I realized my sentence structure error now that I have read my original post. What I meant was that I wanted to read cache pages of archived caches for my own enjoyment. Not because they were "archived just for fun". Revised sentence: "Just for fun, I have always wanted to see popular, favorited caches that were archived."
  4. I think a map would be an excellent idea, coordinates and all. However, I think GC should "lock" archived caches, meaning you cannot post a "Found It" log. I have always wanted to see popular, favorited caches that were archived just for fun. Maybe I can get some hiding inspiration from the cache page or redo the cache itself. If such a map would come about, I think they should make it a premium feature and show archived caches as a different color.
  5. Seeing that Geocaching HQ has introduced Adventure Lab Caches, I decided to make thread to discuss them. I am not entirely sure what they are other than that they are similar to lab caches and are available for a limited time.
  6. I was thinking along the lines of a gazebo when I hide this. I'll probably place it underneath the steps or something.
  7. I am intending on making this a mystery with a field puzzle attribute, however, I don't really want to show cachers how to take it apart, but rather, show them how to put it back. I am going to use a sturdy plastic bottle though, but not the cheap drinking water kinds that break easily.
  8. You make very good points. I don't know how these Houston cachers are going to react to the puzzle. I guess I'll see how it goes. I am planning to create 2 of them, when one isn't reset properly, I will swap out the bottle with the other one and reset the first one in the comfort of my own home : )
  9. Yes, while I do agree with you, and all of my gadget caches and field puzzles currently in play are super easy to reset, this one does take a bit to do so. I think if someone has the initial knowledge to be able to accomplish this task, then it will be easier. After all, it only took 1-2 minutes for the guy in the video to reset the puzzle. This brings me back to my original question: How could I tell/show them how to put it back correctly?
  10. Recently I have begun making field puzzle caches and placing them in my general area, and I seem to be having trouble with one in particular that I haven't starting building yet. The puzzle is that the cacher will find an easy birdhouse cache with one simple move (like pulling out a nail, or using a magnet to unlock), after they unlock the birdhouse, they will find a plastic bottle with a dowel rod inside and exposing itself outside, like a handle almost. The dowel rod has a bolt through it near the bottom to prevent cachers from pulling it out. What they must do is to free one of the nuts from the bolt to allow for the dowel to be able to pass through the mouth of the bottle, thus freeing the bison tube inside (I will either glue it to the dowel rod or let it roll around the bottle freely). I found a video on the internet showing how to disassemble and reassemble the puzzle and it is somewhat easy to do with the right tools: My initial question is how am I going to provide cachers with the knowledge and tools of putting the puzzle back together in the correct orientation? One way I have considered is to somehow provide the link of the video in the container where they cannot reach it until they have completed the puzzle. I am prepared to make weekly maintenance runs just in case, but to minimize the hassle of going completely out of my way, I am going to place the cache in a park about half a mile from my house. Thanks!
  11. I also used to live in Phoenix, which is somewhat near Prescott, long before I was interested in caching. Kinda upset that I didn't start sooner ?. I am am going to be traveling to Portland and Seattle in August for a couple of days and would like to know what caches are the best in terms of inginuity/cleverness (aside from HQ GeoTour caches). Ones worth flying cross-country for.
  12. Neat cache! The final of a night cache that I found was a bag full of pens. One of them had the log. Surprisingly, it was much easier than I thought it was going to be. I would have a lot of trouble with this hide even if it was placed at least decently. Kudos to you for putting this one out! What's the D rating going to be???
  13. I'd disable it temporarily. If it doesn't show by tomorrow, then I would ask them when they could bring it back and wait until they do before you enable the cache. Hope that helps!
  14. Ha. My goal for 2018 was to get to 700 (seven hundred) caches.
  15. No serious injuries, but I have fallen into a freezing cold river while doing a 4.5 pipe walker cache. I had to wear the wet clothes for the rest of the day. Thank goodness I didn't have the phone in my pocket : D
  16. Come to find out, I was looking at Canadian caches when I saw the new feature. I think it may not have come out in America yet.
  17. Today, I discovered that now online logs have a "Great Story" button, and a "Helpful" button. I guess it's a way to "Like" a post. Any thoughts on the new feature???
  18. Thanks palmetto. You are right, I think I may have switched the order while I was writing this. Oh well. : )
  19. The first thing you need to do is tell your reviewer that you want to reserve that location by giving him/her the coordinates. After they confirm that they did indeed reserve that spot, then, make the page like you normally would, and click save. Don't click the button that says "Submit for Review". Next, go to your profile and click "Unpublished Hides" and you should see your cache. After you place the cache, go back to your draft page under "Unpublished Hides" submit it for review and adjust the coordinates as necessary. In my experience, reviewers tend to keep the spot for you for up to 30 days. Hope that helps!
  20. That would be cool! My uncle (who is also a cacher) was walking around in the woods last week and found a large solid steel safe. Everything works, except you can't close it. Maybe if we are able to fix it up then we can use that for Stage 2.
  21. I saw some lady in her 50's playing Pokemon Go at the park a few months ago, I thought it was weird that she had her phone out and was pacing back and forth, so we were about to ask if she was a cacher until she asked us if we were looking for Pikachu. Subcultures...
  22. It's funny to think that even people caching 16 years ago thought there was at least a decline in interest. 3 million caches later...
  23. I have been caching occasionally since 2013, but got into the sport about two years ago. Loving every minute of it. Since I am not a painter, musician, or good at any form of art, hiding caches is a way that I can express my puzzle-minded/artistic/engineering side. I live in Houston, Texas but started caching often when I lived in Indiana, and now that I am back in my native Texas, I am placing caches in areas I have been going to for years.
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