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  1. Was just thinking.. using the weighted method someone posted about in the "shrinkys gone wrong" thread could you put two identically sized colored SD's one on top of the other and get a thicker more durable item?
  2. Sorry Red Clover. It counts. I was messing with you. How dare you torment a sweet lil innocent.. oh wait.. im supposed to be talking about me right.. ok sorry the halo slipped.. I think its now offically an anklet.. but anyway... yeah
  3. I tried to claim my first norm outside of AS and was told it didnt count.. so there
  4. Are we talking "short bus to school" special.. or special sauce special? .. why is it all the good sacastic men are taken.
  5. 1000 watched caches? Wow and I got flooded after our GGA meeting by found it emails w/ only 33 on my list. Do you actually read the emails? Im just curious...
  6. Ok am I the only one thats having flashbacks to the "lets blow up the whale to get rid of it" fiasco?
  7. Lets see.. 2.5 yrs ago I weighed 415 pounds. Now Im down to 220 lbs. Huge improvment w/ much further to go. When I started caching 3 months ago I was at 250. 30 lbs in 3 months. Im pleased. This past weekend on my caching-fest I walked a total of 12 miles. My preference is the park the car in the middle of a few caches and walk to them. Especially if they are 1/1. True if my son had been w/ me we'd have probably driven to them all but even then I park no closer than .1 mile away. My Dr. is pleased w/ my continued progress and my "dedication" to my new form of exercise.. I call it addiction but hey Now if only I could go on that amazing makeover show to have all my saggy skin removed I'd be a svelt 180 or so the doc says. Oh well maybe next year
  8. I second Amazingracer on the too small issue. OMG Im praying I dont run across any of the "nano micros" I saw this past weekend. But as a fairly new person w/ only 80 finds I am already looking for something different, more challenging etc. I loved the "fake rock" find we made not to long ago. (thanks AR) No such thing as too well disguised or too small as long as it has a log of course. Thats why there is a Diff rating! yay.. cache on!
  9. My situation with paypal was about a year ago. They charged my card three times for the same purchase. I had to jump through hoops of fire and then hang upside down naked singing God save the Queen before it was cleared up. Well thats the short version anyway! Took me about 3 weeks and a LOT of phone calls, emails and conference calls with my CC company before they sorted it out and admited it was thier (paypals) fault.
  10. I despise paypal with a deep and unmovable devotion to nuturing that hatred within the cold recesses of my heart. I dont mind sending in a check and Im not concerned about it not clearing. Just wondering. If it came down to paying w/ paypal or not paying.. I'd not pay!
  11. Ah yes.. the pit of dispair that is dial up!! Oh and sparky!.. that sounds like my kinda date
  12. MMM pea soup... nothing I mean nothing turns a woman on like a good bout of projective vomiting of pea soup...
  13. Im one of those throwbacks in financial evolution. I actually mailed you a * gasp* personal check *shudder* a little more than 2 months ago. Anyway, I have had my prem membership perks since about 10 days after I mailed it. But the money is still sitting smugly in my account. How long does it usually take for the checks to clear? Though if you want to just not deposit my check I wont be heart broken or anything Seriously, you've earned the money and have it with my best wishes. Thanks for the fun!
  14. If everyone is out of the house who's gonna mist the coals. .. Sorry I couldnt resist.. Great advice though! My first NORM .. Im so proud.. sniff sniff
  15. I recently took a friend caching w/ me. We had small bottles of water w/ us because it was a mile hike both ways. We had talked about how important it was to CITO, leave no trace etc and he was in total agreement that "we" should always use those principals. The area was lovely no trash in site. On the way back out I run across... one of our water bottles chucked into the bushes! I was like.. What in the hell-ocopter do you think your doing throwing trash out here when it is a leading prinicipal to remove trash!!!!! Gesh, some people... Needless to say I packed it back out w/ us.
  16. Did someone mention the 3 stooges? Yeah those make for some amusing reading, as well as a recently returned 4 th person. Do you smell something?
  17. Wow Jeep and I seem to be on the same wave length here .. Im kinda scared But anyway.. If it is a sig item that reflects the personality of the person leaving it I've never had a problem with that. But I would and have removed religous tracts the same as I would remove tracts promoting PETA, homosexuality, Rep vs Democrat etc. You know what they say never discuss religion or politics in mixed company. And you dont get much more mixed than the caching community.
  18. See thats what I love about KA.. the sarcastic wit. You married?? LMAO j/k Sarcasm: Just another service I offer.
  19. I have removed cigarettes, religous literature, and condoms out of caches. I just dont feel they are appropriate. But thats me.
  20. Ok I took pity on you and asked my son these questions. He's 7. 1. what would a travel bug say? It sure is dark in this treasure box. 2. If I were a travel bug I would want to *go to outter space* because *I could float around and see fiftyseventy thousand stars* For some reason he always says fifty-seventy thousand to mean any HUGE number.
  21. We havent yet had to do the primate grooming.. but Im sure we will. Especially for my son who loves to ramble off the trail a bit. The one time that I clearly remember doing this was after my cousin and I went swimming in a local water hole which had grown a good batch of leaches in the year or so since we'd last swam there. UGHHH.. you wanna talk about nasty! And the places they latch on too bleed forever due to an anti-coagulent in the saliva. Needless to say we never went swimming there again!
  22. Yeah I learned all about that one side of the tree markings the night we spent 3 hrs stumbling around in the dark woods w/ my son. That was also when I learned WP the car! We came out of the woods 2 miles away from the car. But I was never so happy to see a hardpan road in my LIFE!
  23. Everytime I see PQ I get this odd craving for ice cream.. hmmm And yeah here are a bunch of men talking about the best way to make a shrinky dink. I never thought it was heat that would do it
  24. Tom if you did eat sparky .. I sure wouldnt admit it to the world
  25. As requested by SBPhisy (to whom I owe the inspiration) I made 3 different sized because they will be attatched to a keyring w/ an old barrel or skeleton type key. Since the keys will be different sized I figured the clovers should be in some kind of scale Im still freaking waiting on the keys, though I've been promised they'd be here in the next 3 days. Probably not in time for our state meeting though
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