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  1. I am planning on doing a series of cemetery caches for the small out of the way forgotten places. Nothing disrespectful. I personally like cemeteries. They are a lingering reminder of both the history of an area and our own mortality. If you are religious they may stir other thoughts, who knows. Many people do headstone rubbings, cemetery tours, or find the oldest marker quests with or without Geocaching. I hope to bring people to what are otherwise neglected areas. One cemetery I recently took my 7 yr old son to was, many years ago, the only place you could be buried if you were not caucasian in this city. (In the deep south most cities have a cemetery of this kind somewhere, though no one talks about it.) We talked about life and death and how stupid it was that people were judged by the color of their skin. It was educational in many many ways. Why should I not want to encourage others to go to that area, learn some of my local history and pay respects to what is a (more or less) bygone era in US history.


    Edit: spelling and punctuation

  2. My first cache took forever to find. I thought I'd get at zero feet and look down and see it. It doesn't usually work this way. Keep trying. Make sure you looking for relatively easy caches 1/1 or 2/2 and look around when you get in the close range. When you get to about 20 ft away depend less on your GPS and more on your "where would I hide it" instincts. However, there is usually one cache that will seem to stump you ever time. That is the Nemesis cache. I'm still working on finding mine! I've been out there 4 times. Its personal now. I'll find it or die trying :D:D


    Good luck. Be persistent and you shall find your cache.

  3. As long as the person moving it logs the move you should always get an email. It will say "Owner notification: so and so dropped "insert TB name here" into "cache name" or something very similar and include a link to the log.


    My son loves seeing how far his bug has moved. Good luck w/ it. Oh and dont forget to activate the bug. I almost did on my first one :D

  4. I usually cache w/ my 7 yr old son. If we both look at the item and are like :D:) I usually consider it safe to chuck out. There are exceptions of course. But what I consider trash and my son considers trash is two totally different things. If we agree.. then its probably trash :D

  5. I'll play devils advocate for just one second. I, as an able bodied female, prefer the hikes, memories, and difficulties that can arise from a good hide in an urban location. However, there are (believe it or not) many people that cache that are in some way physically handicapped. That which some of us consider "lame" is still a challenge for them. Be it from a wheelchair, w/ leg braces, back problems etc. So, regardless of (the collective) our opinion of these caches they do fill a need with in the community both for the handicapped and for those that are all about the numbers.


    I was born and raised in Jacksonville FL and plan to go down there in the next few weeks to see my dad and siblings. I am disheartened to hear that most of the caches are light pole variety but not really surprised. But I'll go to them none the less. I live in Po-dunk GA and my nearest cache is well over 30 miles away. So I'm looking forward to a productive day or two, though I'm sure I'll filter my searches to include both the light pole and neighborhood park varieties.

  6. In the back of my car:


    2 cans of fix-a-flat

    2 gallons water

    couple of flashlights

    small blanket

    ziplocks, pens, notebooks

    Car emergency kit

    Rope, bungie cords

    baby wipes


    feminine products (now thats an emergecy :D )

    non perishable snacks

    drinking water

    GA atlas

    CB radio


    crap I got way more stuff back there than I thought I did...

  7. I've removed many things from caches because I didn't feel they were appropriate. Cigs (I smoke but would never leave in a cache), Condoms (umm yeah), a few very un-kid-friendly pictures and religious tracts.


    If it is a sig item that reflects the personality of the person leaving it I've never had a problem with that. But I would and have removed religious tracts the same as I would remove tracts promoting PETA, homosexuality, Rep vs Democrat, White supremacist, Amway etc. You know what they say never discuss religion or politics in mixed company. And you don't get much more mixed than the caching community.

  8. I overheard a co-worker (sweedkris) talking about it to a bunch of ladies during lunch. I know/knew her pretty well and we chatted about it a bit later. A few weeks pass by and I'm bored, its raining, nothing on TV when I thought about the site. Came over, looked into it and bought a GPS 3 days later. Thank god I was nosy and listening in to the conversation at the other table that day :D

  9. As one of the avid readers that all but howled w/ frustration while waiting for freaking ever for #4 I'm foaming at the mouth for the Song of Savannah to hit the shelves. I would call out of work .. tell my family I was going to an abbey .. and revel in the hunt. Cast your nets, wanderers! Try me with your "caches", and let the contest begin.


    Now if only you weren't in Midworld I'd have a chance to actually hunt them!

  10. :huh: Men... I tell ya. You guys have it much easier than us ladies when you have to go. I've been stumbled upon once. He just stood there looking at me in shock. When I asked him to find me some TP he blushed and went his own way. I think he heard/saw me go into the bushes and was just curious. But considering we were in the middle of nowhere woods you would think he would know why.
  11. Ok.. here's my .02 At one time I cursed frequently, it was a habit picked up from friends and some of my family. Though I was never one to let the stream flow around kids or grandmas. Now that I have a child of my own I have, w/ supreme effort, changed my vocab .. are you saying that when I get angry over something and say (insert one of the following examples here) that I'm being a bad mother, role model, and/or offensive :P If any of the below offends you I'm sorry. In this world of PC and bowing and scraping I get offended by the "I'm offended" crowd.


    Thats freaking ridiculous


    Son-of-a-biscuit eater


    God Bless America .. theres usually quite a pause after the first word and the rest as I struggle to be good.. this is reserved for worse case scenarios lol


    or Shhh. ugar pills.


    Edited for spelling.. hey its early!

  12. After a month of lurking I've started posting fairly regularly in the last month or so. I cache w/ my bf ,who lives over an hour away, and/or my 7 yr old son. The forums help keep my umm addiction at bay by at least being able to discuss caching w/ someone who wont tune me out about the latest twisted ankle, snake sighting, funny log etc I've seen/done. My posts are currently a bit under double my finds.


    I know of one very frequent posted that has medical probs that prohibits alot of caching so this is another outlet for them as well. There are others that dont post "finds" online but post them as notes instead to avoid the "numbers" issue. So who knows the person w/ the least number of finds could inreality have hundreds. I have a good friend w/ over 300 log book entries but only 60 finds on his profile because he logs them as notes for just that reason.

  13. Some of the difficulty lies (I believe) in the fact that they NY caches have been adopted... but not by GC users. I am assuming they are on the navi site. So to me its a moot point on the NY caches. Either the new owners post them here or they dont. Either way I not long ago (a month) read a "i've turned over a new leaf" post by this person and so have little faith they will adhere to any proposed solution.

  14. Living in a small town located 20 miles N of a decent size city and 60 miles S of Atlanta I agree there's not much to be found near by. In fact, I do believe the cache I will place this weekend will be the first in my county. I don't really think its that people are lazy so much as maybe the ratio of cachers in large cities vs small towns is very different. I would have never learned about GC if it hadn't been for a co-worker. I drive 24 miles to work... Another factor may be the "I dont know where anything is" frame of mind. Even living in my small town I really can't think of any public land w/in 20 miles of me that doesn't have a cache in what I would consider the best area. It doesn't mean there isn't suitable public land.. only that I dont know where it is.. Generally speaking small town folks "usually" don't have as much disposable income as "city" people. So... lots of factors play into it. I love the hike caches I've done and I've enjoyed most of my drive-bys. But I also look forward to putting some caches out myself in my neck of the woods!!

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