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  1. Hey thanks for the response but I am looking now at getting a new Etrex Legend... the blue one... I can get it Brand New in store with the Canada topo maps for $150. Is that a good deal? I know its a lower end gps but all I really need is it to show me a point on a map to go to for geocaching.


    Any info would be great.. Thanks


    You have a PM

  2. bump.... jnbball... thats a little over my budget. thanks anyway




    I can hook you up with a Garmin eTrex for $80.00, it has only been used twice in the field for geoaching. I recently got a New Colorado and really have no need for the eTrex. I still have all of the papers and everything. If you are interested let me know. By the way, you have a PM

  3. Well, mtn-man, I have already found over 30+ caches myself, I know that is a small number but hey what do you expect from a newbie, so I guess that I have got a good start on that recommendation.


    I understand the guidelines fairly well, I have been reading tons of articles and recommendations from other posters regarding Caching. Who knows I might even "study" the forum rules in the days to come. LOL


    By the way I love the SHAMELESS PLUG of your business that you have included in your "signature." I guess we have a lot more in common than you thought!



    I would suggest you start by going out and finding some caches.


    Then, make sure as an educator that you show the kids the guidelines so they can learn proper techniques for cache hiding. I would also suggest studying them yourself, as well as the forum guidelines so you post here correctly as well.

  4. I am an educator and I am thinking about starting a Geocaching Club in my local high school. Have any of you done this if so, what tips could you give? I am all ears, so please share your experiences or any advice that you may have. Many of the kids seem to be very interested, I just figured that someone that has done this before, might be able to point out a few obstacles that I might overlook.






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