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  1. Ditto what shawhh said. Use the stuff. Ticks are horrible this year. I've had one attach and picked dozens off of my pants already this year.
  2. There were only about 30 with in a 30 min drive of me when I started. Since I've already done that I am now planning day trips or weekends. Probably 55-60 of my finds have been over 100 miles from the house while visiting a friend.
  3. You poor guy.. I had a good friend in highschool that took Karate. One day after practice he put Icy-Hot on his thighs.. well it must have migrated a bit north because about 10 mins later he was in the shower screaming all kinds of obscenities. His mother and I were doing our best to make sure he didnt hear us laughing!
  4. My son gave me a trinket box with a fish he painted on it. And thanks for the well wishes. Oh he got a pair of wax lips for "me" too.
  5. Always jeans. I'm a jeans and T-shirt kinda girl anyway. My now ex BF used to wear shorts and just bleed.. I'm more concerned about the ticks. They BAD this year down here. Im gonna get a light colored pair just for caching to easier spot the buggers as they are crawling up.
  6. Some of my favorite finds have been: Small first aid kit Mini FM radio AA batteries misc lapel pins or buttons SIGNATURE ITEMS!
  7. I very recently went paperless, so my techno-geek factor has gone up yet another notch. GPS, Palm M125 (from ebay $26), GSAK to load into GPS, Cachemate for Palm conversion and loading. I also have a digital camera. Though I've stubbornly refused to get a cell phone. I talk on the phone for 8 hrs a day at work. I don't want to be reachable . Though I am thinking about getting one just for caching. Probably one of those pre-paid jobs.
  8. I've always used Icy-Hot and/or Advil. Recently went to the store for more Icy-Hot and guess what! They now sell it in a stick like deodorant. This is great! It means you don't have to rub it in w/ a healthy hand. So its easier to use on the go and I don't have to worry about touching my face if I cant wash my hands right away. However, I recently fractured my ankle so now I'm using Celebrex. And yes it does upset my stomach.
  9. Self Moderated "little head" line or two..
  10. Its being discussed here.. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...50entry900023 I cant wait to get a few!
  11. just how long has this little piece of marketing gold been sitting on the shelf? it could be the universal way of telling when there is a geocacher around. mass production soon would be a good idea. I agree this would make finding fellow cachers much easier. The tags and stickers are great but not nearly as visible as this would be! hmmm Im thinking bout one of the headbands that have the hearts and crap bouncing around on springs.. think I could replace them w/ froggy I bet I could talk my son into wearing it.. ok maybe not
  12. I dont think I can be a widow since I've never been married.. hmmm maybe thats why.
  13. Hello.. welcome to the addiction.. umm I mean hobby! Good luck and happy caching!
  14. OMG I want one ... Now .. Now .. Now.. Please.. hey I dont beg easily..
  15. The 30 bucks is way more than I would have spent w/ any other hobby. And if I didn't already worship the coffee bean, I'd set up a new altar for the PQ Edited: Need more coffee I'm losing the ability to spell ...
  16. Married? Who me? Uh uh.. I can't mate in captivity. Thankfully I am dating a guy that likes caching. Likes it so much he bought his own GPSr.
  17. My personal favorite socks are good ole army issue. I buy them at the surplus store when I'm there for other goodies. They are comfortable, wicking, and who can resist that lovely olive green And no my son's mother doesnt wear Army boots.
  18. I agree a bad day caching is still a GOOD day. We found 7 in Atlanta (an hour away) Last Saturday had to quit early cuz I "broke" my ankle. Now that the swelling has gone down the new xray's dont show any breaks thank goodness.. but still sitting in the mud w/ a rapidly swelling ankle and trading while in pain was more fun than any day at work!!!
  19. Yep I still love trading. I actually keep the stuff. The photos and the swag are cool things to have. Heck Sat I was caching w/ a friend and was walking to a bench where I could sit down and go Thur the loot. (We were in a park) Well, I didn't notice the hole in the ground till I stepped in it and heard my ankle snap! Ok so 5 mins of writhing in agony and cursing like a sailor.. ahh the pain abated a bit.... What did I do? Had him hand me the cache so I could sign the log and trade for a lapel pin while sitting in the mud. God I'm an addict!!!! He replaced the cache and it took us 20 mins to walk the .10 mile to the car.
  20. I recently requested a Leatherman from my stepfather. He gave me a generic version that has been quite handy the few times I needed. I've used the knife to sharpen pencils. The screwdrivers for various reasons changing batteries usually (its quicker then using that stupid little ring). I consider having it w/ me as an extra safety tool. Why do I bring a first aide kit and extra water? I probably wont need them. But they sure are nice when you DO need them. I broke my ankle Sat while caching. Thankfully I did have a partner w/ me. Had he not been there I might have been trying out the saw portion to get a sturdy stick to help me walk back to the car. You never know when you might need something.
  21. I enjoy owning and moving others TB's. Of course Im in a climate where I can easily cache all year. Besides.. Im alergic to cold.
  22. Well I finally broke down and cut the yard after I got home from work one weekday to keep my weekends free for caching. The plan worked perfectly till I broke my ankle Sat on a cache trip... Grrrr If only the park had filled that hole on their last yard work day!
  23. I refuse to date anyone that doesnt love geocaching! Perish the thought lol.
  24. It is possible to fail in many ways...while to succeed is possible only in one way. Aristotle
  25. I knew that relationship therapist was wrong when he said I should try a boulder approach to get some love'n!
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